Bike Helmet Mirrors Review – Looking Back While Cycling


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Mirror not only helps you to see your faces but also helps to see others. Such an example is a helmet mirror that helps you to watch your back! Helmet mirror is a popular accessory as many bikers love to put it for extra safety. It provides you a wide reflection of your back and is easily portable.

Here, I review some facts of this feature including material constructions, durability, and performance that may appreciate you to try this once at least! The inventor of helmet mirror, Brett Flemming has designed the idea and kept modifying it with loc-line® hose, large mirror, and mounting system. Nowadays, you find it as a great quality helmet mirror with super personalized support.

Details of EVL Helmet Mirror

The EVL (Efficient Velo Tools) Safe Zone Bike Helmet Mirror Review is about a mirror 2/2.5’ inches (in diameter) with a 4.5-inch arm. It gives you an exceptional rearview and provides no neck craning. It comes up with a five-years-no-fault guarantee, stable mirror sleek, and injection-molded materials.

Moreover, its’ flexible socket arm helps you to re-fix its position according to your will. You also get the shortening feature by snapping it together or apart as well as it is easily removable from the helmet.

Top Specification

  • EVT
Mirror Length
  • 2 inch in diameter
Fit System
  • Flexible & mounting system
Safety Tech
  • Adds backside view
  • Reduces head movement during cycling
Radio Control Suitability
  • Yes (Cycling)
Purpose of use
  • Backside view
Other Adjustments
  • Loc-line® hose
Gender of User
  • Unisex
Outer Material
  • Plastic
  • Black
  • $40
  • 5 years (no-fault)

Features Analysis

Hard-body: EVT Helmet Mirror comes up with ¼’ mirror or diameter of 2 inch which provides a safer view of behind the cycle. The overall construction is very sturdy, but not vibrate. All the parts are made in the USA including design and assembly facts. It has easy installation help with a versatile zip tie system.

Furthermore, it carries EVT hallmark also. A linked arm is adjustable as well as stable. The product has 5 years no-fault guarantee that refers to certain durability.

Fit System: The main features of the helmet mirror are the arm length and mirror size. If it is correctly installed, the user can experience a greater view behind his cycle. You can attach the base with zip ties via vent holes easily and this is also removable. Without vents, helmets require little epoxy but the removal becomes a little hard in this case.

The other bases are quickly moveable between helmets. The linkage can be auto separated if it is dropped by any chance. Along with, the mirror adjustment should be a slight turn on left headed for having a clear view.


  • Highly Flexible
  • Durability
  • Affordable


  • Adjustment error (common)


Mirrors for the cyclists is now a widely recommended tool for safety and relaxed ride. Out of several helmet mirror brands, I note down the review on EVT Safety Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror because of its stylish, and unique design.

The pricing is okay which means your money goes in the right hand. It gives comfort to your daily ride through a clear back view of your cycle shoes. Black is considered as the standard color format for this EVT mirror helmet.

Top 5 FAQs

1. Is it compatible with any type of helmets?

Certainly, this feature is solid and usable for any type of helmet. Because it is the curved shape and also adjustable to any helmet. If your helmet doesn’t have vents, you ask for the base (with mounting tape) before buying. And there is no extra charge for it!

2. Is it a glass or metal mirror?

No, it’s neither a glass mirror nor a metal mirror. The mirror is covered with plastic coating. Into the plastic, reflective material is applied which is also lightweight. The mirror has zero distortion.

3. Is it stable?

Yes, it is stable enough and also rock-solid that it will not flop at the time of over bumps or in the wind. But the linkage can lose or flop if there is any heavy bump that causes a drop in your helmet.

4. What materials are used?

The plastic layer is made of molded polycarbonate and the mirror is made of acrylic. All the parts can be delivered within 30 minutes from EVT headquarters.

5. Does it work really?

Certainly, Yes! You can easily see the traffic behind your cycle without turning your head back to check. Many claim that it doesn’t work properly. For them, re-fix your mirror and its string position.

Maintenance Tips

Helmet mirror is used to be popular among professional cyclists, but nowadays normal people also try this. From this review, you will know the maintenance tricks of your helmet mirror. They are:

  • Clean after every 2/3 trials with softening liquid to get new fibers vibe.
  • Dry out after each wash.
  • Cover it when you left it.

Helmet Mirror for Bikers

To sum up, avoiding any kind of road accident, this type of mirror helps a lot to the cyclists. EVT helmet mirror gives you a straight as well as rearview. It also saves you from being blinded by the headlights at night.

Importantly, you should know that EVT manufacturers predominated tools providers in the bicycle market. Securing their main aim of providing bicycle tools (adjustable) and ensuring coolant hose also, helmet mirrors for cyclists add a value of a different dimension in their book of innovation.