Giro Synthe Review – Wear Helmet and make your cycling safe


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The Giro Brand has launched its editor’s choice feature Giro Synthe which has a class-leading design, exceptional ventilation, and adjustability. Along with this, it is a premium feature of all for its outstanding performance and eye-catchy design. It gives you the best comfort on your racing day. This edition is fascinating so that I scribe some facts for your convenience.

This is one of the best featured helmets among all the high-end editions of this brand with a high rate solid metric. This road bike helmet contains a doubtless lightweight package in it. Moreover, the aerodynamic profile makes it more worthy as well as attracts riders at first sight. You may have question that ‘what makes it different? Well, the answer is ‘the other models might have specific features meeting specific demands but this feature is performance-based and the look is fair.

However, Giro Synthe is equipped with a multi-directional system that ensures proper protection and standard suitability in any condition. Indeed, the wide acceptance of riders towards this version has made it editor’s choice winner!

What’s in it?

At first, both the ribs and vents area of Synthe is made of the polycarbonate shell. As a result, it tends to be light-weighted. It has multiple wind tunnel that continuously passes the fresh air into the helmet and keeps the head in a safer condition.

Besides, this helmet has offered extra protection in its back portion by increasing its whole coverage. This helmet looks slim in shape and makes the riders feeling cozy after putting it on. Also, it is easily adjustable because of its flexible Y buckles that are instantly fitted around the ears of riders.

Top Specification

Shell Type
  • Mold-polycarbonate
Fit System
  • Roc Loc (Air-Fit)
Safety Tech
  • Adds protection to head
  • Reduces rational motion
Number of Vents
  • 19
Integrated Aero Mash Facility
  • Yes
Purpose of use
  • Cycling, or other sports
  • 256 to 268 grams (based on size)
Type of Impact Liner
  • EPS
Gender of User
  • Unisex
Available Size
  • Small (51 to 55 cm)
  • Large (59 to 63 cm)
  • 7 colors available
  • $109.95 to $250.00
  • Docking ports for eyewear

Features Analysis

Hardbody: The Giro Synthe has two shells making the outer layer stronger than enough. The lower layer is covered with a mold-polycarbonate shell which amplifies both the vents and the ribs area.

As well as that forms an artificial frame or more like exoskeleton to secure the head. This case is not only lighter but also stable. It is different from other editions because of its prominent design. The safety standard comparing with other helmets is beyond praiseworthy!

Air Fit System:  The manufacturers focus on their maximum comfort and stability criteria by modifying its air fit system. Their patented design ‘Roc Loc’ has been adjoined here for serving a better airflow capacity. Additionally, the vents and other channels are nicely sorted so that it can spontaneously exhaust the heat out.

The integrated aero mash provides more control on airflows and increases further cooling capacity. Lastly, the overall customization of this helmet enables any users to put on instantly.Impact liner: Giro Synthe has expanded polystyrene liners which absorb the sudden hard pressure. This multi-directional system reinforces the helmet capacity to secure the head from rational forces. It reduces the strength of rational forces to alleviate serious brain injury.

Wind Tunnel Ventilation: The Giro Synthe circulates fresh and cool air with its 19 vents of the wind tunnel as well as its active inner channels. Subsequently, it protects your head from excessive heat through gradual air streaming.

Glass Docking Ports: The helmet holds a separate section to stash your eyewear. So that you put your glass there when you don’t need to use it.


  • High adjustability
  • Durability
  • Well ventilated
  • Aerodynamic


  • Expensive


Giro has launched multiple editions for riders including Giro Synthe, Agilis, Aether, Foray MIPS, etc. Considering all of these helmets, I prefer to write Giro Synthe Review for its exceptional features and comfort.

Though the price range is a little bit high, your money won’t go in vain. You can try this on your regular ride or even on a racing day. The availability of different sized helmet and its Y buckles give comfortable wearing. Among them, small and large sizes are widely used by the riders.


1. Can I use it for mountain biking or regular riding?

Certainly, this helmet is readily usable for any type of ride. This edition is the usual feature for MTB riders. Its ventilation process works satisfyingly in a higher speed too.

2. Does it cover the MIPS feature like other editions?

This edition doesn’t include MIPS. You may find it by searching on their website as Synthe MIPS. But recently, you will get this edition with MIPS from some specific sellers (e.g. Amazon).

3. Does it have any glass holder?

This feature has a docking port in its front layer to hold your eyewear.

4. Is it the edition of 2020?

No, it’s not. Its last modification year was in 2018. But it still upholds the premium position among other features.

5. Does it have a color variance?

This life savior version has seven colors with a combination such as matte black/ green, matte white/ lime/ orange, white/ highlight yellow, matte white/ vermillion, matte white/ silver, red/ matte black, and mattered.

Maintenance Tips

When you see one, it becomes a priority of your favorite list. In this review, you learn how to extend your helmet lifeline. As it is an expensive helmet, you must follow some maintenance tips for long time subsistence. They are as follows:

  • Clean after every trial with light softening liquid so that the fibers don’t get old, or smelly.
  • Dry up after each time washing and detain it.
  • Use cover if you want to have a new look all the time.

Why Griho Synthe?

This premium version of the Giro brand represents itself as the helmet for a special day. Moreover, this is a killer version that provides better ventilation facility, maximum head protection, excellent comfort, and mold-polycarbonate shell serves great protection to the riders. While you read the entire article, you will acknowledge that: ‘the overall performance is guaranteed which makes you pleased for spending money in the right place!’