Best Road Bikes Under $300 – The Complete Guide


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Road bikes have now become the demand of the era for multipurpose amenities and affordable price. Although, at one time, buying a road bike would cost a lot of dollars. But the good news is, you are getting now some best road bikes under 300. The best road bike can be the best partner in your life because you can go anywhere for short or long travel with your road bike.

For some logical reasons, this road bike will be best for you. First of all, the best design for smooth touring, the highly efficient construction materials, the superpower of speed management. Moreover, it has a stable braking system, and overall impressive performance makes it more demandable.

Today I am sharing the top ten best road bike under 300 for those who can’t afford road bikes for their tight budget. Besides, my complete road bikes review with pros and cons will help you to find out the right road bike quickly. So, stay reading next.

Top 10 Best Road Bike Under 300

Although there are a large number of road bikes are available in the market. But all are not good in function and features. As a crazy bike lover, I have researched a lot on road bikes and note out only ten best road bikes which are excellent. I am giving priorities these items according to their effectiveness, durability, popularity, highly recommendation and brand recommendation. So, let’s know about these best road bike.

Goplus Road Bike Commuter Bike

Goplus is first on my list of favourites. First of all, I want to say that it is a well-known road commuter for faster speed. The speed is of 21 shifters. Goplus is a little bit less comfortable than other hybrid bikes but lots faster. You can run it continuously more than five miles. It will help you to go and back with super faster speed. Similarly, the lightweight 700c aluminum frame, rigid fork and the quick release wheels make me attract to choose it. Also, the puncture tube changing is more comfortable in the middle path of your travelling.

Second of all, it arrives with up to 5 eye-catchy color so that you can select any one based on your personal choice. The installation and dissembled is far quicker and more comfortable. Moreover, you are getting a seat clamp which helps you to change the seat and adjust the seat height according to your needs.

Its specifications are also able to grab your mind. First of all, it comes with medium size with black, blue and red colors. Secondly, the PVC artificial leather materials for saddle and high-quality steel materials are using for the handle. After then the pedals and scope are consistently Alloy9/16″ and 700C*1.5*14G*36H. It also has the front, and rear Derailleur is respectively, TZ31 and TZ50 Shimano. Lastly, its weight-bearing capacity is 440lbs. and this own weight is 32 lbs.It is the best model for a road bike lover. I strongly recommend to consider it for enjoying the best riding.


  • It can hold and bear up to 440 lbs. weight
  • Easy installation and quick release gear
  • Up to five color option.


  • It arrives with only one size

Eurobike Road Bike EURXC550

Are you dreaming of a premium quality road bike but have not enough budget? Eurobike comes with all of the benefits of a road bike at a very affordable price. Primarily, its design is for those who are a little bit short rider. But for having the two adjustable size. Besides, the taller user also can use it. However, come to the functional features.

Eurobike arrives with steel slightly curved frame with a fork, 21 speed, athletic-top handlebar, and dual disk brake system. The dual brake will give you the emergency stopping power. Besides the stylish design and black and white color combination increase the external beauty of this bike. Hence, this fantastic with up to two sizes of the 49 cm (5’5″ ~5’7″) and 54 cm frame.

Frame fits 5’8″ ~6’1″. It is up to 85% pre-assembled bike. The weight is 31.5 lbs. And 700×28 mm tires. I have bought one of these road bikes for my son in the last year, and his smiley face makes happy after his road touring trip. I am impressed that he is enjoying a lot with this bike. So, why you won’t try this?


  • Durable construction materials ensure a long life-span
  • The less weight helps you to travel more comfortably
  • 160 mm dual disk brakes very safe for brake controlling


  • It may get rusting problem while staying in the wet weather for long days.

Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike

Vilano R2 is one of the best bikes under $500. Specially it is designed for commuting. However, it is also suitable for travelling. If you want to invest in the proper place for commuting, then Vilano would be the first option. We are grateful to its brand for a lot of benefits.

Everybody knows about the 6061 Aluminum frame construction. Vilano is most reliable for this lightweight frame. Because a lighter weight can increase your riding speed, likewise, this frame is durable too. Hence, you are getting two bottles of mounting space. It will provide the water when you get thirsty.

Now come to the speed factor. Vilano R2 offer 21 Shimano speed. And this speed is quite suitable for any commuting. You can quickly go to school, college or shopping within a short time. Moreover, a 3-speed shifter comes with this bike.

Good to know that Vilano has alloy caliper brake system. So, it doesn’t matter what the speed is. You can control the bike with this alloy brake.


  • The less weight and durable feature help you to speedy ride with less pedaling.
  • Comfortable and accessible to suits for various trip.
  • Easier to installation assemble with the manual guide.
  • The stylish and colorful design looks impressive
  • Quick-release wheels and pedals best support on the puncture problem on the way.


  • The seat is a little bit less comfortable
  • A fewer customer said about the less quality braking system.

Trinx TEMPO1.0 700C Road Bike

If you want to get the best experience with your road bike, then Trinx Tempo1.0 road bike will be a great choice. Trinx has all kinds of od super features to make your road cycling more convenient. Let’s check what the specialty of this bike is providing.

Which topic you have to notice first to the frame structure. It is unique because it is very sturdy and less in weight. The frame size is 700C*530mm/560mm sizes. Similarly, the aluminum materials will help you to drive and handle the brakes. If I were to talk about weight, what could be less then it? With a weight of just 11.2 kg, it has owned a large number of road biker heart.

It also provides you with the best shifter. It has Shimano SL-A050 shifter and instigated brake leaver. The shifter mainly works for controlling the bike. And the SL-A050 incredibly performs best. Hence, how can I leave its incredible break power? It has a WinZip Alloy Dural brakes which will help you to brakes in an emergency. Lastly, I must have to say about the double-wall rim features. Double rim ensures the highest safety against the pressure and abuses. Now come to the specification, the fork is of Trinx Hi-Ten Steel Road, and the pedal materials is Feimin Sport. Similarly, you will find Trinx 430mm Hi-Ten Steel Road handlebar. In a word, I love it so much and would like to buy another one.


  • Comes with durable construction materials but lightweight
  • Easy brake controlling, pressure and abuses handling
  • Efficient for both road bike and commuter bike


  • It has no specific disadvantages

Vilano Shadow 2.0 Road Bike

Vilano Shadow 2.0 is another best inexpensive road bike under 300. It is a perfect road bike from all over to the design, structure quality. The construction materials of Shimano 21 are 6061 lightweight double-butted aluminum. The frame comes with two sizes.

Moreover, a headset is also integrated with the frame. It has an integrated brake lever which provides the one-unit braking and shifting benefits. Extremely high-quality wheels, forks and pedals for smooth and comfortable travel is a part of it. The fork size is 700c 1 1/8″ Thread less. Besides the wheels set comes with 700c Doubled Walled CNC Machined. Moreover, it has alloy caliper steel and dual brake features.

You are getting up to three sizes and two colors of black and white. Only 25 pounds weight of this bike is perfect for all types of riding smooth hill riding. Similarly, Vilano has Shimano front. Also, it has 14 speed, and tire size is CST 700c x 25c.

Vilano is best for beginners, outdoor touring and commuting. As it is very lightweight, that’s why women are mostly like it. So, no matter what is your riding types, you can use this Vilano shadow road bike.


  • Comfortable free saddle with easy installation
  • Gear shifting is super smoother
  • High-quality construction materials
  • Good braking system


  • The tires are a little bit less sturdy

6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike

Are you looking for such and fixed-gear single-speed road bike for city cycling which breaks the bank very rarely? The 6KU aluminum is right things what you want. It is one of the most popular items of best road bike under 300 comes from the credible manufacturing 6KU in California. If you’re going to get maximum benefits within less price, then you can’t leave this model. So, let’s have a look at what this 6KU is offering you?

In this case, I want to talk about design first. It is a bike with up to 5 eye-catchy color and very sleek impressive design. You can choose your favourite color combination. Similarly, it comes with high quality controlling features and very fewer defect rates. It has several sizes and height. So, you can take your preferable height and size. Its construction material is a lightweight 6061 aluminum alloy. Hence, it has riser bars navigating through the whole city without any hassles. Also, 6KU has a built-in headset. This headset can measure 1 and 1/8 during bottom bracket will be sealed and measured at 68mm x 103mm. The chainring crank is of 3 D forged alloys which measurement is 48mm x 170mm.

Besides, this item is comfortable too. You will get more a flip-flop hub in the back of the bike which helps you to use this bike with a single or fixed cog. After then you will get both Front and Rear with replaceable braking pads. Overall, it is a great model for road bikers.

You can go with it.


  • It is available in various colors and sizes
  • Lightweight, durable construction materials and comfortable riding
  • Easy installing assembling
  • Replaceable steel dropouts and quickly removable front brakes.


  • The original colour might not be similar to the image you are watching in the picture.
  • The handlebar is a little bit narrow.

6KU Fixed Gear Road Bike

6KU fixie road bike is another praiseworthy and best item of 6KU brand. It will consistently give you reliability, quality features, warranty and comfortability at an affordable price. Which fact I have to say first about its manufacturing quality. As my elder son is using it, I found it is as a high-quality controlling and less defected bike.

Several color and size availability are the most considering factor of the best road bike. As the preference and interest are different from person to person, so it is natural, they may want various colour and size. It is available from 42 cm, 49, 52, 55 and 58 cm sizes. Now come to the smooth and comfortable riding quality. Relaxed riding is the best condition of a right road bike, which already has into the 6KU bike. The hi-tensile steel frame is providing the full-tig for smooth travel. If you would like to get high speed as well as the durable steel materials fixie then no other great choice 6KU bike, as well as the model, you will also get a double-butted 4130 Chromoly steel material frame which ensures a smoother ride. Besides, it comes with 90% pre-assembled.

Besides the flip-flop hub, riser handlebar and stylish design make it attractive to all types of user. So, you can buy it without tension for smooth, speedy and long-lasting road riding.


  • Available in various color and size according to the user preference.
  • Very light in weight with double brakes system
  • Up to 90% assembled from the company
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • High-quality visual appearance


  • The pedals are more significant than other bikes, and pedal materials are cheap

Mercier Aluminum Road Bike Galaxy SC1

If you are looking for a road bike for consistently racing and commuting, Mercier Aluminum 6061 Road Bike might be an excellent option for you. Mercier comes with the maximum features a road biker wants to get. Its full-frame is made of durable steel frame although it is a bit heavier but quite comfortable to ride anywhere.

Because of the Taper Blade Chromoly Fork and the Ergo Saddle of other sides endpoint ensures the best comfortable journey. You can install it very easily because it comes mostly assembled. Mercier is providing the semi-compacted geometry and advanced comfort radius for comfortable riding. The cabler strip included ultra Gatorskins with 28 mm tires can ride you over the 25 racing tires. Besides, it has high-quality Rear cassette and brakes. Mercier has released various size according to the rider height. It is easy to mount the bottle cage and rear rack.

All of the specifications of this road bike are excellent. Firstly, it is available into Midnight Black, Fresh White and up to 5 colors. Similarly, MicroAdjust 300mm Alloy seat-post. Overall, it’s qualities, attractive and smoky design make me interested in taking it. I request to go with this model to improve your fitness skill and riding skill.


  • Comes with double chainring crank for smoother shifting and maintenance
  • The comfortable saddle and lightweight, sturdy wheels
  • Stylish design with aluminum crankset.


  • The right adjustment of the derailleurs is a tricky task.

Max4out Road Bike for Men and Women

What if you can ride various terrain with just only one bike? Good and money-saving for you. You have not to need to buy a specific bike for a particular region. Max4out Road bike is right for perspective mountain, road, snow trails and beach. It is a high performer bike with sturdy carbon steel frame. Most importantly, this bike comes with a quick-release clamp and natural folding features. So, you can store this in the car trunk.

To say about the design, it is smoky design with a 700c wheel. The diameter of each wheel is width/diameter 1.2 “/25.2”. Riders of 5’3″-6’3″ can use it with comfort. And the total weight is 330 lbs. Besides, it comes with 85% pre-assemble.

Also, this beautiful bike arrives with the 14 speed and fork rear and wheel suspension. Moreover, this is uniquely perfect for men and women. My wife is using it for two years without hassles. So, guys, it is an excellent choice for you.


  • Perfectly fitted for the men and women’s
  • 85% pre-assemble and less installation time
  • It is great for any types of terrain.


  • It does not have disc brakes

Retrospec Harper Single-Speed Fixed Gear Bike

Although retrospect Harper is in the last of my favourite list. But no reason to think that it is less critical. Considering the qualities and features, I can’t leave it anyhow. Let’s know what Retrospec is providing you within very less price. First of all, it arrives with high tensile durable and lightweight frame. Steel structure can absorb the road bumps as well.

Similarly, you will notice its gloss paint, drawing how much excellent. As well as, it has flip flop hub feature which helps a rider to ride the bike with fixed and free-wheel. The depth of v-rims is 30 mm, and the tire size is 700 x 28C. Moreover, you are getting the KMC chain, VP freestyle pedals, and two sets of brakes for smooth riding.

Moreover, this bike has an additional room fit beefier road tire widths. Most of the riders are happy to get its extra bottle cage as well the front and rear racks. The gear ratio is perfect for riding on the small hills and roads. Its weight is 220 pounds. It appeals to the buyers is growing day after day.


  • Only 15 minutes assembling time
  • Durable steel but lightweight frame
  • Easy maintenance and installation


  • The fewer user said about the peddle arms are too long



As a conscious bike rider, I have done a lot of research on-road bike under 300. That’s why I am sharing this guide so that the rider will not be confused and buy the right bike. So, let’s have looked the most crucial specific factors.


One of the characteristics road bikes is that it will have sufficient speed, easy paddling and be resistant to different road cracks. The lighter the frame of your bike, the more benefits you will get. So, select a road bike under 300, which is enough lightweight. Similarly, choose the exact bike size perfectly suits with your height from several options. And try to select a carbon fibre material to better absorption in any rough terrain. For the best speed and momentum, you can take a full and skinny tire. As well as keep the handlebar topics in your mind. Try to choose drop or curled handlebar.

Product Function:

A lightweight and speedy Road bike are always suitable for the commuting and fitness lover. Even though a road bike design is a very smooth and clean surface, yet you may need to use it on the steep terrain. That’s why you have to figure out some width wheels bike. Road bikes can’t bear much more substantial things, but you can hope to carry some small necessary stuff with you. For instances, a front or rear rack to carry the backpack, or bottle cage to bring a water bottle. It is why it is necessary to find out trunk-mount road bike under 300 so that you can carry at least your backpack, books or laptops.

Frame selection:

Typically, a road bike has various types of frame. Before buying, you should check out the frame types according to your riding time and location. For example, the sports or recreational bike frame is for those who are love to ride up to 150 miles in a week and make at least a few trips in a year. This type of bike has more relaxed steering and upright riding. Next, come to the performance race bike. It is mainly for the regular and severe bike riders. You can take aerodynamics for increasing the speed as a daily rider. But these racing bikes maybe a little bit difficult to use and costly than other geometries. Who loves to attend several competitions, with their bike they should go to this type of bike?

Frame Materials:

Different road bikes arrive with varying qualities of materials. You might have to understand Which materials are best for your bike. Generally, three primary elements are using to make the cycle frame. First of all, I am saying about the aluminum frame. It is the most lightweight materials rather affordable than carbon fibre materials.

Moreover, it doesn’t oxidize like a steel frame. But good to know aluminum is not suitable for shock absorption. You will need a carbon fibre front fork to resist the shock. You will get this feature within under 300 dollars. So, select the right one for comfortable riding. On the other hand, steel titanium materials are more strong but lightweight if you are a heavyweight person then better to select a steel frame road bike.


Wheels are the most considering factor of a road bike. The speeds and weight-bearing capability of a motorcycle depend on the wheels. Though maximum bikes come with their motors. But it is necessary to upgrade the wheels next time. It will help you to enjoy your road biking. For riding on the harsh terrain, a full bike will provide the best speed, momentum and control the weight. Similarly, the thin tires are best for the open road bikers.


Most of the riders would like to use their preferable pedals during riding. That’s why the manufacturing company doesn’t provide brakes at various times. There are multiple types of clutches. You can consider according to your needs and preference. Platform bike pedals belong into with the road bikes which holds your feet to the pedals. The great benefits of this attached pedals that it has no barrier to remove your feet from the brakes. On the case of other pedals, it may be a risk for beginners.

Similarly, if I say about Pedal toe clips and straps has an own cage where your fingers will suit. It will give you advantages of smooth and danger free comfortable riding. Also, the 3-hole design is accessible to the maximum road bike lover. So, be careful when selecting the pedals.


The braking system is an undoubtedly crucial factor of best road bike under 300. And most of the time an excellent braking system is related to the quality of the tires. So, I recommended using high-quality tires. Which brakes are using with the road bike is discussing here? Firstly, the caliper brakes are most common and come with the dual-pivot braking system. It consisting of two arms of the central bolt.

Now let’s know about the v-brakes. It is also a popular and common braking system. Once a time v-brakes are using only for mounting touring, but recently it has become significant for commuting. These have super stopping power mounting on the bike frame.

The cantilever brakes are set up on the frame boss and connect a center cable to compare it with the leg. These are providing lightweight and medium strength stopping power.

Lastly, the disc brakes are getting much popular than before to the commuting lover. This type of disc brakes is performing best in the wet condition of the road. So, what you have to need. Think and select one of them.


  • What is road bike uses?

Road bike and racer bikes mainly come with excellent speed power as fast as you can operate your legs, as many speeders will be your road bike. Once upon a time, the road bike using for specific smooth surfaces terrain. But recently, it is also applying for various rough terrain.

  • What is a good average speed for road cycling?

In the case of short distance, the average speed is 12 mph to go 10-15 miles. Generally, it is best for beginners. Most of the cyclist can go up to 10-12 miles per hour.

Similarly, in short, medium distance average speed is 15-16 mph which refers to 20-30 miles. It is best for the medium experienced rider. Moreover, the average rate of 16-19 mph applies up to 40 miles is best for the experienced rider.

Final Words:

So, I have covered the ten best road bike under 300 for your best convenience to select the right bike. It was tricky to figure out the best things from thousands of items. Most importantly, I have shared my real experience of each of the road bike. Hopefully, you can choose the best one from the above list. I am sure anyone of my top ten list will be best for you. If you have anything more to know, then let me know.

Wish you a happy riding.

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