How to Install Water Bottle Cage on Bike Without Holes


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You are probably willing to set up a bottle holder into an old bike that doesn’t come with any holes to attach a bottle holder. Right?

Or you are willing to add an extra bottle cage into your bikes that come with one or two pair holes for attaching the bottle holders.

Well, you are looking at the right place for the right answer. Let’s get into the direct discussion.

How to install Water Bottle Cage without any hole in your bike?

Drilling hole (Not Recommended)

The first thing that comes into your mind to install a water bottle cage without any holes is to drill holes into your bike. It is very dangerous and will reduce the temper and the durability of your frame. Sometimes it might result in breaking the frame then or later.

Thus, it is never an option and will never be recommended.

There are plenty of options to install a Bottle Holder into your bicycle frame except drilling holes. With the help of some tools, it’s very easy and doesn’t require to have any holes in your frame.

1. By Hose Clamps

Hose Claps are very easy to find in any kind of hardware shop. It is very effective to set up a bottle holder or a cage into your bike without any holes. Hose Claps also help the bottle holder to stick to your frame tightly.

Just fully open the hose clamp. Place the bottle cage anywhere in the frame where you wanted to have it attached. Then close the clamp and tighten it with a screwdriver until it stops moving. But don’t tighten it to a much more extent, it might tear off.

N.B: Sometimes using a hose camp scratches and worn off paints from your bike’s frame. To avoid scratches and worn of paints from your bike, you can use tape or an inner tube as a guard over the frame.

2. Using Zip Tie

Zip Tie is very popular to bind any kind of thing. You can use zip ties to tie up a bottle holder or cage in your cycle frame. It is the easiest way to insert a bottle cage into your frame without any holes.

Just place the bottle holder in the place of your bicycle frame where you want it attached, then tighten it with more than one cable tie.

3. Attaching by Straps

Using straps to attach bottle holders to your bike is one of the quickest and easiest ways than any other. You can easily attach a bottle cage or holder almost similarly as you attach them with hose clams or cable ties but using stapes have more advantage. The benefit it has is that you can quickly and easily remove the bottle holder from your bike anytime anywhere. You also can attach it whenever you want.

4. With the help of tabs

You can also attach a bottle holder to your bike by using taps. Using Electrical tapes is a more popular to do this. Attaching a few rounds of tapes with the bottle cage will result in very tighter support for the cage.

Alternative type of Bottle Cages

These are the ways to attach a regular bottle cage or holder to your bike. But some bottle cage or holder comes with a different kind of option in which you might not require to have anything even holes in your frame. Let’s talk about these kinds of bottle holders.

1. Handlebar-mounted Bottle Holder

There are some bottle cages or holders that come with the option to attach to your handlebar. You can find these holders pretty much in any bike or accessories shop. These are very modern.

The benefit of using a handlebar-mounted bottle cage is that you can easily access the water bottle while riding without any the need of stretching your body to reach the bottom of your cycle or any other place.

2. Quick-Release Bottle Cage Holder

The most modern and new type of bottle cages come with this kind of option. It is due to the need of attaching or get rid of the bottle holder whenever needed. Depending on your rides, you might not always need to carry extra more bottles. This quick-release bottle cage holder is good for this kind of situation. And you can again attach it whenever you want with the quick-release option.

3. Seat-Mounted Water Bottle Bags

It is a bag-type bottle holder cage for carrying one or two bottles. it usually attached at the back of your seat post. In these kinds of bottle carrying bags, you can also carry some more tools and extra other things.

An alternative way to use a frame or handlebar bag

Among these the easiest way to carry water bottles in bags. If you do not prefer carrying any bags on you while riding, you can try out some frame or handlebar bags which usually have huge space. You even can carry some other things while riding.

End Words

You now know how to attach a bottle cage into your bike including some other alternative. I hope this article could help you out to carry more bottles in your ride as carrying pure drinking water is very important to stay hydrated while you are riding. So don’t worry just pick which you prefer and go on with it.