Can I put a gun rack on my bike?


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Ever thought of carrying guns while riding? Or taking your bike on hunting? In both cases, you might feel the need for a Gun Rack for your bike.

Sorry to disappoint you that you won’t find a fully readymade gun carrier for your bike but has to custom-made one. There are various reasons for gun racks not being available for bikes.

What are the reasons for bike racks not to be available?

  1. Most people don’t prefer carrying guns while biking.
  2. Enormous sizes of guns make biking very difficult.
  3. People usually prefer to guns in a comfortable space such as in the container of the vehicles.

How Can I Carry A Gun On My Bike?

Well, there are some options available if you are highly interested to carry a gun on your bike.

  • ATV, UTV, Rhino Grip Gun Racks

Well ATV Racks can be used to carry guns on your bike, especially on the handlebar of the bike. ATV Racks are very tight and won’t buzz off your guns. You can mount these on your handlebars to carry a gun.

But keep in mind it is not a safe method as the handlebar has to bear shakes and vibrations. Also, carrying a rifle or shotgun on the handlebar is not recommended as the increased length and weight of the handlebar tend to cause an accident.

If you can attach these ATV Racks on the Steer tube or bottom tube of your bike’s frame, it will do the tricks as a minimalistic carrier of the gun on your bike.

Also, you can carry medium-sized guns attached with the fork of your bike by ATV, Rhino Grip Gun Racks.

  • Gun Boot or Gun Case

Most of the guns come with a case or you can buy one matching the shape of the gun. Most of the cases for guns are briefcase-shaped and made out of plastic. But inside the box, foam is used to safely carry the guns. These hard gun cases can be attached to anywhere of a bike’s frames with ropes or cable ties and can easily carry them everywhere.

Thus, it is the safest and easiest way to carry a gun on your bike.

  • Custom Made Gun Carrier

Most people who usually carry a gun on the bike, have a custom-made bike gun carrier. For carrying small guns such as pistols you might not even need a carrier. But for long-size guns such as rifles or shotguns, it is a must to have a carrier with your bike. You can’t ride the bike while a long rifle slung over your back. It will be a matter of very discomfort and might make your ride unsettled.

For a rifle shape gun, you can always build a custom-made carrier with wood or steel. You can always ask a carpenter or a mechanic to build one for you upon your preference. Later you can tie or attach those carriers with strips and clamps.

How Can I Make a Custom Gun Carrier for My Bike?


What is the Easiest Way to Carry a Gun on My Bike?

You can always make out a custom Gun carrier for your bike. It can easily build with a bottle cage and some straps. The makings easiest and minimalistic custom gun carrier is described below.

  1. You can start by removing the bottle cage from your bike as you need to squish it. The steel-made one that supports the butt of a bottle works well in this case. The main idea is to bend the round part of the bottle cage in a shape that will be able to support the butt of the long rifle.
  2. Later you can use a thick piece of clothing or a narrow piece of foam or any other material to wrap around the squished bottle cage. It is for the padding and protection of the gun. It also reduces the shock and vibration impact.
  3. Later use Electrical tape or Gorilla to cover the padding to protect it from removing and thickening it.
  4. Now mount the cage on the middle tube or the bottom tube wherever it fits most for supporting the rifle’s butt.
  5. Also, pad the top part of the frame near the headset where the barrel of the rifle will be attached with the bike to prevent damaging the gun also scratching the bike’s frame.
  6. While padding the front part of your bike choose the space where the barrel of the rifle won’t hamper the rotation of the handlebar but can easily and freely rotate.
  7. Now the final part is to put that rifle on the bottle cage and attach the barrel of the gun with a Zip-Tie or Voile Strap.

Viola, you just have the easiest and most minimalistic rifle and short gun carrier on your bike.

Final Piece of Advice

Riding to the hunting ground by biking is fun. But a gun always needs to be handled carefully with most precaution. While carrying one on your bike, try to ride as steady as possible. Never carry a loaded gun and always put safety lock while carrying one. If anything happens, check the gun’s barrel first.

Take the most precautionary and safety procedure while carrying a gun on your bike.

Happy Cycling and Hunting.