Best Single Speed Freewheel


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The best single speed freewheel is the thing for those who want simplicity on riding and maintenance. Single-speed freewheels tend to allow us to run the bike in one single gear. It means no need to change gear according to the terrain type and your desire for paddling. Yeah, you can say it conventional-bike freewheel in two words.

Some people like to avoid complexity in a bike, and some people are from the early ’70s and ’80s. They want to ride for fun, not for having too much maintenance. Also, modern kids know if they have no use of cassette until they are riding on tough terrains, furthermore, for many other reasons, people want to convert their bike with the best single speed wheelset. So, let’s find out what a freewheel is.

Difference Single Speed and Fixed Gear

It seems very confusing when a new biker hears about single speed bike and fixed gear. Both are very much well-known. It is easily understandable from their name that they both offer one gear with a single front chainring and rear cog. As we talk about single speed freewheel, the things that pop-up first into our mind do we need freewheel for both single speed and fixed gear?

In a single speed, a bike freewheel can be a part of the rear wheel. But for a fixed gear bike, there is no freewheel. Let’s go through the details of it. Freewheel is a part of a single-speed bike. So, when you stop paddling, the rear wheel will revolve as usual, but the crank arm won’t. But for fixed gear bikes, they don’t have a freewheel, so as long as the real wheel will continue to revolve, the crank arm won’t stop its revolving motion.

It may seem a small difference, but on riding, single-speed bikes have felt less friction so that you won’t have any extra energy losses.

Top 6 Single Speed Freewheel

Here the top most single-speed freewheels and we’ll go through their features, advantages, and limitations. Let’s find out which single speed freewheel will be more suitable for you.

CyclingDeal Conversion Kit Fixie Bike Single Speed

CyclingDeal Conversion Kit comes with a complete package of a sprocket and high-quality spacers. The spacers and cogs fit the hub quite easily. More importantly, CyclingDeal designs and produces premium quality accessories for bikes. Also, cyclingDeal is well-known for providing installation videos of every accessory. It’s among the largest single speed freewheel.

Features at a Glance

  • Competent with all shimano and sram 7-10 speed cassette type hub body.
  • Suitable for mountain and road bikes.
  • Compatible with different chains and various sprocket teeth selection.
  • It includes a sprocket, single-speed spacers, and lockring.
  • Different range of spacers size allows getting an exquisite chain line.
  • 1/2″ x 3/32″ to 1/2″ x 11/128″ is the range of suitable chain width.
  • Comes up with a spacer, hub ring nut, sprocket made of Cro-mo steel.
  • Very much affordable.
  • Suitable for both Shimano and Sram.
  • Lightweight.
  • Extremely easy to install and an installation video is available.
  • The spacers look a little bit cheap.

ZHIQIU FSC F410 1-Speed Bicycle Chain Single

You will love the chain, and ZHIQIU FSC F410 Comes up with 50 links. The master link lock is being a bit but still works great. You can use the 1-speed bicycle chain single for “bling” out. It is durable, works fine, fits excellent, and yet it comes with an affordable price range. You may not like the color because it doesn’t last long. Also, the surface isn’t scratch proof.

You’ll love the chain because it’s so easy to install and very durable and strong for those stubborn, rusted chain links which are will not budge. This Single speed freewheel even comes up with a second punch. The handle is far easy to hold.

Features at a Glance

  • Silver, Gold, Brown colors.
  • 320g and 1/2″ x 1/8″
  • Minimum 90 kg Node Strength
  • Minimum 820 kg tensile strength
  • Compatible with Single Speed Chain, Fitness Series, and 26″ beach cruiser.
  • Comes with longer chain than usual, you need to remove 1-2 link to adjust.
  • Made in China and silver color gives it a killer appearance.
  • Compatible with different bikes.
  • 104 links.
  • Perfect low-cost combination
  • Durable.
  • Not strong enough for adults.

Diamond Single Speed Bicycle Freewheel

Diamond singles speed Bicycle Freewheel is one of the cheapest and suitable for the persons who are on a tight budget. These single-speed freewheels provide the maximum strength. It spins great, and unlike any other single speed freewheel, the Diamond single speed freewheel has no notches or any other ways to remove this freewheel. If you are looking for a silent single speed freewheel, this freewheel must be your first choice.

Features at a Glance

  • This single speed bicycle freewheel comes with 14T/16T/18T/20T.
  • Suitable for both 1/2″ and 1/8″ chains.
  • Completely new and unparallel removal notch pattern.
  • Cold forged.
  • No removal tools are available for this single speed freewheel.
  • In fact, you can install the Diamond single speed freewheel on a 3/4 shaft with a freewheel adaptor.
  • You can remove the threaded gear without a two-prong spanner.
  • Very much cheap.
  • Suitable for different sizes of chains.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to install
  • Durable and well-built quality.
  • Destructive removal is the only option to remove it.

SENQI Bike Freewheel Sprocket Gear Single Speed

You can count SEENQI single speed freewheel as the best single speed wheelset, and it is a cold-forged CNC machine Freewheel, so it is durable and long-lasting. Come to the performance of SENQI Bike Freewheel Sprocket Gear Single Speed. It will provide three-pawl engagement, which turns into a stronger grip with every 12 degrees’ engagement.

This single-speed freewheel has a removal notch pattern, which ultimately provides excellent frame clearance. Also, you will get Guarantees from SENQI.


  • Cold forged CNC machine Freewheel.
  • Three-pawl engagement.
  • Provides removal notch.
  • The total thickness of this freewheel is 14.8mm.
  • Outer teeth diameter 69mm and inner diameter 34mm.
  • Look and act fine.
  • Works great on different sizes and provides a various number of teeth.
  • Durable.
  • Requires some additional parts.

SHIMANO Single-Speed Freewheels

Do you want to convert the multi-geared bike to a single-speed? And want to replace with thread-on single speed freewheel? Then we come up here with Shimano single speed freewheels, and it will perfect for your bike because Shimano is compatible with almost every bike company. That’s why we do not hesitate to rank Shimano single-speed freewheels in number one, according to our research. Let’s see what else Shimano is offering us.

Features at a Glance

  • This freewheel uses high-quality (Chrome-moly steel sprocket and chrome-plated finish) materials.
  • The materials are designed to withstand wearing and tearing.
  • This freewheel is compatible with 3/32″ as well as 1/8″ chains.
  • Installing the freewheel is straightforward.
  • Mostly ideal for BMX bikes and has a decent get to it.
  • Though loudness can’t be a feature, we can hide the worst feature from you. Proper lubing in spaces between cog and ring spins stay stationary can reduce the loudness.
  • The tool comes in pre-greased condition.
  • Its is a 16-tooth single speed freewheel.
  • Super easy to set up.
  • Very much affordable.
  • 16 teeth compatible.
  • Made with high-quality materials.
  • Makes a clicking sound.

Origin8 Hornet 108 3/32″ Performance Freewheel

Origin8 Hornet is one of the popular single-speed freewheels in the market. It is suitable for various kinds of bikes but mostly BMX. But if you have a desire to go through quality comes first, then price like products, it will be acceptable to you. The Origin8 Hornet is solid and provides a smooth, mellifluous operation. This freewheel will allow you to set your feet where you want it. It’s only possible because this single speed freewheel has so much engagement points. Though it has some issues like resistance when coasting throughly. Otherwise, you can keep it out of the market.

Features at a Glance

  • Made with exquisite CNC CroMo construction.
  • Offers instant power transfer.
  • Provides 8 spline removal.
  • Very much affordable.
  • CNC CroMo construction.
  • Suitable for various bikes as well as BMX.
  • Makes a loud sound.
  • A little bit stiff.

What to Look at Before Buying a Single Speed Freewheel

We have already known there are many single speeds freewheels in the market. But it isn’t easy to find out the best one, and you never know which is reliable. Yeah, we have some quality brands in the competition like Shimano, SENQI, Diamond. So, it would help if you didn’t choose single speed freewheel completely blindfolded manner. Here we’ll discuss the factors you should look at before choosing a single-speed freewheel for your bike.

Chain Size

Yeah, you may think that why it’s important to know about the chain sizes when we are going to buy a single-speed freewheel. It’s better to use a brand-new chain with a brand new freewheel. Because an older chain is already loosed its shapes and it won’t fit on the freewheel teeth. As a result, irreparable damage will occur to your cogs.

Now come to the sizes of the chain. Lots of the freewheels are competent for both 3/32″ and 1/8″ chains. So you don’t need to try to find something unique and spend your cash on the freewheel, which needs different chain sizes. The ideal chain size is 1/8″.

Now, if you really desire a wider chain and less wearing, you can purchase 1/8″ chains. But both 1/8″ and 3/32″ have no catchable difference in strength.

Some may suggest you try an expensive chain because we all believe that the more will be the product’s cost, the more it will support us. It’s partially true. But sometimes expensive chains can’t perform properly with single speed freewheel.

Gear Ratio

Bikes gear ratio reminds us of how effortful it will be to run a bike. For example, 40:16 is a gear ratio. You can easily understand that your front chainring has 40 teeth and the rear freewheel or chaining has 16 teeth from this gear ratio.

Now, get to the point, how can we find the best gear ratio for our bike. The gear ratio lies on the road will ride on. If the terrain is rough, we need an easy revolving of the pedal, which means less gear ratio. For a flat highway kind of track, a less gear ratio is preferable. So keep the idea in your head before purchasing a single-speed freewheel. If the freewheel offers more clog, biking will be easier on a rough surface. Most people like to use an 18T freewheel.


Durability depends on the material. So, prioritize what material you prefer for the freewheel. Look for the heavy-duty material made freewheel because only heavy-duty material provides maximum strength and longevity. Here the finish of a freewheel is really important. Because iron is corrosive, and if you use a chromium finish on iron, it won’t be corrosive and will ensure a smooth operation in all weather.

Also, steel made bike components easy to fix if any wear and tear happen. So, either steel or aluminum freewheel should be your first choice.


We have already told you, high-quality material made and expensive freewheel doesn’t mean you will get a good service from it. Just make sure you are not spending your cash on anything bad. The single-speed freewheel you talked about here won’t disappoint you because you give importance to the price limit. You’ll get Shimano, SENQI, Diamond, CyclingDeal Conversion Kit at an affordable price, and they won’t make you unhappy.

Furthermore, buying freewheel from a well-known company will assure the quality of the product. Well, known companies are popular only because they are providing the Best Single speed freewheel.So, try to purchase from repeated brands, sometimes it is better to compromise with price.

Maintenance of your Single Speed Freewheel

Freewheel won’t provide you the service anymore if it will ever lose its shape. Everything has a lifespan, and freewheel is no exception. But admit it, proper look after and regular checking with cleaning and lubricating will lengthen the lifespan of a single-speed freewheel.

  • Place the bike one-sided and inject some oil or grease through the gaps of a freewheel.
  • Try to use the same lubricant to lube and clean our freewheel.
  • As usual, bike parts always need to go through some dirt cleaning. It decreases the chance of being rusted and ceased.
  • Don’t need to do heavy cleaning frequently. Cleaning one in a week would be enough.
  • Don’t try to be over smart. Don’t try to put old and stretched chain on your brand-new single speed Freewheel.


1. What are tell-tale signs that I need to replace my single speed freewheel?

When you’ll see the freewheel isn’t supporting you that much, and you are applying more pressure on the pedal to get the expected speed, you can count it’s a sign for replacing the single speed freewheel. If the chains seem to lose even after shorting the chain, maybe it is a problem of your old and worn freewheel. Sometimes you can get rid of this problem by simply replacing the old chain with a new chain, but eventually, after a particular time, like 3-5 years, you must have to change them both.

2. Are Fixies and Single Speed Bikes the Same Thing?

It is easily understandable from their name that they both offer one gear with a single front chainring and rear cog. As we talk about single speed freewheel, the things that pop-up first into our mind do we need freewheel for both single speed and fixed gear?

In a single speed, a bike freewheel can be a part of the rear wheel. But for a fixed gear bike, there is no freewheel. Let’s go through the details of it. Freewheel is a part of a single-speed bike. So, when you stop paddling, the rear wheel will revolve as usual, but the crank arm won’t. But for fixed gear bikes, they don’t have a freewheel, so as long as the real wheel will continue to revolve, the crank arm won’t stop its revolving motion.

3. Is there any good quality single speed freewheel?

It leans on what do you mean by good quality. Because you can’t simply expect a good service from a cheap single speed freewheel, but we can suggest to you some excellent freewheels, and they are quite popular among the cyclist communities.

  1. – CyclingDeal Conversion Kit Fixie Bike Single Speed
  2. – Diamond Single Speed Bicycle Freewheel
  3. – ZHIQIU FSC F410 1-Speed Bicycle Chain Single
  4. – SENQI Bike Freewheel Sprocket Gear Single Speed
  5. – SHIMANO Single-Speed Freewheels
  6. – Origin8 Hornet 108 3/32″ Performance Freewheel

Final Verdict

Guess what, these 6 Best Single speeds freewheel won’t disappoint their customers. Most of the customers were positive about this single speed freewheels. Also, very few of them have companied about the installation process. Some freewheels have no way to uninstall again. SO, there is no way but to destroy them.

Moreover, some sounds loud. So, we hope you’ll also verify these downsides of these single speed freewheel. Have a good journey with single speed freewheel.