Biking vs Walking – Comparison Between Biking and Walking


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Some of you may get confused with a question about biking vs. walking, which is better. For fitness concern people, they always think about the best option for their fitness. The cyclists are benefitted from the major muscle movement by riding on the bike. The walkers get benefited by walking without using any equipment. You may think that walking, as you don’t need any equipment then why you need cycling? You will get your answer from this content. Again there will be a brief comparison between biking and walking with the benefits. So let’s get started.  

Benefits of Biking

As a biker, you will get various benefits from biking. I am also a biker and I know very well about the benefits you can get from biking. However, I have listed out some major benefits of biking bellow.

  • Benefits of Cycling in GYM– In the gym, you get traffic-free cycling opportunities which will offer you a fit body. Again you will get a trainer for accuracy of exercise. You can count down your total calories burnt via biking because in the gym because the bike is modified in that way.
  • Environmental Benefits of Cycling– We all know that a cycle doesn’t need any fuel to run and the cycle is considered as the most environmentally friendly vehicle around the world. So, acceptance of the cycle is fair everywhere.
  • Helps to Control Diseases– You can stay away from various dangerous diseases if you take regular exercise with your cycle. If I name some diseases then you will understand it clearly. Diseases like diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular, boon injury patients will get benefited. Moreover, you can save yourself from respiratory diseases by avoiding fuel running vehicles.
  • Reduce Fat– The habit of taking exercise of biking will help you to reduce extra fat within a month or less. So, it’s very beneficial for your health. Based on Harvard Health Publishing, cycling will burn around 600 calories per hour.
  • Cycling Removes Stress– If anyone is affected by a mental disorder or feeling any mental stress then the exercise of biking will remove that stress. It will energize yourself to work again.

Benefits of Walking

Walking has its own categories benefits. It is an ancient method of being healthy and warm. By walking regularly, you can have a fit body and a healthy mind. The major benefits of walking are-

  • No Equipment, No Extra Costing You don’t need any equipment like a bike for walking alone on the road and the money will be saved. For a fresh start of a day, you can hear music on your earphones while walking but it’s not mandatory. Besides, your money will be saved if you involve this exercise as part of your work like going office by walking if possible.
  • Helps to Stay Away from Many Diseases- The doctor suggests to their patients to walk every day for staying away from various diseases such as heart disease, diabetics, the threat of obesity, etc. Again, you can reduce body fat by walking daily. Moreover, your calorie may burn at a rate of 300 per hour according to ACE (American Council on Exercise).
  • Muscles Development By walking you can develop your muscles which is very beneficial for not only the athletes but also normal people too.

Comparison Table: Walking vs. Biking

Here, you can analyze the benefits, you may get via these two types of exercises. So, it would be helpful for you to decide the best one for you.

Which is best: Walking or Biking?

Now it is time to differentiate between walking and cycling from different views. You can choose the appropriate one by knowing the discussion about biking and cycling.

Biking vs. Walking Time

Considering the time fact, biking takes less time than walking if you are up to go somewhere else. Such as biking requires less time as well as effort than walking as you can get the required pressure in biking in a short time.

Walking vs. Cycling Muscles

Again, cycling is the best exercise compare to walking as cycling offers you more muscle movement, especially leg. Some of the major muscles of your body will move simultaneously. On the other side, walking allows you similar movement but it will raise your heartbeat rather than cycling which is good for health.

Cycling or Walking for Belly Fat & Cholesterol

For reducing belly fat cycling will win against the walking because cycling will offer you more muscle movement at a time while walking the legs muscles will only be moved. But through walking, the heartbeat raises, you start sweating which will reduce your cholesterol level.

Stationary Cycling vs. Walking

For stationary cycling, you need to go to the gym or buy a portable bike for your home use. On the other hand, stationary walking will offer you relax walking exercise.

Cycling vs. Walking (Age Basis)

The doctor will prefer cycling as the best solution compares to walking. If you are an old person then it may not possible for you to go out with a cycle. So, you need to choose walking as the best option.

Walking vs. Biking (Same Distance)

If I talk about the distance and comparison of cycling and walking then I will recommend choosing biking if it’s possible for you. Because in cycling, the muscle movement is very frequent and save your time.


1. Is it better to walk or ride a bike?

It depends on your age and the area where you live. For an old person walking is the best option to choose from.

2. What is the equivalent of biking to walking?

10,000 steps in a day will burn the same amount of calories of an hour of cycling a day. So, cycling is the best option to burn calories fast. 

3. Can cycling reduce belly fat?

Cycling helps to reduce belly fat as you feel a pressure in your belly while riding.

Additional Note

There is more information about walking and biking so that you can understand which one is best for you.

  • You can use jogging shoes for a better walking experience.
  •  In cycling, you need to keep a garage for your cycle and there is a safety issue related to cycle storing. 
  • Walking a plain road is more beneficial.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the cycle need to be done every week.
  • Walking behavior will help you with adventurous trips like hiking.

Final Note

The choice is yours as both of them (walking and cycling) are best in their positions. If you think that you can maintain a bike during your daily schedule then you need to choose walking.  

Look, exercise is a must for everyone to remain fit. Changing food habits can make you healthy but they can’t keep you fit. So, choose an exercise medium to remain fit not only my body but also by the mind.