How do I stop my bike chain from skipping?


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A bike chain is always a collection of many links with pins, plates, and rollers. While cycling, you will face a common problem, that is our bike chain skipping. Most often, when you change gear, use shift twice instead of once or don’t use it when you need it. This skipping caused because the tension of the chain needs to be appropriately adjusted. There are also some causes for the skipping of the chain. Let’s indicate the causes and discuss how you fix bike chain skipping.

Most of the time, shifting gear is used in very professional bicycles. So these simple skipping can be the cause of some terrible loss. So, everyone should know the way to fix the slipping problem of the chain.

Why Bike Chain Skips

There are so many reasons why the bike chain is often skipping. You can experience the skipping of the chain in your first half dozen rides with your new ride. You can also experience chain skipping when you ride your bicycle often. The skipping of bike chain causes because of bike chain skipping teeth. When you pedal, the most used gear can be the cause of skipping because that gear’s sharp edge gets blunt for excess using. Those blunt edges can’t catch up the chain properly. Chain skipping is caused because of cable stretch. There is a mechanism in gear bikes that move your chain up and side to change gear. To use a derailleur, you need tension in your cable. You have to solve cable stretch by adding pressure to your cable.

Your bike’s chain skips when you shift twice instead of once. But mostly the newer chain and the older chain skip the most that are the problem. The causes of bike chain skipping under load can also be fixed. So you have to fix your cable stretch in a perfect position to avoid chain skipping.

How to Fix Chain Skipping

How to Fix Chain Skipping

You can fix a skipping chain by adding tension to the rear derailleur. Sometimes you have to shorten the chain by swapping out the shifter cable to make it tight. Sometimes it’s also possible that the cable is too tight, then you can lose your cable. So let’s start about the step by step fixing.

1. First, take a break from cycling. Pedal forward using your hand until the derailleur is adjusted

in the smallest cog. Check the shifter by pressing shift once. If you see the chain moves up a gear, then it is ok. But if nothing happens then, you need more query to get solutions.

2. There is a barrel adjuster in the side of your brake lever. Move the screw of the adjuster by turning is away from you. This adjuster connects to the derailleur. When you wish to change the gear, then you press the lever beside brake.

3. Shift down into the smallest ring to the bike rear cassette. Check if the shift works appropriately. If you still can’t shift the gear, then inspect the cable visually. If the chain needs more tension, then fix it, but most of the time, the chain gets loose.

4. A loose chain can easily be determined by a tool. You get that tool in a mechanic shop. A loose chain can be tightened by removing a part from the chain.

5. The chain can be checked easily. Bike chain skipping while pedaling hard if you have a problem in your cassette. If your cassette looks more visibly worn down after cleaning, then it is high time you need a new cassette. After fixing the chain, if your bike is continually sliding off the gear and slipping as you pedal, then take your bike to a shop and change the gear cassette.

6. You have to shift properly when you are pedaling in the hills. Hit the shift earlier before your speed is lost. If your bike chain keeps skipping when you pedal up a hill, this can cause miss the teeth of the gear.

7. When you change your chain or gear, you should change them both at a time to match them. It is essential because the new chain can be loose with some of your gear. That may not be the thing you want on your bike.

8. If the adjustments of the limit screw and the cable tension adjustments do not work properly, then you need to change your derailleur. Maybe your derailleur has some problems. Perhaps it’s broken, or it’s hanger may be bent.


1. Why is my bike chain skipping?

Skipping of the chain causes because of cable stretch. Mostly shift cables stretch happen in the new bikes. Bike chain also skips because of blunt gears. As we know, blunt gear cannot catch the chain properly, so the chain skips.

2. How do I stop my bike chain from skipping?

To prevent your bike chain from skipping, you should check the adjustments of your derailleur that shift the gear. If everything alright, then you should check the chain measurement if the chain is loose or tight. Then you have to check the teeth of the gears if they are not sharp to catch the chain. By solving all these, you can stop your bike chain from skipping.

3. Why does my bike chain skip when I pedal hard?

Your bike chain skips when you pedal hard because the tension of your chain is not ok. You can get a simple tool from any mechanical shop that could measure the chain tension.

4. Why do my gears keep slipping?

– If your gear keeps slipping, then your gear needs to be replaced. Maybe your gear cogs are too worn, and the chain cannot catch up with the gear when you pedal too fast. If the adjustments of the limit screw and chain tension does not work, then your gears may have some problem.

Additional Tips

1. If you change your chain for getting too loose, then you have to buy a new chain. But then you have to buy new gear too to fix them properly.

2. While fixing your bike chain, your hand might get a little greasy but don’t care about that this can become easily removable.

3. Do not use excess lubricant or lesser lubricant. Use as you need them. Lubricants can also keep your gear from unwanted problems. You can use an inside gear mechanism to keep your whole mechanism out from the environmental dirt, sand, and pollution.

Final Note

If you don’t have a bike, then it is time you get one because a bicycle is a great transport way to use. But sometimes a new bike causes unwanted problems. Chain skipping is one of them. It is irritating that your bike chain skips when you are in a hurry, or you pedal fast. But there is always a cure to a disease. So bike chain skipping can also be fixable. If not fixable, then change gear and chain to fix the problem.

Now you can fix your bike chain skipping problem without taking any headache. From now take your bike any hills or pedal fast, your bike will be able to avoid the skipping of the chain. You have to take some precautions to ride your bike in a good position.