Bike Fitting Tool – All the Tools are needed 2023


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How much you love your bike? Your love for your bike depends on the maintenance attempts taken by you. For this, you need some bike fitting toolSometimes, biker wants to install some extra parts, and that time, they need the help of the fitting tool. Generally, to tighten the bolt and nuts, you need to use the fitting tools.

There is various kind of fitting tools available for a bike fitting with bike fitting guide. From this content, you will know about the tools and how to use them to fit your bike. There are three main fitting tools are available for you in the market. Let’s start with the importance of fitting tools for the bike.

Why you Need Bike Fitting Tools?

If you want to keep your bike fit, then you will need the fitting tools and some fitting devices. The fitting tools of the bike will help you insert the newest gears, light, handlebars, seat and other equipment. Again you can save your time by using the accurate tools for fitting. Bike fit measurements are vital for fitting your bike. 

Sometimes, you can tighten your bike’s part with the perfect tools. As you see, you can’t do anything with your bike parts without fitting tools, you need them badly. For a professional biker, they keep a tool bag with them to fix the problem of their bikes. Bike fitting jig is also very helpful for the biker who wants to save more time. The jig reduces the hassle of fitting bike parts.

Main Bike fitting Tools at A Glance

 There are three main bike fitting tools available in the market by which you can solve most probably all the problems. They are known as essential tools.

  1. XY bike fit tool
  2. Bike fit goniometer
  3. Plumb Bob

Now, you are going to know about the tools and what they offer to you.

1. XY bike fit tool

XY bike fit tools offer a great solution to the bike, according to the specialist. This tool has the feature of coordinating the X and Y axis, and so it’s easy to work with these tools. The accuracy depends on the measurement, and this tool will offer you the best efficiency.  By this tool, you can flip the handlebar of your bike easily.

You can have a perfect measurement with the XY bike fit tool. The Shimano bike’s crank arm can also be fixed, and you can do it by yourself.

2. Bike fit goniometer

If you want to fix the motion of the bike by fitting, then you need this tool. The bike fit goniometer will help you to fix the motion at a time. It can take measurements up to 28 inches by its telescoping arms. You can also measure the distance between the seat and the knee position and fix the bike.

As this tool has the perfect measuring feature, you can use it for extended purposes. You will also get the availability to see the fixing area by a looking imaging mirror. However, Proper alignment can lead you to the proper advantages, and this tool does the job for you.

3. Plumb Bob

The Third essential tool is Plumb Bob. This tool is used to fit the bike, and it offers static fitting. This is the best for the fitting parts with the cycle. After taking the measurement, you are ready to fit the parts, and you will need this tool to fit the parts in your bike.

There are no other alternatives for plumb bob tools to a stable fitting. You can use it by yourself, and you can save your time by using this tool. Now, fitting a bike is very accurate because of this tool. You are allowed to do some custom fitting with this tool.

Other Tools

There are undoubtedly other tools are available which are needed for different situations. They are-

Measurement Tape – A professional bike fitter always keeps a measurement tape with him so that you can measure the bike parts’ length and width. The newest tap will ensure accuracy. If the tap is flexible then you can work with it comfortably. So, it would be best if you chose a flexible measuring tape for better working experience.

Level – For the best alignment, you will need a level. If you are going to insert new parts of your bike or fixing the old parts, then you need to keep that part in the perfect alignment. You will need this thing for Saddle Tilt fitting. You can use a water level which has the feature of angular leveling too. 

Body Targets – This tool is necessary for measuring the point of the bike’s body. You can mark the place where to fit the bike with this tool. If you want to replace the body stick of your bike then you should use this tool to measure the points.

 L-Key – The L-key set offers various opportunities to fix the bike. L-keys are also known as Allen keys.  By these handy tools, you can open or insert a nut or screw on the bike. So, this toolbox is also needed for the fitting bike.


1. How to use XY fitting tool?

Hold the XY fitting tool against the place where you want to fix or insert a part. It will show the coordinates to keep accuracy.

2. How should I clean the fitting tools?

Though most of the fitting tools don’t need to be cleaned, some of them should be clean. The tools which are made of iron should wash with detergent water and then rub them with a clean cloth and put them into the bag.

Final Note

I hope that you have known about the essential fitting tools and the bike fit calculator. The tools other than the essential tools are also important to fit a bike. The bike fit angle tool helps to fit the angles of the bike. While fitting the bike you need to be very careful about the measurements that you take. Your accuracy depends on the accurate measurements, and the essential tools do the job for you.