Best Bike Helmet Under 100


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A bike helmet is a mandatory gear for your daily commuting, cycling, and mounting. But a large number of road cyclists can’t afford the higher price. So, we have figure out some best bike helmet under 100 for all road cyclists.

The best road bikes are very adjustable, comfortable, and light in weight. As it is designed with streamlined aerodynamic technology, the streamlined design can make the helmet stunning.

If you are looking for the cheapest bike helmet, then you are in the exact place. Here we will review the top 8 cheapest bike helmets. Also, you will get an extensive buying guide on the best bike helmet.

Our Top Pick

The Best Budget Road Bike Helmets Under $100 reviews

As the market is flooded with a huge branded and non-branded bike helmet, so it isn’t easy to choose the best bike helmet. We have done a comprehensive analysis on the helmets below the under 100. From the crowd of the helmet, we have chosen eight as the best helmet. So, if you have not enough time, you can read out this guide in a nutshell.

Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet

Schwinn thrasher is a top-rated and unisex bike helmet for adults. It has come from the American iconic brand Schwinn. Founded in 1895, the brand has been providing the best cycling products. Anyway, Schwinn thrasher is designed with a micro shell. It is why it is super lightweight. Especially, the full coverage shell ensures the best head protection.

After then, the Schwinn helmet has twenty larger air vents to provide airflow through the head. And it will be more enjoyable in the hot summer season or sunny days. Besides, having a 360° dial fit knob and wide range paddling ensures an accurate fit.

The Schwinn thrasher dimension is 6.25 x 8.25 x 15 inches. Then the weight is 13.62 Ounces. This helmet size is available from 50 to 61cm. Also, there have 22 color options for you.

Verdict: We recommend this superior bike helmet for road cycling in the hot summer season.

Top Features

  • Microshell design with moisture-wicking pads keeps cool the rider’s head.
  • The dial fit strip included in the backside provides 360-degree adjustability.
  • The full shell coverage style works for highly head protection.
  • Up to 20 air vents control the right ventilation inside the helmet.


  • A large number of vents
  • 360-degree adjustability for accurate fit
  • Several color choosing option
  • Available size for child and adult
  • It is a unisex helmet


  • Some customers complain about not to fit with the noggin.

Retrospec CM-1 Multi-Sport Helmet

Retrospec is a worthy bike for use in multiple sports. Hence, it is designed with a completely different style from the traditional helmet. And retrospect has some individual features as well as the regular helmet features. But the price range is meager that everybody can afford. We choose to enlist it in our list because of its unique benefits, top ratings, and low piece.

In performance, retrospect is ideal because there have eight air vents. These vents help to entire the air inside the helmet to keep the head cool. Besides, you will get two interchangeable pads so that you can accurately fit with the helmet.

Its surface structure is made of good quality ABS. And inside, there are EPS foam that will protect your head from several riding impacts. Its size is 51-55 cm in smaller. However, you will get a medium and larger sizes helmet. Do note that retrospect comes with color verities. Likewise, weight is light. Keep in mind; it is an adult unisex helmet.

Verdict: We recommend this helmet for those who want to get a helmet for recreation. This helmet is also best for maximum air vents.

Top Features

  • A recreational cycling helmet made from in-mold construction
  • Comfortable EPS inside material will secure the head from road shake.
  • Up to 22 air vents ensure proper air ventilation inside the helmet.
  • The multi-directional impact protection technology ensures rider safety.


  • Multisports bike helmet
  • Available verities of color
  • ABS surround and EPS foam construction


  • This helmet is not suitable for a child under 14

Giro Register MIPS Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet

If you think of buying a helmet for a weekend ride or recreational trip, then a Giro helmet would be best. It is made to think about the cycle rider’s comfort. MIPS technology is used in this helmet to provide multi-directional safety.

The strongest mold construction is used to surround it, which can save your head from severe hurts. If you ask about the ventilation system, we would say the Giro register is a topper with its 22 vents hole. All of these vents keep the rider’s head by providing proper airflow.

Inside material is made of synthetic fiber to ensure rider’s head comfort with high shock prevention. The dimension is 14 x 10 x 8 inches, and the weight is 1 pound. Besides, it is available in six different colors. You will get the available size from 54-61 inches.

Verdict: We recommend this helmet for those who want to get a helmet for recreation. This helmet is also best for maximum air vents.

Top Features

  • A recreational cycling helmet made from in-mold construction
  • Comfortable EPS inside material will secure the head from road shake.
  • Up to 22 air vents ensure proper air ventilation inside the helmet.
  • The multi-directional impact protection technology ensures rider safety.


  • A large number of vents
  • Comfortable inner and hard surrounding
  • Lightweight helmet


  • A few customers have faces problem to fit with this helmet.

Triple Eight the Certified Sweatsaver Helmet

Are you facing the problem of sweat fall when riding? Triple Eight is a certified helmet for sweat prevention. It can perform excellently in skateboarding and BMX riding. This model is made as a unisex helmet and available for kids, children, and adults.

It consists of a high-end three material. There have impact-absorbing EPS foam, dual-density foam, and sweat saver fabrics. Then it comes with two individual terrycloth sweat saver liners set. These liners are removable and washable.

Besides, you will get customize fit, adjustable helmet straps. Available sizes are (51-54) cm, (53-57) cm and (61-63) cm. At the same time, it has multiple color varieties.

Verdict: We highly recommend this product for regular riders and sportspersons who have a sweat problem because it can efficiently reduce the sweat falling problem.

Top Features

  • Three layers of inner construction with EPS, dual-density foam, and sweat saver foam
  • Available size for kids, teenager, and adult with up to thirteen color
  • It can perform best in respective skateboarding, BMX riding, and commuting.


  • Great sweat saver quality
  • Highly impact resistant
  • Available huge color and size
  • Minimum price


  • There has some complaint about the low-quality plastic outside.

Basecamp Specialized Bike Helmet

If you are looking for a specialized helmet for mountain bike riding, let’s introduce it with base camp helmet.

This helmet is designed to ensure the highest safety of the Mountain riders. However, its role in a road bike is also good. It has come with verities of features, including a LED safety light.

High-density PVC is used to make the outer structure, and soft EPS foam is used for the inside surround. The helmet structure is designed with an integrated Molding technology. This technology can prevent the impact force not to being hurt during the crash.

Besides, basecamp helmet uniquely comes with a nice tail LED light. This light has three modes of steady, slow flashing, and fast flashing. There has an additional battery with this Dimond shape LED light. So, you will stay secure from the behind riders.

Basecamp dimension is 10.2 x 7.9 x 5.5 inches, and weight are 9.2 ounces. It also has 22 air vents with a removable lining and insect net, which is comfortable. The available size is 57cm-63cm. And the available color is up to seven.

Verdict: We recommend this specialized bike helmet for the highest safety in road and mountain bikes.

Top Features

  • A specialized helmet performing best in mountain and road riding
  • Excellent LED backlight with three different light modes ensures safety from the accident.
  • A stylish and removable visor system protects the user’s eyes from sun glare when riding.


  • Proper air ventilation with 22 vents
  • Easy washable inner materials
  • Included a portable carry bag


  • It is not suitable for the rider’s head above 63 cm.

JBM Adult Cycling Bike Helmet

JBM is another best bike helmet under 50. It is designed as a unisex helmet to ensure men’s and women’s rider comfort. JBM is a cps certified helmet lightweight.

One of the best features of the JBM adult helmet is adjustable to suit different size heads. Similarly, it comes with a significant impact on resistant power. There has a durable PVC and PC material to make its structure. Also, the EPS foam provides head comfort from the inside.

The aerodynamic design and proper air vents allow the air to go through the helmet. As a result, the speed will increase and let you stay cool. JBM is very lightweight and available in five more colors.

Verdict: We recommend this helmet for all road cyclists and mountain bikers who have a very tight budget to buy a bike helmet.

Top Features

  • A stylish bike helmet with aerodynamic design
  • High-end outer structure and inner material provide the best comfort.
  • It is adjustable with different sizes of the adult head.


  • Extremely affordable and lightweight
  • Stylish to look with aerodynamic design
  • Adjustable for both men and women


  • It is designed only for unisex adult riders.

Retrospec CM-3 Bike Helmet

Retrospec CM-3 is another top-rated helmet for athletes and motorcycles, and it’s slightly like a lazer blade helmet. The main attraction is the adjustable dial, much amount of vents, and adjustable dial. Besides, it gained popularity for unisex models and lightweight.

There has an adjustable dial ergo knob with the built-in LED flashing light.

So, the driver or rider behind you will get an idea of your location. It saves you from a severe accident from behind. When it comes to the air vents, then Retrospec is forward, then another helmet.

Accurate to our Retrospec CM3 that it is designed with aerodynamic technology. The aerodynamic make this helmet lighter to reduce the weight. Then, you can choose a color from the six options. Retrospec CM-3 has come with a maximum of 24 air vents.

Verdict: This helmet is recommended for motorcycle riders. However, it also will be suitable for commuting.

Top Features

  • An adjustable dial system is suitable to tighten and loosen the helmet strap.
  • It provides more comfort during the summer with 24 ventilators.
  • The aerodynamic design makes it lightweight and user friendly.


  • 24 air vents for quick cooling
  • Built-in LED flashing light


  • There has no available size except one.

Smith Optics Convoy MIPS Adult MTB Cycling Helmet

Smith Optics is the best mountain bike helmet under 100. And this helmet is perfect in both style and features. Good to know that smith optics is designed for all age riders with five eye-catchy color options. Anyone can get an exceptional riding experience with this helmet because both technologies have smiths vapor fit and MIPS.

The polycarbonate shell material is truly durable to challenge crashes. And its internal surround is made from soft EPS foam. So, shock-absorbing power is good. The most significant factor that the smith helmet has advanced MIPS technology. It can save the brand from multiple directions.

The dimension is 13 x 9.75 x 8 inches, and weight are 10.58 ounce. Available sizes are small, large, and extra-large.


It is a worthy choice for MTB bike riding. If you have a little bit heavier budget, then it is good to go with it.


  • Polycarbonate outer shell ensures rider safety at high risk.
  • EPS foam inside can absorb shock and provide comfort to the head
  • The multi-directional security system is good brane safety.


  • Available for both child and adult
  • Nice and stylish look
  • MIPS technology for brain safety


  • The price is comparatively more than another helmet in our list.

How to Choose the Best Road Bike Under $100

Different types of BK helmets are available depending on the function, style and quality. Every helmet comes with its features. However, some generally remain the same for all helmets. If you don’t consider these you would cheat after buying the best helmet under 100.


The primary role of a helmet is to protect your head. So, you would pay attention to the safety factors. Then consider the outlook and style. In this case, I would say to check the shell material of the helmet. For your good, let me tell you that the polycarbonate shell is suitable for crash prevention. At the same time, make sure about the inner material. The EPS is a very soft and shock-absorbing material for a helmet. So, try to choose one with EPS inner foam.

Fitting comfort:

Many riders are using a slightly tight or loose helmet with their head. But it is not suitable for rider safety. So, check the adjustability when buying a bike helmet. Because you won’t get the best security with a, loosen or tightened.

Straps and ventilation:

Straps are the mandatory parts for a helmet bike. This strap is used to adjust the helmet correctly. Also know, that straps are generally remained under the chin and behind the ear. In this case, a rider would choose a comfortable material’s straps because they may have a ride for a long time with these straps.

Likewise, the number of air vents is significant for a bike helmet. If there are more air vents, the airflow is better. Air vents also work pass out the helmet inside air. You will get several helmets with 20, 22, and 24 air vents.

Inner padding:

Choose such inner padding, which is best for sweat prevention. As well as keep in mind the moisture-wicking factors. Inner padding with MIPS is best because the multi-directional system works for your brain protection.


Weight has a significant impact on riding when you are choosing a bike helmet. The lightweight helmet is preferable. However, some heavier and good quality helmets are also found in the market. However, you would better to go with a light helmet.

Retention System:

It is an innovative feature of a bike helmet. Mainly retention system will allow you to tighten and loosen the helmet with a dial button. So, you can use the helmet for a long time even after changing your head size.

Best Road Bike Helmet Recommendations

Each of the helmets above is best from a different perspective. However, if you have not enough time to analyze, we can recommend the best helmet bike that is overall best. The Giro Register is a good helmet with MIPS technology. Wonderfully, it has 22 vents for proper ventilation. And the price is within your range. So, you can check out the Giro register bike from here.


1. What Labels Should You Look for on Road Bike Helmets?

You should look at the CPSC certification level. A good helmet is coming with a CPSC sticker after 1999. Otherwise, you won’t get a good quality helmet for a road bike.

2. What Should You Consider When Choosing a Road Bike Helmet?

Although there have many considerations, here is the top consideration:

1. Look at the perfect fit.

2. Match a helmet as per your riding style.

3. Check out the features and functions.

3. What Are the Best Bike Helmets under 100 for 2020?

  • Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet
  • Retrospec CM-1 Multi-Sport Helmet
  • Giro Register MIPS Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet
  • Triple Eight the Certified Sweatsaver Helmet
  • Basecamp Specialized Bike Helmet
  • JBM Adult Cycling Bike Helmet
  • Retrospec CM-3 Bike Helmet
  • Smith Optics Convoy Helmet

Final Word:

Hopefully, you are able now to get the best bike helmet under 100. We have listed out the top-notch’s helmets, and we mentioned the uniqueness of each helmet. If you are too busy and can’t check out our whole guide, we suggest checking out our top pick section above.

Moreover, we recommend reading the buying guide carefully. It will help you to choose the product more accurately. If you feel it benefits from reading this guide, then share this with others.