Best Cycling Gloves for Hand Numbness


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Riders who love cycling and go on a long trip like maintaining and long road travel or riding into chilly weather need the best cycling gloves for had numbness. It is almost a common scenario after a long riding when you will feel your hand tingly and numb. The numbness can come from the long-time road vibration or if you grip your handlebar tightly for such a long time. Hence, we lose our sensation in our hands. An accident happens for hand numbness, and every biker who tries to ride long and gloves free feel this numbness in their hand.

To prevent the loss of hand sensation during riding, there are specialized gloves for cyclists. These gloves will protect you from hand numbness and also suitable for protecting your hand from cold weather. Most importantly, they offer palm pads, which allow your blood circulation normally even after your hand is tightly gripping the handlebar.

There’s a loss to learn about the best bike gloves. Let’s take a look causes behind hand numbness.


Reasons behind Hand Numbness

You have already understood hand numbness is a serious issue for riders. The hand numbness isn’t a problem for only amateur riders; it can happen for professionals too. The main cause behind the numbness is too much pressure on the nerve, blood vessels, and blood flow is sacrificed. As we know, numbness can happen in any part of our body if the blood circulation is sacrificed there.

The numbness comes from the compression of two nerves into our hand out of three nerves. We have mainly the median, the ulnae, and redial nerves in our hands. The numbness we use to feel due to riding on a bike-related to the median and the ulnar nerve. If we keep pressing our palm on the grip tightly, it leads to nerve compression for a long time. Furthermore, there are some other reasons like handlebar position, incommodious wrist angle, sitting angle, road vibration, cold weather, etc.

Top 5 Best cycling Gloves

Already you have known the idea behind using the gloves for cyclists. Here we’ll try to go through the top 5 cycling gloves for avoiding numbness and best cycling gloves for wrist pain. So, stay here and try to understand the glove’s features, advantages, and limitations.

LuxoBike Cycling Gloves

LuxoBike cycling gloves is not only a stylish glove but a classy brand. It comes in 6 different colors with 3 different sizes. The gloves are so comfortable that you may forget you are wearing a pair of gloves. Generally, LuxoBike mountain bike gloves are snug-fitting. You should choose the looser one if you are between sizes.

Features at a Glance

  • It is made with soft and breathable fabric. It prevents sweating and protects from sun burning.
  • It has sufficient space for thumb rotation and movement.
  • Streamlined Velcro strap helps for a custom fit on the wrist.
  • Elastic brand prevents slippage and wrist discomfort.
  • To get rid of the numbness, it features special 4-zone Shock pads for absorbing vibrations.
  • The palm material is micro-Suede type.
  • It is made with machine-washable material. Also, you can clean it on your own.
  • Smart finger loops allow taking of the gloves in real quick time.
  • The gloves are made with lightweight Lycra, so they are extensible.


  • Very much comfortable.
  • Lightweight and easy to take off.
  • Shock absorbing pad prevents numbness.
  • Durable stitch.
  • Doesn’t sacrifice the blood flow.


  • Not suitable for cold weather.


BIKINGMOREOK is not a historical brand, but what they are providing, maybe after ages, they will be count as one of the best cycling gloves for carpal tunnel. People who have a passion for using high-quality cycling Gloves should try this glove. BIKINGMOREOK gives importance to quality, reliability, and customer services. They serve customers in around 30 countries in Europe, Asia, and America via advanced swing technology.

Features at a Glance

  • It offers 3 different colors with 5 different styles.
  • These bike gel gloves offer liquid gel for shock-absorbing.
  • Shock-proof SBR pads are 5 mm thick.
  • These gloves are made of lycra spandex and knitted mesh fabric.
  • The hand doesn’t sweat much under the gloves even in summer as fabrics have breathable air holes.
  • BIKINGMOREOK offers an anti-slip coating design.
  • Terry cloth on thump is a great option for wiping your perspiration from the forehead while riding.
  • Comfortable to remove with extended tabs on the middle and right finger simplified quick removal.


  • Adjustable wrist Velcro fastener.
  • Reflect tape secures the night riding.
  • Cotton made back thump.
  • The floating liquid pad makes no numbness.


  • It is on the expensive side.

HTZPLOO Bike Gloves Cycling

HTZPLOO Bike Gloves are popular for reliability and give an extra bit of confidence to the rider. Riders don’t feel demoralized to take challenges using the HTZPLOO bike gloves. Furthermore, the gloves are compatible with for-racing cycling.

Features at a Glance

  • 7 different colors with 6 different styles and 4 sizes.
  • Made with 55% polyester and 45% nylon.
  • Padded palm is effortless for shock absorption and reduces vibration.
  • It provides anti-slip gel on the palm and enhances the control of cycling.
  • Lycra makes it extensible and gives flexibility
  • Finger loops help to put off the gloves without turning them inside out.
  • Towel fabric on the back of the thump is suitable for wiping sweat.
  • The smooth, soft, and flexible fabric on the back provide comfort.


  • Very much lightweight.
  • Easy to pull off the gloves.
  • Provides controllability.
  • The floating liquid pad makes no numbness.
  • Anti-slip gel silicone gives a strong grip.


  • Doesn’t prevent the vibration.

MOREOK Mens Cycling Gloves

MOREOK is known for understanding the trend and creates the product for different tastes of people. MOREOK Mens is also another masterpiece of MORE OK.


  • It is all seasonal gloves and suitable for men and women.
  • Both hook and loop closure available.
  • Made of breathable fabric, high elastic Lycra, and knitted mesh.
  • Anti-slip suede on the palm.
  • Terry cloth on the thump and helps to whip the sweat.
  • Easy take-off design.
  • Non-slip silicone surface on the palm.
  • Ideal for men, women, hiking, maintaining, racing, and even motorcycling.


  • SBR pads provide air passing holes.
  • It can enlarge according to the size of the hands.
  • Wear-resistant microfiber fabric.
  • Anti-slip.


  • Not 100% numbness free.

Tanluhu Cycling Gloves/Bike Gloves Half Finger Road Riding Gloves

Tanluhu Cycling Gloves came in 8 different colors and made of super elastic lycra and knitted mesh fabric. This glove is an excellent choice for comprehensive protection for long time racing. It has 4 different sizes. Small one 17-19 cm, medium one 19-21cm, large one 21-23cm and extra-large one is 23-25cm.

Features at a Glance

  • Specially designed for sports like cycling, bike racing, etc.
  • Buckle closure type.
  • Lycra makes it elasticity, and knitted mesh fabric makes it comfortable and breathable.
  • For a strong grip, it has a black anti-gel slip to provide a strong grip.
  • For ensuring the wearing of the material, it uses a honeycomb stabilized structure.
  • Anti-slip padding provides shock-absorption protection, hand fatigue and prevents stuffiness of the palm.
  • A specially designed pull-tab helps to open the gloves easily with fingertips.
  • Completely safe for the environment as it has very low carbon.


  • Suitable for multiple types of sports.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Good hygroscopicity.
  • Anti-slip.


  • Not easy to pull off like other gloves.

What to look at before selecting a Gloves for Hand Numbness

What to look at before selecting a Gloves for Hand Numbness

As we already told hand, numbness can turn pretty uncomfortable at a time and quite risky. You can use Zookki cycling gloves, and in bike 5mm gel padded cycling gloves as well. Yes, they aren’t included in our top 5 gloves, but they still have the criteria we will conversate with.

For your information, many gloves offer many lucrative features, but we are focusing on the basic features that will help us get rid of the hands’ numbness.


As resistance on the blood flowing in the palm causes numbness, the foremost thing you should ensure before purchasing is the glove is padded or not on the palm. If it isn’t, then ultimately, the glove will not affect preventing numbness. For high-quality padding and to withstand the vibration completely, gel-padded gloves should be the first choice.


Under gloves, perspiration is a common disturbing element for all riders. That’s why ensuring the air passing through the glove’s material is a must. Otherwise, your hand will sweat, and it won’t be comfortable for you to hold the handlebar. Sometimes excess sweating can drop on the handlebar, and ultimately, the grip will be slippery. Ultimately you will hold the handle tightly again and feel numbness after time passing.


A numbness preventing glove is always made of fabric that can absorb perspiration from the hand and evaporate it in the air. If the glove offers anti-slip features, it can absorb sweat.


Gripping depends on two things. Gloves and the handlebar grip. If your gloves have the anti-slip ability and all the features we have described above but the grip is quite flat, you won’t get 100% gripping from them. So before purchasing gloves, make sure your grips are okay.


1. How To Pick a Pair of Cycling Gloves?

First of all, it depends on the weather you have there. If it’s summer there, use half gloves that have anti-slip features. For winter, full gloves that will cover the entire length of fingers will be okay. Make sure you have a gel pad or other types of pad. Terry towel fabric on the backside of the thumb may help you to wipe the perspiration.

2. Do cycling gloves cause hand numbness?

The main specialty of cycling gloves is they can absorb shocks and provide a padded palm. They ensure much lesser pressure on the hand. That’s why they usually don’t cause numbness.

Final Thought

Hand numbness is inevitable for every biker. But the Best cycling gloves for hand numbness can save your fingers and hands from the problem. We have only talked about the numbness of cycling gloves. But these gloves have way more features. They will protect your hand from damage from an accident. Professional riders always use gloves. No matter you are professional or not, you should follow their leads too.