Best Single Speed Conversion Kit


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Looking for the best single speed conversion kit on your storage into a set of equipment and do not know in which to start? Seem no more. The Fyxation Fixed Gear or single Conversion Kit is a multi-functional answer to transform your vintage 10 velocities into set equipment!

This package consists of the entirety you may want to transform your motorcycle into a piece of a set of equipment. This package consists of 40mm wide, the front and rear disk included), the backside bracket, the Fyxation fusion crankset, and the chain. This package is straightforward to install and is an excellent manner to carry that vintage avenue motor motorcycle again to life.

 5 Best Single Speed Conversion Kit Review

Many people get lost and get frustrated because they do not get the product as per the demand. But we have checked the best 5 from 87 companies. You can use these without any doubt. Here are the five top-notch single speed conversion kit reviews.

CyclingDeal Conversion Kit Fixie Bike Single Speed

CyclingDeal Conversion Kit comes with a complete package of a sprocket and high-quality spacers. The spacers and cogs fit the hub quite easily. More importantly, CyclingDeal designs and produces premium quality accessories for bikes. Also, cyclingDeal is well-known for providing installation videos of every accessory. It’s among the largest single speed freewheel.

Features at a Glance

  • Competent with all shimano and sram 7-10 speed cassette type hub body.
  • Suitable for mountain and road bikes.
  • Compatible with different chains and various sprocket teeth selection.
  • It includes a sprocket, single-speed spacers, and lockring.
  • Different range of spacers size allows getting an exquisite chain line.
  • 1/2″ x 3/32″ to 1/2″ x 11/128″ is the range of suitable chain width.
  • Comes up with a spacer, hub ring nut, sprocket made of Cro-mo steel.


  • Worked flawlessly
  • Easy to install
  • Low price
  • Lots of spacers


  • Cog wouldn’t fit on the freehub

Verdict: This conversion kit’s installation is simple, and you can buy it at a cheap rate. Moreover, the smooth rides, clean results, and the cog’s sturdiness are worth the choice.

Cervus Bike Single Speed Fixie Cassette Conversion Kit Compatible 16T

The Cervus brand made the single-speed fixie bike conversion kit is an excellent pick for you. This is because this product has the CR-Mo steel made sprocket that requires for your single speed chains. Mainly, this conversion kit has six colors, and these are- black, blue, red, gold, green, and silver.

The Cervus bike single speed fixie cassette conversion kit comes with high-quality materials made of alloy hub rings and spacers. For SRAM and Shimano hubs, you can easily use these.

Considering the price of this choice, that quality is impressive, and you can use this for any MTB. You can try it yourself without much experience of such installation as the element is effortless to fit. Another excellent point for choosing this kit is that the chains hold up well with the elongated splines.


  • CR-Mo steel sprocket
  • Having 16T teeth
  • Compatible with SRAM and Shimano hubs
  • Compatible with 1/2″ × 1/8″ and 1/2″ × 3/32″ width single-speed chains
  • Splines are elongated
  • Alloy hub ring and with 2X10mm, 1X5mm, 4X3mm Spacers.


  • Single-speed cog
  • Works without any slipping
  • Vivid colors
  • Lots of spacers


  • Only used for Shimano core

Verdict: The Cervus conversion kit is an excellent pick for single speed MTB with some bulkiness and threading issues. Other than that, everything looks pretty with various colors and decent manufacture. So, you should try this Cervus bike conversion kit considering the mentioned reasons.

Spank Spoon Hub Single Speed Conversion Kit Cycling Equipment, Silver & Black

This spoon hub single speed conversion kit’s brand is Spank. Its dimension is 1.02″ × 3.46″ × 5.94″ (L×W×H), and weight is 2.79 ounces.

With the spoon hub single speed conversion kit, you can transform the spank rear hub to a single speed formation. Spank brand has a wide range of wheel service parts and hub adapters. It has a sprocket with 13 teeth.

The spank specially designs the kit for the spoon hub. But it also uses on 9 to 11-speed freehub of Shimano style. The sprocket can also handle a 1/8” size chain and works best with a 3/32” chain.


  • Modify single rear hubs and convert them into single rear hubs.
  • The main parts are steel.
  • 13T cog
  • Highly recommended for dirt jump and slopestyle bikes.


  • Good and sturdy
  • Great spacers
  • Easy to install


  • Too tiny width

Verdict: It is specially designs the kit for the spoon hub. It has a sprocket with 13 teeth.

A 2 Z conversion kit

The A 2 Z conversion kit is known for very fast installation. People with no experience can install this guy—no need to try too hard for installation. The 2Z kit is one of the best choices for a strong build. They try a lot for the rear freehub.

The A 2 Z is a great speed conversion kit. It helps to jump free eyes when needed. This is an automatic choice in speed testing. You will enjoy a quick ride using the kit. Whatever, keep in mind that you must take responsibility for using A 2 Z. Sometimes, the paddle will be extra stiff and consume your energy. Ultimately one of the great low-cost and low-budget products is the A 2 Z conversion worm.


  • An Easy becoming option.
  • From freehub to single activity conversion.
  • Lengthy and spacer ring involved.
  • The 16 and 18 Gear sprockets.
  • The Dimensions are 4.72 x 3.62 x 1.06 inches with 4.59 Ounces easy weight


  • Easy installment
  • Much effort into the rear freehub
  • Quick ride


  • Sometimes the paddle is extra stiff.

Verdict: The A 2 Z single conversation speed kit is an automatic choice in speed testing. It tries a lot to get rear freehub.

Gusset Double six-speed kit

The gusset double six-speed kit is one of the premium levels. Its spine base is 7 mm wide, and power transfer will not score with Shimano hg.

Even Aye ensures Freehub’s safety. The kits are drawed in such a way that it can provide extended lateral support. The resulting tapper supports the sprocket below the spacers, and the sprockets are 3/32 “narrow and 1/6” wide. This is how 9-speed chains are designing. As a result of this design, the chains can work successfully. It is advisable to install new chains before using the insect. Older chains may not be fresh or well-adjusted. Many brands produce such products. Body black color anodized spacer gusset made of aluminum is great. These spacers have many functional uses. Since there is no button for them, they can fit directly. The great chromo steel body makes the gusset even stronger. They have about 12 usable teeth.


  • Only 3 x 3 x 6 inches product dimensions with 3.7 Ounces lightweight weight
  • Reasonable quality machine
  • Aluminum black gusset spacers


  • 12 usable teeth
  • 3/32 “narrow and 1/6” wide sprocket


  • Freehub is not protective

Verdict: The kits are designing in such a way that it can provide extended lateral support. 9-speed chains can work successfully.

Best single speed conversion kit buying guide in 2021

Are you looking for the best single speed conversion kit? Then you are in the right place. You can know the ultimate buying guide of the single speed conversion kit.

It is a little bit difficult to buy the exact product you’re searching for. Let’s talk about the common factors you can apply when buying the conversion kit or single speed spacer kit.

The brand

When you want to buy a single speed spacer kit, you must pay attention to the manufacturer. Your first choice should be that brand that achieves a good reputation to create kits in the bike industry. Mostly, they produce the right ingredients to make kits that will be better quality and easy to use.


Be sure to check your bike’s compatibility with the kit whether that specific kit fits your existing bike specs well to convert it into a single-speed. Hence, in this fact, you need to pay more attention. Buying something inconsistent will undoubtedly be a cause for regret. So, take enough time when buying and make sure that the product is compatible with your bike.


Indeed, a conversion kit ingredient requires made with durable material. These can able to fit. These can able to fit your bike. And if anything is missing during construction, then the single speed kit will not last for a long time. So, peek over the material that is using to make the kit components to ensure durability.

Facile installation

For the fitting, any conversion kit should include simple and clear instructions. Once you take the kit at your home, you will not want confuse. And you will not want to frustrate about how to use it. Since there are different models of conversion kits, the installation guide may vary. Moreover, not everyone is well experienced in using such conversion kits. Hence, it is essential to have simple instructions with it.

Reasonable price

You can buy the conversion kits at a reasonable price, which is affordable. But do some research. Research on its built-in quality, how much of the kit involves pieces, and its ease to make the price worth it for the product.


  • What is a single pace motor motorcycle appropriate for?

A single pace bicycle is plenty less complicated to the journey. It permits you to attend to taking part in the journey as opposed to transferring your gears. Mean Maintenance. Single pace motorcycles are low upkeep due to the fact there are not as many transferring elements as compared to multispeed bicycles.

  • Can you convert fixied gear to single-speed?

Just take the front brake, and you may not want to do whatever else. Take the flip-flop hub. The different single speed can fix one side effect. Simple sufficient, and you could switch among the 2 to type out which you like most.

  • Which is the best single speed conversion kit with tensioner?

There are many products on the market right now that are tensioner single speed kit. However, the most popular product on the market is the Surly single speed tensioner kit.


DMR Single Speed Converter Kit is the easiest way to change your avenue or hybrid motorbike to a single velocity installation without shopping for an entirely new wheel. The above 5 conversion kits will serve you best. Although there are about 87 brands of kits in the market, we have selected only 5 kits. Notable features behind Cates selection are dimensions, weights, and advantages. In addition to the five mentioned, we have mentioned two more conversion kits. It is vital that you know how to use them. Adopt the Top single speed conversion kits as per the necessary usage.