Best Single Speed Crankset


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Replacing a crankset with a single speed requires knowledge about the best single speed crankset. Most bikers nowadays want to eliminate the extra mechanical problems that do a multiple speed crankset. Eliminating a multiple speed crankset with a single speed crankset means you have not only changed your preference for biking, but you got rid of frequent maintenance of your drive train.

A single-speed crankset 46t is considered the heart of a bike. It offers comfortable, stress-free, and more importantly, these 46t cranksets are suitable for any biking, such as maintaining road biking and short-distance commuting.  Typically, a good crankset comes up with bottom brackets for ensuring maximum performance. Furthermore, some other facts like gearing range, torque wrench, and gain ratio help us find the best ones for you. Let’s get going.

Top 5 Single Speed Crankset

As I already told, there are many facts behind making the best single front chainrings. You won’t need to give an extra bit of attention to their photos. Just go through the review I am giving here, which is entirely based on reviewing these crankset’s users. You’ll get an informant description along with their advantages and limitations. So no more waiting. Let’s see what the top 5 single speed bicycle Crankset are. 

Retrospec Fixed-Gear Crank Single-Speed Road Bicycle

Do you Want to make your bike as light as possible with single speed crankset? Retrospec crankset is a good choice for those who want to make a slick gear bike. Besides this fixed-gear crankset is suitable for the road bike, mountain bike, BMX, any types of single speed bike.


  • Color – white
  • Number of Teeth – 44
  • Crank Arm Length – 170mm
  • Compatible Pedal – 9/16”
  • Weight – 2.1 pounds (approximately)


  • This sleek crankset has made with steel chainring. This crankshaft has also built up with a lightweight and burly three-piece forged crankset along with aluminum alloy ss crank arms.
  • This crankset offers multiple uses though no compromise with its strength, durability, and performance.
  • The new Retrospec’s crank arm design will give you an incursive and swift-speedy riding experience. The 170mm crank arm is completely crank arm overlap free.
  • Retrospec has lots of color options to give a fashionable look to your bicycle.
  • The standard Bolt Circle Diameter of this crankset is 133.


  • Reasonable price
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Lightweight and durable build quality.
  • Several options for different sizes.


  • Pedal threads are not good enough in this crankset.

CDHPOWER Single Speed Crankset

CDHpower joined in bicycle in industry 2012 officially. CHDpower is well-known for supplying merchandise, for instance, four-cycle bicycle engine kits, two-cycle engine kits, spare parts of engine kits, and CNC machine parts. Usually, we use to get lots of reviews from customers about CDHpower cranksets and give the best-fixed gear crankset recommendation on CDHpower.


  • Color – Black
  • Number of Teeth – 32/36
  • Crank Arm Length – 165mm
  • Compatible Pedal – 9/16”
  • Weight – 1.257 pounds (approximately)


  • This crankset is made with solid carbon steel chainring with alloy crankarms. The chainring diameter is 132 mm.
  • The durable build quality of the forged aluminum-alloy arm is not only strong but lightweight too.
  • CDHpower crankset comes up with both 32T and 36T solid carbon chainring with two pedal cranks.
  • Pedal crankarm length is 165mm, and the entire length is 200 mm. this crankset is compatible with a 9/16-inch pedal.
  • If you want a single-speed crankset square taperkind, try this crankset as it will fit most big box store bikes, and it includes a 2-inch bottom bracket that is structured for 26-inch and normal bikes.
  • The CHDpower 32T/36T crankset is suitable for converting 10X Raleigh grand Prix into a single-speed bike.
  • The product has come with the entire package like crank arm, chainring with 12 months of warranty.


  • Easy to maneuver and lightweight.
  • Smooth performance.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Offers both 32T and 36T chainring.


  • The crankset isn’t properly round.
  • No protective guard.

SRAM S300 Courier Crankset

The SRAM S300 Courier Crankset is a well-known crankset for a single speed. This Crankset has a fashionable and aesthetic look, which enhances the bike look. This crankset has a good reputation for its performance.


  • Color – Black
  • Number of Teeth – 32/36/44
  • Crank Arm Length – 170mm
  • BCD -130 mm
  • Weight – 2.7 pounds (approximately)


  • The S300 crankset uses 6061 alloy material to build it, which is considered lightweight and long-lasting.
  • It doesn’t use excessive grease. Only the threads area comes up with some grease. It also offers washers that suitable for the crankarms.
  • Extreme resistance to wear and tear. You won’t feel any looseness after years of use.
  • Bottom Bracket has made from GXP models advantage from the Gutter Seal Technology. No bristly edges on the bottom bracket and pedals thread.
  • It has three different sizes, and the laser etching will remain clean unless there is any significant wear.
  • This is equipped with TSM power Glide chainrings.


  • Well-structured product.
  • Great value for money
  • Increase speed
  • Dependable and durable


  • A little bit on the heavier side.

Single Speed Crankset 48T 170mm Crankarms 130 BCD Litepro Folding Bike Crankset

This crankset is wholly built with premium quality materials, and the performance of this crankset is commendable. It is much lighter than other cranksets and easily fit able.


  • Color – Black
  • Number of Teeth – 48
  • Crank Arm Length – 170mm
  • Chain Size – 1/2” x 1/8”
  • Compatible Pedal – 9/16”
  • BCD – 130mm
  • BB – N/A
  • Weight – 665g (approximately)


  • This crankset is quite excellent for years of town riding and daily commuting.
  • It is aluminum alloy 7075-T6 made and fits on single speed bikes, track road bikes, fixed gear bikes, etc.
  • It fits most of the bike quite easily except the fat bike.
  • Suitable for square taper bottom bracket and will fit any 103 BB.
  • It comes up with 48 teeth and 170 mm crankarm length.
  • In Single Speed Crankset Litepro, you’ll get both crankarm and drive side.
  • No overlapping between crankarm and chainring bolt.
  • It needs a 68 mm shell width bottom bracket, and spindle length is up to the bike you are using.


  • Sper easy installation process.
  • Mind-blowing appearance
  • No difference between the mentioned size and the actual size.
  • To-notch builds quality.


  • Not build for ½” chains.

Vuelta Pista Track Crankset

Vuelta Pista Track Crankset won’t disappoint you regarding different single speed crankset sizeand colors. It has three different shades of black, silver, and white to offer. Vuelta accessories have an excellent reputation for providing products of smooth performance and high-quality.


  • Color – Black, silver, white
  • Number of Teeth – 46
  • Chain Size – 3/32”
  • Compatible Pedal – 9/16”
  • BCD – 144mm
  • Weight – 1.95 pounds (approximately)


  • The Vuelta Pista Crankset works on a 108mm BB spindle. Also, it needs BCD, which means you will be able to use it on track.
  • It is not that effective and strong like origin8 single speed crankset, but it is good enough in this price range.
  • It is a square-taper crankset. So, no need for any intricate tools but a square tapered bottom bracket.
  • I work perfectly on a 7-speed bike, and the crank arm gets adjusted tight. No mechanical problem in build quality.


  • Easy assembling.
  • Build for providing high-speed and high performance.
  • It can tolerate wear and tear.
  • Magnificently polished our surface.


  • Threads of crank bolts are corrosive.

How to Detach and Reattach the Crankset

Let’s start with how you can detach the crankset. It’s simple, like other separating processes. First, start with loosening the bolts to unscrew them. There you’ll find another bolt that goes through the crank-puller. So, please remove it. After removing all the bolts, you’ll get it easy to remove the crankset comfortably. So, don’t miss any screws to remove. 

Now take a clean piece of fabric and wipe the entire area where you are going to install the new crankset. Now place the crankset on the position and screw them up. And carefully put the bolts on the position and don’t try to over-tight the bolts as they may damage the bottom bracket bearings.

What to Look at Before Purchasing Single Speed Crankset

Before buying a fixed gear crankset, there are few things you should count first. Not necessarily the crankset we suggested here. All will fit into your bike. So, if you need to buy other cranksets, ensure that the crankset is perfect not only from strength and durability but also from performance.

Crank Arm Length

You have already known the crankset comes up with a crank arm. But different crankset has various crank arm length. This length has a direct effect on-


A more extended crank arm offers high speed and if the crankset has multiple speed options. But sometimes longer crank arm causes pedal on fixie gears. If you use a short crankarm, there won’t be any strike problem. Also, a short crank arm offers faster cadence. The revolving area comes down to a short circle for the short crank arm, eliminating potential knee pain. But short crank arm has a limitation. They can’t provide much power like a long crank arm.

Achy Knees

Already told you about the disadvantage of a long crank arm. They need an extra bit of pressure, which ultimately causes achy knees. Therefore, if you think a long crank arm won’t be a problem for you, then go for it. Otherwise, for fixed gear crankset, it might be a real problem.

Square Taper

Square taper is the most common and functionally sound fixies among the crankset types. Even all most all fixies use square taper crankset. It is well-known for its effortless installation process and easy maintenance.  So, if you are only thinking of the performance of the crankset, go for square taper.


Sometimes we look for the crankset, which will give us both smooth performance and a classy appearance. Now, truly integrated crank lovers may feel offended because I  have given priority about the appearance. But truth is integrated cranks are lighter and durable. People who need to make their bike lighter should go for integrated cranks. The larger external bearings make it durable.

So, you should select either a square taper or an integrated crank. Please don’t go for cartridge bottom have a small sealed bearing, and they get worn easily and make an occasional creaking sound.

Gear Ratio and Tooth Counting

No matter what single speed crankset you have, like sugino single speed crankset orshimano single speed crankset road, comparing to other cranksets, it is far easy to understand the gear ratio of the of a single crankset.

In a crankset, you’ll find teeth. On a crankset, you’ll see the number of teeth of this drivetrain. These teeth count helps us to understand the gear ratio. The higher the number of gear ratios, the long-distance the bike can travel with a single travel stroke. But it needs more pressure from your legs. Now for a lower number of teeth count, you may feel comfortable and relaxed but only for short-distance commuting. For long distances, the higher the crankset’s teeth, the better it will be for you.

Don’t try to buy separate parts of the crankset, and non-brand crankset the final buying of tips for you. Otherwise, you can get a cheap and fragile non-branded crankset that has no warranty. To avoid a worse situation, try to find the best fixie from our top 5 list.


1. How can I remove a single set crankset?First, start with loosening the bolts to unscrew them. There you’ll find another bolt that goes through the crank-puller. So, remove it. After removing all the bolts, you’ll get it easy to remove the crankset comfortably. So, don’t miss any screws to remove.

2. How to Choose the Best Fixed Gear Crankset? First, you must find out what type of crank arm you want or maybe you what type of ride you want to do with your bike. Crank arm length depends on the type of riding. If you use a short crankarm, there won’t be any strike problem. Also, a short crank arm offers faster cadence; the revolving area comes down to a short circle for the short crank arm, which helps to eliminate potential knee pain. But you won’t get enough power from a short crank arm. 

Then try to find will you prefer a square taper or integrated crank. Square is well-known for its effortless installation process and easy maintenance.  So, if you are only thinking of the performance of the crankset, go for square taper. An integrated crank is lighter than a square taper and has much durability. If you find these things in crankset in the affordable price range, that would be best for you. 

Final Thought

A cyclist always wants to equip his/her bike with quality parts and accessories. That’s we tried to represent the best single speed crankset. A single-speed crankset is always better than multiple speeds. Because the more you’ll want to ride on your bike, the more you should maintain the cycle. Cleaning and greasing the single-speed crankset is easy and fun. Hopefully, you have got a well-directed knowledge of a single-speed crankset.