Best Bikes For College Students 2023 – Buying Guide!


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Are you feeling disgusted about your long walk through the college campus from one building to another? Or you need the opportunity for some exercise in between your classes to break? Here is the solution. Look for the best bikes for college students, and buy a suitable one for you. It is not necessary to bring Harley Davidson bike with a road king windshield.

Students around the world always look forward to having a stylish bike with a wide variety of color options. You can find a bike having a variety of colors in a cheap rate if you explore correctly. That’s what college students need. You have to combine these two features with another one, and it is called Bike Fit. If the bike doesn’t fit with your body shape, the bike will turn into hell to you and injury can happen any time.

Here, you’ll find the review on best bikes for a college campus, what they are offering, and their drawbacks. Besides, I’ll let you know about how to choose a suitable bike for you and what to see before buying. Moreover, there’ll be given several common questions, and their answers people generally ask. So stay tuned with me.

How We Picked These Products?

You are seeing the best products here only because we have done great research on them. We have experts to select the best one according to the features and user experiences. We know what feature will help you now and what you don’t need actually.  With the passage of time, the technology is upgrading more and more and you need to abide by the upgraded technologies. As a college student what you prefer more is our only priority and we pick the products according to your need and trending fashion. The design of the bike and the features of the bike will amuse you and you will get all the best bikes from here.

Before writing on a product we make sure that the product fulfills the user demands along with the updated features. For a mountain bike, we see the gear mechanism and weight distribution for easy transport. Again the cleaning process of the bike also goes through a trial. For a compound or road bike, we consider the build quality with the build materials.

After getting information from our experts we pick every single product that allows you to use the best of it. So, you should have trust in the products that we are allowing you to see here.

What are the Best Bikes for College Students 2021?

2020 was a global pandemic year where using mass transportation is a risk for everyone. The pandemic has struck almost every country and the demand for bike increases alongside. Having personal transport is safer than using mass transport in this situation. So, everybody is preferring to go with a bike most importantly the students and jobholders. So, what are the best bikes for college students in 2021? Well, as you know there are mainly three types of bike we see usually on the road and they are-

There is another kind of bike you may see that is – Fat Bike but the fat bike is not so much suitable for daily communication. So, we will see from the road, compound, and mountain bikes that which one should you take.  As a college student, you should go for a road bike as they are very easy to ride and there are no issues with gears and all. Again, for being light-weighted you can store it anywhere you want. So, our recommendation to you will be to go for the best road bike. Moreover, road bikes are very easy to clean also.

Top 13 Best Bikes For College Students

Don’t you want to know about the best bikes for college students? I’m sure you want. Now I’ll tell you the detail of each bike I’m going to show here. You’ll find several options in fact, that are absolutely suitable for you.

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men’s Step [ Best Hybrid Bike For Man

The bike is considered as the best bike for college commuting. If you are looking for a commuter bike for you, it should be your first choice. The Sixthreezeo EVRTjourney Men’s step offers full fenders, 26 inches wheel, and 2 inches semi-sleek tires, which allows smooth ride and stable ride. The EVERjourney 7-speed has a sleek and modern showpiece look.

The bike is offering a forward pedaling model, and you can ride with it on every position you know. Most commonly sitting and stand over position won’t be a problem for the bike as it allows riders from 5 feet to 6 feet 4 inches. On upright riding position, the Shimano gearing grants it to perform on trails, streets, and hills. Moreover, the Sixthreezero Men’s step is made with a low center of gravity, which helps to keep your back upright and keeping suitable leg extension.

The bike has 19 inches frame and 26 inches wheel, and the frame is aluminium made. It offers 9/16 inches steel axle with plastic cage and Shimano 7 speed external Hub 14-28 teeth.

  • It has a big frame but surprisingly light in weight.
  • 7-speed Shimano external hub allows climbing, cruise, and coast in style.
  • Front and rear both brakes will give you confidence during climbing down.
  • Not suitable for hikes.
  • Women won’t get any comfortable position on it.

Schwinn Suburban Comfort Hybrid Bike

Here you are going to know one of the best hybrid bikes for college students. Everyone looks for a hybrid bike for comfortable riding. You’ll want to ride comfortably with all the functionality along with the way. For that, Schwinn Suburban Comfort Hybrid allows three touchpoints, which provide a comfortable riding experience to the rider.

This bike has a sturdy and robust steel frame, swept-back handlebars and front suspension fork. Swept back handlebars allow the perfect riding position. It also provides Shimano rear derailleur, which helps to change gear smoothly. This hybrid bike has both front and rear handbrakes made with alloy and also has the alloy made rims, which makes it strong and light. Besides these, it offers a Schwinn comfort seat, which is padded, soft grip.

The total weight of the product is 37.8 pounds. The size of the tires is 26 x 2 inches. The suspension fork offers a comfortable riding position. It allows user shifting gear quickly and smoothly with a 7-speed micro shift twist shifter. Alloy made brakes are useful for all conditions and also makes the bike is quite light. That’s why it is helpful for the college campus.

  • It has a very lightweight and durable structure.
  • Fork suspension makes it comfortable.
  • It provides a 7-speed micro shift twist shifter, which allows smooth gear shifting.
  • Not ideal for a person of fewer than 5.5 ft. Height.

RALEIGH Bikes Detour Hybrid Bike

The RALEIGH Detour-2 is that kind of bike, which gives you confidence behind the wheels. This bike gives importance to the comfortability of the rider. The bike provides a comfortable upright riding position and more giant rims with narrow tires for effective riding. That’s why it is considered one of the best commuter bikes for college students.

RALEIGH Detour is made with a rack and fender ready alloy frame. It provides Shimano Rapid Fire Plus 8-speed trigger shifter, which offers 24 gears. The specialty of this shifter is you don’t have to move your hands. Moreover, for making the ride smooth, they provide spring-loaded comfort saddle, pedals offering no-slip and soft grips.

The 6061 Aluminum has broad Vie Tire Co. Easy Street. The size of the 700x42c. For stopping the bike with great leverage, it provides Tetra 837 alloy V-brake. Handlebar size is 27.2 x 300 mm. the weight of the bike is 27.98 lb. They’ll give you a rack and fender mounts as extras.

  • Twenty-four gears are more than enough for smooth and leverage free riding.
  • You can easily carry it through the stairs as it has only 28 lb weight.
  • Comfortable for the rider who has almost 6.4 inches height.
  • Easy maintenance. Don’t need to tune up the bike frequently.
  • The saddle feels uncomfortable and cumbersome.
  • Don’t’ provide any kickstand.

Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Road Bike

9.4/10 Our Score

Are you looking for the best budget bikes for college students? Here Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid bike has been offering quality bikes in a suitable budget for the students. This bike is also good for the rough trail. It has a simple look but provides the best Shimano components in it.

The frame and fork of the bike are made with lightweight 6061 aluminum. The front and rear derailleurs are Shimano Tourney TX. It provides 700c wheels and mechanical disc brakes. The Vilano Diverse 3.0 Hybrid Road bike offers Shimano EF 51 3/8 Shifters. The brake levers are integrated. Tires size is 700c x 35c. you need to know how to assemble the bike as it comes partially assembled. For maintaining the bike, you can visit their online hub, and there you will find tips, the information you want.

  • Sturdy Disc brakes offer excellent stopping power.
  • Handlebar it is using is conventional and suitable for the versatile ride to go anywhere you want.
  • The light Aluminum frame makes it durable and lightweight.
  • Twenty-four gears are more than the worth at this low price.
  • They don’t give you kickstand with the bike. You have to buy it separately.

Retrospec Beaumont-7 Seven Speed Lady’s Urban City Commuter Bike

This bike is light in weight and has a hand-built step-thru steel frame. This design of the frame helps you to ride in an upright position. The Retrospect Beaumont offers urban rider riding on combat area inclines, flat Chicago-land with comfort. It seems comfortable for all kinds of age, shape, and dress like a skirt.

Beaumont- 7 has Shimano rear derailleur and RevoShift Grip Shifter, which allows user to smooth shifting, ultimate precision and controlled riding experience. It offers both front and rear brakes to secure your riding.

Tires size is 700 x 35c, which gives a great grip on the road. Weight is 250 lbs. ½ inches pedal is made with alloy. It offers to allow dual caliper brake with alloy four-finger lever. They will provide an extra-soft rubber grip for the handlebar.

  • Suitable for all types of riding.
  • All ages of women and all height will be comfortable on it.
  • Provide excellent braking ability.
  • Provide grip with the bike.
  • It has a heavyweight as it is made of steel.

Sixthreezero Around the Block Women’s Cruiser Bike

The Sxthreezero Block Women Cruiser bike is one of the best bikes for female college students. From the comfort and ease of leverage, this Block Women Cruiser should be the 1st choice. This bike can be a good choice for casual riding less than 20 miles, and you can ride with it on the beach, down to the bike path, around the city quite comfortably. Also, it provides a pretty casual and straight forward design that eases down the maintenance labor and cost.

As the bike is specialized in women riding, it offers a 17-inch steel cruiser frame in plenty of colors. Also, this bike can take 5 feet to 6 feet 4 inches tall person without any trouble. You can enjoy the break as the front, and rear handbrakes are operated by hand lever adjusted with the handlebar. Sixthreezero Around the Block Women Cruiser allows users to adjust both the seat and handlebars as their requirement.

It provides Shimano 7-speed external derailleur, which allows users a comfortable ride. They provide high-quality foam grips for the handlebars. Both the 26-inch,2.125-inch wide aluminum with waffle tread tire offers bumps free riding. The 4-gearing option of Shimano Tourney helps you ride on the long distances, up to the hill. 3-speed Shimano internal hub with Nexus shifter ensures you to tackle longer distances and hills. After order, it’ll come 85% assembled. So you don’t have to get any tension about the assembly of parts.

  • It provides a simple structure with plenty of colors.
  • The single-speed model is ideal for flat road and offers simplicity.
  • It can accommodate up to 6 feet4 inches, tall person.
  • No suspension is provided. So bumps can trouble you a lot.

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Step (26″/7-speed)

The Sixthreezero EVRYjouney Women’s Step has a sweet exterior. You’ll get a hidden desire to on it and beaten many miles. This bike provides much more than just riding; it has a precise and robust mechanism. This classic bike has a frame with 26 inches wheels. Among Sixthreezero, this model is the most popular one. It is designed with for keeping your back upright maintaining exact leg extension.

This EVRYjourney stays among the best e-bikes for college students. It has 17.5 inches aluminum frame along with Shimano 7-speed external Hub with rear and front handbrakes. The handbrakes are made from alloys, which ensure long time riding without breaking the handbrakes. It provides synthetic leather saddle and grip with stitching. Tires type is 2 inches semi sleek. Moreover, the foot forward seat helps to put the feet flats on the ground during staying on the saddle.

Besides, with the bike, they provide rear rack, baskets, several accessories, and fenders for your protection due to rain. You may be happy to know that a single trip allows up to 30 miles, and the maximum speed it allows is about 30 MPH. That’s why this bike can be used fully for both of your riding towards college and other places you want.

  • It fits on most women to 5-6.4 feet.
  • Low swooping frames allow easy step-thru entry on and off the bike.
  • The bike offers stitched leather grip
  • Allows up to 30 miles in a single trip.
  • Handlebar’s height is not adjustable. The foot front seat sometimes causes back pain.

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike for Men and Women

Most of the college students want to buy a comparatively low-price bike, ensuring some useful features. That is exactly what the Schwinn Discover Hybrid is offering for both men and women. Hybrid bikes have a classic design combination of white and black colors. There’s a lot of things you will be able to do with Schwinn Discover Hybrid bike, including college commuting.

The wider tires provide extra stability and grip on the road, and fenders restrain your cloth from splashing mud. The most feature the bike is giving is the Schwinn suspension fork. Infect the effective one, protect you from manholes, and bumps. The frame is made with aluminum material; thus, the bike is offering low weight and strong structure.

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike has two frame sizes. 18-inch and 16-inch frame. The larger one for males. This bike provides anatomic grips with double density. It also provides 21 speed Sram Grip shifter with Shimano rear derailleur. Brake pads are linear made with alloy, and also alloy made adjustable stem allows comfortable riding.

  • Fenders protect you from mud, dust etc.
  • The saddle is soft padded, which makes the bike comfortable.
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum frame.
  • Very much affordable for college students.
  • Offering two colors, they are black and white.
  • Requires proper maintenance and tuning; otherwise, gears may noise.
  • It has no quick discharge on the front wheel.

Schwinn GTX Comfort Hybrid Bike

The Schwinn GTX Comfort Hybrid Bike offers three bikes. This is considered the most premium bike in the market. The design of the bike makes it more appealing for women. Hybrid bikes offer an effective and efficient work rate. From this angle, Schwinn GTX improves its model quite intelligently.

It offers Micro shift 21-speed twist shifter along with Shimano rear derailleur for precise gear changes. V Breaks are made of alloy. Tires size is 700c. the Shimano 21-speed twist shifters help to improves eider control during gear shifting.

  • Lightweight and aluminum body makes it strong.
  • The 700c tires offering multiple types of riding and offers rust-free spokes.
  • 21-speed gears rapid shifting.
  • Suitable for short high person
  • Provides long-lasting product at an affordable price.
  • There is no variety of color.

Sixthreezero Explore Your Range Women’s Hybrid Commuter Bicycle with Rear Rack

The lightweight Sixthreezero Explore Your Range Commuter Bike has a quality eye-catching design, and it’s the top priority on making the riding comfort. You can easily go out with bike places like neighbor cities, beaches, and your college campus quite comfortably.

This bike is specially made for the riders who want to ride quick. This Explore Your Range Bike has a hybrid frame that can combine with both city streets and hard-packed trails. You can choose either 3-speed or 7-speed gearing as it offers both. Moreover, this bike offers a low-profile diamond frame, seat, and handlebar geometry, which helps you ride upright position.

The 7-speed Shimano external hub allows long-range riding and gives leisure. On the other hand, a 3-speed Shimano internal hub with easy-to-use Nexus shifter ensures you to handle the bike on the moderate hills. Also, it is offering twist shifter for fast gear changes, wheel size is 700c x 38c, and dual walled rims ensures a smooth ride. The fenders protect you from all sorts of dust and mud. It fits up to 5 feet to 6 feet 2 inches.

  • The lightweight and diamond frame offers fast riding.
  • The matching fenders included with the bike.
  • Suitable for long distances and moderate hills.
  • The handlebar is not adjustable.
  • No suspension is provided, that can make your ride uncomfortable.

Kent Pomona Women’s Dual Suspension Comfort Bike

This has come with so many high-quality features. Women will love to ride on the bike. The frame of the bike gives it a sportbike like a look. The frame is made with an aluminum alloy, which ensures a lightweight and handles the road with ease. The wheels are also alloy made and suitable for customizes cruiser tire. For going through a rough road, the bike’s structure should be sturdy as well as wheels need to be strong. The bike has 26 inch and 36 spokes alloy rims, which makes it a great bike.

Kent Pomona offers riser steel handlebar with twist shifter. The angle between seat and handlebar make to seat upright front style. The bike has a 7-speed drive-train along with a dependable Shimano rear derailleur and easy-to-use Micro shift twist shifter. The seat is padded and soft.

  • It is offering full suspension. That means it provides both front and rear suspension. Which allows bumps free riding.
  • It is both strong and lightweight. A combination of two can make an excellent bike.
  • It is offering more features than other bikes in on the same price range.
  • You can adjust the seat as it has an adjustable seat.
  • Although handlebar is not adjustable.
  • Dual Suspension can be cause for loss of energy during riding.

Schwinn Huron and Mikko Adult Beach Cruiser Bike

Are you hoping for the cycles, by which you and your friends can use as city cruiser and trail riding? Riding this bike seems like a piece of cake. It is an excellent bike for riding town with no hurry. The bike has a steel-frame structure, totally comfortable for flat road riding. The bike has a vintage look, including an upright riding position and classic handlebar. The front part of both Schwinn Huron and Mikko are like retro-style. Also, both bikes have full rear fenders to protect the bike from the mud.

The Schwinn Mikko Cruiser bike is offering 3 different single-speed, three-speed, and seven-speed. So, you can choose different speed options according to your riding comfortability and situations. Moreover, both of the bikes have aluminum alloy rims and padded saddle for proving comfortability.

Each bike is offering 26-inch wheels with a 17-inch frame. Both are suitable for 5’4”-6.2”. But in both Mikko Crusier and Huron 7 -speed bikes have linear-pull brake where single speed and internal-hub three-speed offers coaster brake. Furthermore, the Schwinn Mikko is offering navy blue, purple, red, and teal colors. In contrast, Schwinn Huron is offering matte black, matte red, and glossy grey colors.

  • 3 different drivetrains make the bikes suitable for the child to adult.
  • For 7-speed bikes, a linear-pull brake makes a rider confident.
  • More than 3 different colors help us to choose according to our choice.
  • The vintage look is somewhat not perfect for this modern era.

Schwinn Classic Old School Krate Bike

The Schwinn Old School Krate model is a pretty ancient model of Schwinn. Everything in this bike has a vintage look, like high-rise ape handlebars, sissy bar, and a banana seat. This bike was originally created in 1968 and completely sold out between 1973. Now the cycle you are seeing, released for its 50th anniversary in a super limited-edition.

The orange version of the Classic Karte has been made with a Sting-ray frame and springer fork. The bike has no variant means it offers only a single speed. So the rear coaster brake is perfect for it. Two different wheel sizes, 16” for front and 20” for the rear. Both wheels have Sting-Ray Slick tires on aluminum rims. Sleek and steel color fender to protect you from mud splashes.

Let’s talk about its small wheel and lightweight frame. This nature makes the mike comfortable for 6 years old to adults. The seat also offers spring suspension as the bike is a replica of its original version, no surprise for its classic look. The Bucket style saddle with racing stripes completes its classic look.

  • Lightweight and complete vintage gesture.
  • Two different wheel size brings the fun.
  • Can accommodate a variety of rides from child to adult.
  • The banana seat is padded but not comfortable enough.

What to look before buying a bike for the college

You have already seen different types of bike and their uses. Every bike we gave here has an identical set of components. That’s why; surely, they are the best bikes for college students. As you are looking for a bike for college students, you should choose a bike combining with price and quality. Here I am going to scout you, how to consider key things, and select a suitable college bike in your budget.

Choosing Bike Type

You might think that for commuting on a college campus, you just need a simple bike, which will be long-lasting. But you should talk with your friends, which bike will be suitable for you and the campus. Seeing other bikes can be a good solution for choosing the right bike. Sometimes the college campus is situated in between hills. As a result, you have to pick up a mountain bike to ease down your labor.

So, just observe other’s bike, find the road structure you have to come over, the college road you have, and think that do you have any interest to go out travel with the bike occasionally. The combination can help you to find what you need a mountain bike, comfort bike, hybrid bike, road bike, or trail bike.


The durability of the bike should be the first thing to notice before buying is observing a bike frame. The best cheap bikes for college students list will help you to find a suitable bike in your budget. You should compare them with their frame and knowing how durable the frame of the bikes. For selecting the frame type, first of all, you have to understand different frame types.

Aluminum Frame

You’ll find this frame extremely common for every type of bike like a road bike, trail bike, mountain bike, etc. The aluminum frame is useful because of its lightweight, load-bearing ability, vibration-reducing ability. They are offering these features at a comparatively low price than other frames.

Steel Frame

You can understand a steel frame can be more durable. Yes, it’ll. But actually, this bike is suitable for commuting with a heavy load. But vibration-reducing ability isn’t good in this frame. But frame durability is high enough. This frame is suitable for a slower ride. Cheaper than aluminum frame.

Carbon frame

Comparatively high in price. The carbon frame doesn’t offer much load-bearing ability. Durability is less than both aluminum and steel frame. But for fast and labor free riding, it is the most useful frame.

Here, you have to select a suitable frame for you considering your commuting road around college, traveling interests, and price. As a college student, you should stay on the aluminum frame because aluminum bike offers some good features also which you might like.

Bike Fit

once you’ve selected the bike type and frame, you have to find another important factor. You should find that the frame size is suitable for you. If the frame size is okay for your weight and height, you can ride with the bike easily, even up to college campuses on the hills. But if the bike doesn’t fit properly for your shape and height, you should choose another. An unfit bike can cause serious injury. You should buy a local bike shop and do a test ride before buying a bike.

Gearing Numbers

Gearing numbers should determine after knowing the track your campus has. Is the track being hilly or flat? For just commuting, you can have a bike with less gear. This type of gear will provide you with stable speed. On the other hand, if your campus has the hilly tracks and you carry a heavy bag on your shoulder, then you should look for better gearing numbers. That will help you to ease down the pedal pressure.

Brake types

You might see that many road bikes, hybrid bikes have caliper brakes. Do not think that this caliper brakes will be better for you. What kind of brake you need is also depends on the track of your campus and you’re riding experience. If your college campus has hilly roads, you should look for disc brake. Because disc brake has more stopping ability and will be perfect when you ride down from the hills. On the other hand, caliper brake requires good experience in bike riding. This won’t allow you to stop suddenly. That can be messy and accidental on the college campus.

Ensuring the bike having fenders

Fenders are to protect you from mud and dust. Fenders are essential for rainy days. Otherwise, you can get caught on rainy days. Fenders don’t allow dirt to come up from wheels during riding. As a result, your clothes won’t get dirty and muddy. It is essential because in between class on the college campus, if you ride on your bike, it will get muddy for a wet track. You should look for the bike which has fenders. If the bike isn’t providing any, you have to buy it. in that case, you have to buy the wide ones for your bike.


1. Why I should buy a bike for college?

Yes, you should buy a bike if you are a college student. First of all, the bike will save lots of money from your pocket. Besides, a bicycle is better than the most, because you don’t have to pay any gas bill, fuel bill or parking passes. On the other hand, the bike does a few maintenance costs once a week. Also, you can commute on campus in no time with a bike beside it is eco-friendly. It will inspire others not to do anything eco-unfriendly.

2. Will I find any good quality bike at a cheap price?

Yes, you will find it. A good quality bike means that it can cost more is not works for this generation. For finding a good quality bike, you have to know what you must require from a bike. If you know that you don’t need dual suspensions, you just need front suspension then why you will look for dual suspensions bike. In this way, you will find a perfect bike for you. And good quality bike doesn’t offer much, and many features bikes offer much.

3. which will be better one, bigger or smaller bike frame?

Both the frame size has a different purpose for serving. If you are tall and have a bigger arm length, you should use a bigger frame bike. Because in a smaller frame you’ll feel compressed and lack of comfortability. On the other hand, for a short-arm, people should use a small frame bike. Also, if you are a beginner in bike riding, you should start with a small frame bike. On the other hand, the fast traveling bigger frame can be useful.

Final Note

So far, I discussed the best bike for college students and their functions and how to find the best one for you. Keep in mind that maintenance should be the topmost priority for making a bike durable. That’s why you should learn some maintenance works from others and carry some spare parts with you. Also, always try to keep your bike safe as much as possible. During class time, you should lock it down. You can look for the best lock for bikes and buy one to keep secure your bike.

Here you’ve learned what bike will be suitable for you. So, apply it to your life, keep up a comfortable ride.