Best Folding Mountain Bike – Easy and Portable 2023


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Riders want to ride on the mountains countless times with their mountain bike. But the problem is to carry the bike up to the riding areas. Yes, you can use carry the bike over the roof of your vehicle.  But folding mountain bike is offering a small folded shape to move. That’s why I am going to talk about the best folding mountain bikes.

Portability is the first thing that a folding mountain bike offers first. It doesn’t matter how much you’ve cost for buying the bike, and the matter is how much the bike is. Also, it is crucial to know how quickly and easily you can make the bike ready for riding. As it is a mountain, bike mountain bike features are the must, and you have to ensure the bike you are going to buy has mostly similar to the standard mountain bikes.

Firstly, you are going to get the best folding mountain bike review here. You’ll find the advantages and disadvantages here. It is essential to know the ways of finding a suitable folding mountain bike you. I’ll tell you how you can find the suitable one for you. So, stay tuned with me.

The Best 8 Folding Mounting Bike [ Buyer’s Guide ]

First of all, as an upcoming customer, you have to know which folding mountain bikes are the best. There you’ll find common features and exceptional features between them. This will help you to understand which bike will be suitable for you.

1. Max4out Mountain Bike Folding Bikes

The Max4out Mountain Bike has a solid frame and excellently structured mountain bike frame with excellent welding technology. That’s why the bike is strong and durable enough. The Max4out is offering different types of combinations in this model. So, you can easily find out the best-looking bike in your choice. The bike has 26-inches with 6-spoke stylish rims. You’ll feel more safe, comfortable, and fast riding on the bike. For riding on the hilly terrain, the bike offers 3*7 gears total 21-speeds Shimano. You can smoothly ride on the hilly terrain with the help of smooth gearings.

You can easily fold the bike by releasing the clamp. That’s why it is a comfortable foldable bike which you can stow in the corner of your house and also you can carry it with you into your car’s trunk. The good news is, the bike is perfect for almost all kinds of roads like mountain, city, sandy beach, wasteland, etc.

The bike arrives, with 85% assembled. You need to set up pedals, handlebar, seat, wheels, and finally, pumping up the tires. The Max4out offers a double disc brake. That’s why the bike should be in your consideration.


  • You can fold it within a minute, and the folded bike has smaller shape.
  • Carbon and steel made frame makes it lighter as well as durable.
  • The bike comes with 85% assembled. You need to join a few things after shipping.


  • All of the components are not quality products.

2. Eurobike 26” Full Suspension Mountain Bike 21 Speed Folding Bicycle Men or Women MTB

The Eurobike has upgraded itself to make your ride more comfortable. That’s why they provide a frame suspension. Also, the bike has a natural foldable frame, and you can quickly fold it down to store anywhere you want. The Eurobike is for both men and women. It has 26 inches wheels with 17 inches steel foldable frame. That’s why the bike fits up to 5.3-5.9 feet.

The bike offers 26 x 1.95-inch full balk tires. Rim is made with Aluminiu alloy. For making your ride smooth and comfortable, it provides Shimano 21-speed shifters with both front derailleur (Shimano TZ 30) and rear derailleur (Shimano TZ 50). Furthermore, it offers MTB Suspension fork and seven-plus freewheel. The has a very lightweight of 40lbs but can handle up to 300 lbs.

The Eurobike 26″ Full Suspension mountain bike arrives 85% assembled after shipping. You have to install the front wheel, pedals, handlebar. Before installing the front wheel, you have to rotate the fork 180 degrees. You’ll find the pedals easily for left and right foot as they are marked. For assembling the bike, you don’t need to buy extra tools. All tools are covered in the bundle.


  • The bike has very lightweight and can bear heavier up to 300lbs.
  • It provides all assembling tools. You don’t need to spend any money on assembling tools.
  • The Aluminiu alloy made rims are more durable and help its shape for a longer time.


  • Not suitable for over six-feet people.

3.Eurobike EURG4 Mountain Bike 26 Inches 3 Spoke Wheels Dual Suspension Folding Bike 21 Speed MTB

The Eurobike EURG4 Mountain Bike is another excellent product of Eurobike. Like Other Euro foldable bike, this bike is MTB. As the bike is budget-friendly, it is one of the best cheap folding mountain bikes. The EURG4 has a carbon steel frame that is schemed to support riders up to 5.2-5.9 feet. For providing more durability and stiffness forged aluminum made stem works excellent. The 26-inch tires are attached to the lightweight rims, and both the tires have a dual suspension mechanism. Thus, the riders feel comfortable on bumps or shocks.

For stopping the bike, you don’t need to get tensed. The Dual disc brakes provide exquisite stopping ability. For tackling different kinds of terrain and rough road, Eurobike EURG4 offers 21-speed gearing system with front and rear Shimano derailleur. As a result, your journey turns joyful and more relax.

The bike looks fashionable as it allows 3-spoke rims. This 3-spoke rim offers more control over the wheel. With the bike, you’ll be given free pedals and an expedite seat. As the bike comes with 85% assembled, you have to rotate the fork 180 degrees, ensuring the front and rear brake at the left side of the bike for attaching the front wheel. Before installing the bike, please, you should read the instruction carefully.


  • The carbon steel frame and aluminum made stem make the bike durable and robust.
  • It has a dual suspension mechanism. It saves the rider from impingement.
  • The bike has a lightweight and comes in small size after folding. That’s why it has high portability.


  • Not suitable for over six feet people.
  • The pedals do not fold up to a smaller size.

5. Stowabike 26″ MTB V2 Folding Dual Suspension 18 Speed Gears Mountain Bike

Are you looking for the best brand for a folding mountain bike? Then Stowabike MTB V2 Folding Mountain Bike is for you. The bike also has a low price but offers high-quality parts. The bike has a stainless-steel structure altogether. Besides, the bike is offering dual suspension, which offers sleek transitions within the debris, bumps, and rough terrain. The steel made frame gives you confidence during riding as the bike has sturdiness and reliability.

Moreover, Stowabike has 18 different speeds. Thus, you can change gear quickly where the terrain feels uncomfortable during riding. The 26-inch Wanda tires will make the off-road trips facile. The Stowabike has a weight of 38.5 pounds, and it can handle up to 177 pounds.

For installing the more than half assembled bike, first, you have to set up the handlebar on the stem. Next, install the seat with the quick release system offered. Then attach the wheel and lock it down. Finally, you have to set up the pre-marked pedals on the correct side.


  • The bike has a budget-friendly price.
  • You can easily fold and unfold the bike within a few minutes.
  • Dual suspensions make the ride comfortable on uneven roads.


  • The bike is offering mechanical V brakes. Not suitable for mountain biking.
  • It has no fenders.
  • It cannot carry the heavy load. The bike can handle up to 177 pounds only.

8. Columba Folding Bike Blue Color 26 inch (SP26S_BLU)

Peoples think a bigger bike can make their ride on hills and mountainous easy. That’s why most people want to buy a bike, like a mountain bike’s size. But they don’t even think about the bike’s portability for a single time. So, you can easily guess that the bike I am going to tell you about is slightly smaller but very much portable.

Columba Folding Bike offers a tough and strong bike that can carry the average rider’s weight. The folding bike has two 26” wheels with Kenda tires that come with alloy rims. That’s why the help rider to ride smoothly, comfortably. Moreover, this bike is offering V brakes for front and rear wheels.

If you want to compare the bike’s portability, I am sure you’ll not get any portability in other foldable bikes for folding the bike, the folding mechanism, and place situated in the middle of the bike. Also, the single latch design will help you to fold the product within 10 seconds without any equipment. Even though for saving some space, you can detach the handlebar.


  • The bike has a lightweight and portability is excellent.
  • Single latch design offers less time during folding.
  • Kenda tires have a great gripping ability on any terrain.


  • The bike has no suspension and fenders.
  • V brakes make the bike look conventional.


  • The bike has a lightweight and portability is excellent.
  • Single latch design offers less time during folding.
  • Kenda tires have a great gripping ability on any terrain.


  • Cheap plastic
  • Less supportive in breathing by the saddle cover

4. Xspec 26″ 21-Speed Folding Mountain Bike for Adult

Looking for a superior quality folding bike that offers a smooth and comfortable ride? The XSpec is delivering precisely what you want. Its benefit, it allows easy and quick folding. Also, the bike has two different colors available. They are black and white. The bike has a durable steel frame that has very lightweight and can bear 220 pounds. Also, the steel frame can withstand rough terrain, trails. You can fold it down within 15 seconds.

XSpec is offering high-performance disc brakes that ensure comfortable and safe riding. The bike has 21 speed Shimano Shifter. So, you can easily navigate any terrain comfortably. If you get tired due to much pedaling, you can change the gear and make the pedaling comfortable. It has a quick and easy fold mechanism. Moreover, the pedals are foldable, which saves space after fold down the bike. The recommended height for the riders is 5.3-6.0 feet. The alloy made diamond rim size 26” and handlebar size is 22.5”.

For assembling the bike, first, you need to install the handlebar stem and the handlebar on it. Then set up the seat and make sure the seat stays beyond the safety line. After that, install the front wheel and lock it down. Finally, fit the pedals and make sure marked pedals at the correct sides.


  • The bike has a masterly disc braking mechanism.
  • Excellent shock tolerance ability.
  • The bike is offering different colors and comes with a fashionable scheme with quality parts.
  • Folding time is approximately 15 seconds.


  • The seat is less durable and uncomfortable.
  • The bike has no fenders.

7. Kingttu KTG6 Mountain Bike 21 Speed 26 Inches Dual Suspension Folding Mountain Bike

The Kingttu KTG6 Mountain Bike is offering the rides you never imagine before. This bike has a genuine piece of work on it and offers exceptional performances at a low price. Also, the bike is offering quick fold within a couple of seconds. The Kingttu has a steel frame, and it is structured with forged aluminum. That’s why the bike has more durability. Moreover, the bike allows users a dual disc brake system. As a result, you’ll get great feedback after pressing the brake lever.

This mountain bike comes with 26-inch tires with a 21-speed gearing system. You’ll get excellent support during riding on the hilly terrain. Besides, seat and free pedals are divided by the manufacturer. The bike arrives 85% assembled. You need to join a few things.


  • The bike offers two colors (Army Green & Blue). You can choose the beautiful one for you quickly.
  • 21-speed front and rear derailleurs and shifters are satisfying and reliable.
  • It is a full suspension folding bike.
  • You don’t have to buy any assembling tools. Assembling tools come with the product.
  • After shipping, if any damages occur, the manufacturer will do their best to solve your problem.


  • You have to tune up the bike frequently to reach standard performance.
  • A little bit heavy as it has a steel frame.

6. Electric Bicycle 48V10.4ah Beach Cruiser Adult Auxiliary ebike Double Disc Hydraulic Brake System

Are you looking for the best folding electric mountain bike? The bike is offering Samsung lithium battery 48V10.4ah. It takes 5 to 7 hours to gain full charge up.

The bike has an all-aluminum frame, which has very lightweight. The frame has the hardness, which is better than an ordinary bike. There’s a mobile phone holder with a USB socket on the bike.

The bike is offering double-disc hydraulic brakes that work much better than mechanical disc brakes and conventional brakes. That’s why the bike is allowing you more security and safety. For smart riding experience, the bike is offering an LCD meter display, which is used for showing driving speed, driving time remaining power. Before using the bike, you should use read the manual of the bike carefully.


  • The electric foldable bike is offering great portability.
  • LCD backlit will help you to see the information during the night.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes will secure your ride through the hilly tracks.


  • The bike will cost you a huge amount of money.
  • Not suitable for all types of weather conditions like the rainy season.
  • It doesn’t provide any fenders.

What to Look Before Buying a Folding Mountain Bike

Before buying the best folding mountain bike, you should understand what the main features you are looking for in a folding bike are. Also, you can have some features of your choice. Combining between your choice and must needed function, you’ll find the best one for you. That’s why the most needed characteristics of a folding mountain bike have given here.

Frame and Material

Before buying a bike, the first thing is to check the bike frame. You can get a clear idea of the bike’s weight seeing the frame. For a folding bike, you should buy a strong and sturdy frame. Before choosing the bike, you should know which metal will be the best for your folding bike. For your information, I am going to give you some knowledge about frame material.


This metal is the most popular choice for a biker. As aluminum offers lightweight and durability than other frames, you should check the aluminum frame first. Besides, it has an affordable price. Another important thing about aluminum is rust or cannot affect the aluminum surface. For foldable bike aluminum frame works great.


The steel frame is suitable for those who want to buy at a cheap rate. Because it’s heavy nature, it costs less. But the metal is strong enough and ideal for all kinds of rough terrain. So, you can feel relax after buying the steel frame bike. But also, you have to maintain some caution to avoid and rust on the steel surface. For the foldable bike, the steel frame is less popular than aluminum because it has a heavyweight, and thus the portability decreases.

Carbon fiber

If you want to spend more money after the bike’s frame, then you can buy this frame. As it is more than durable enough, lightweight, and excellent portability. This frame will support you during riding on the hills.

Size of the Bike

Another important thing to consider before buying a foldable mountain bike. You already know that mountain bikes offer a larger frame than other bikes. For a foldable mountain bike, you should measure the after-fold area of the bike. If the area feels okay to you, then you can buy the bike. The folding bike offers different sizes of frames from 16 to 28 inches. It would be best if you chose the folding mountain bike according to its occupying area and your heights.

Folding Mechanism

This is probably the most crucial reason you should see before buying the folding mountain bike. Because the portability depends on the folding mechanism of the bike. There are different types of the folding mechanism. Every mechanism offers different time to fold up the bike. An ideal folding mechanism needs just one person to fold it within few seconds. Now I’ll let you know about

Split Fold

This mechanism is popular among bikers. It is schemed to act a hinge in the middle of the folding bike’s frame. This mechanism offers bikers to fold the bike quickly. Also, the bike feels slightly heavier at the end of it. It is considered as the ideal folding technique.

Triangle Fold

This folding method has been popular in recent years. The main goal of this folding method is to keep your bike secure and intact. This method ensures a compact folding frame design; hence it occupies less area. If you are a first-time user of the Triangle folding mechanism, you can feel uncomfortable because it uses hinges and fastens it to fold. It seems a little bit time consuming, but an expert can do within a few seconds.


Another critical issue and the most useful one for a mountain biker. Generally, folding mountain bikes offer 18 speed and 21 speed. For maintaining these gearing is the average level requirement. But if you want to ride on rough terrain and tight hilly roads, these gearing will be sufficient. But for less effort and comfort, you can use 27 speed as many folding mountain bikes is offering it.


You’ve already learned that weight can be a factor for mountain biking. Also, weight is a crucial factor for the bike’s portability. It doesn’t seem good to travel a long distance with a heavyweight bike. You should select a bike within 20 to 35 pounds. Also, ensure that the bike can bear heavyweight as well.


For avoiding rough terrain and bumps or shocks, suspension can do a lot. The suspension offers bumps free travel. For your comfort and safety purpose, you can buy a foldable bike with dual suspension. If you want to buy a cheaper bike than make sure it has a single suspension.

Folding pedal

Always take a good and investigate look on pedals before buying a bike. For a foldable, it is a must to check and recheck the pedals. Because folding mountain bike offers a little bit small pedal to a biker, so before buying, ensure that the pedals are adjusted with your feet. Otherwise, foot slides can occur. This situation can make you uncomfortable, and some time can be perilous. Also, if you want more portable and less space occupying a folding bike, then you should look for folding pedals.


1. why are the significance of folding bikes?

Mainly, there is two difference between an ordinary mountain bike and a Folding mountain bike. Folding bikes offer a small unit to carry the bike with you anywhere you want. Also, the folding bike has a smaller wheel than the usual mountain bike. It allows users to use 20-inch wheels while the regular mountain bike offers 26-inch wheels.

Folding bike is useful because, during biking, weather conditions are often turning into a threat. For securing your bike from rain, storm, etc. you can use a folding bike.

2. Do small wheels need more energy for riding?

Yes, small wheels need more energy for riding as you have to revolve pedals more. That’s why small wheels are more energy-consuming. But small wheels need less pressure to run the bike. On the other hand, large wheels need more strength to run. Small wheels offer lees weight than a large wheel. That’s why it goes faster than the large wheel.

3. Are folding bikes suitable for hilly terrain?

Most of the folding mountain bikes are ideal for bumpy roads. For single speed gear speed folding mountain bike, you have to do pedals on standing position. It seems dangerous sometimes and also more energy-consuming.

On the other hand, a multi-gear folding mountain bike will help you to ride through the rough tracks comfortably and securely. You won’t feel any pressure in your legs due to pedaling.

4. Can I use a Folding mountain bike for long-distance rides?

You can cover a long distance with the folding mounting bike if it is designed for that. Several brands are offering both folding mountain and folding bikes for long distances. The Montague and the Dahon make high-end folding bikes excellent for covering long distances. But you won’t get this type folding bike at a budget-friendly price. You have to pay much for this type of premium bikes.

Final Note

So far, you’ve got the idea of what folding bike is offering. Also, you’ve seen the best folding mountain bike reviews. One thing that should keep in mind is, a folding mountain bike needs more maintenance than an ordinary bike. Folding mountain bike is special for riding on the mountain track. So do not try to overuse the bike. You should use the bike for riding on the bike.