Best BMX Cranks – Great Performer and Affordable in 2023


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Cranks are the most essential but less focused part of a BMX bike. It plays a leading role in holding the bike chainring, paddle, and bottom bracket. In short, it is a mother gear included with all drive trains.

Are you looking for a pair of cranks for your BMX bike? Then you are in the right place. We have discussed the best BMX crank depending on product quality and customer ratings.

Also, we have covered a unique buying guide. This guide will help you to know the specific consideration for buying a BMX cranks. So, let’s start.

Our Top Picks

We have made a shortlist of the six best BMX cranks as per the product specialty. This list will save you valuable time.

Six best BMX cranks set reviews

We have researched several BMX cranks to know the market value of cranks. Luckily, we have got some best BMX cranks of reputed brands. And we are interested in sharing these top picks product with you. You will feel easy to figure out the best quality product.

CYSKY Bike Crank Arm Set

CYSKY is a well-known crankset for MTB and BMX road bike as it is stylish to look at as the quality is good. This cranks body material is alloy aluminum. Alloy is highly durable and corrosion-resistant. In the adjustability, CYSKY is best for Shimano brakes. However, you can also use another brake type.

Good to know the included component. We love this crankset for a nice combination of the profile cranks with a One Forged Crank Set, bottom brackets, and chainring bolts. Also, the Crank screw and Allen Wrench are the parts of this crank arm set.

You are getting 68-73 mm sizes bottom brackets. The bolt center diameter is 104 mm, and each arm length is 170 mm. These are better to perform with your bike chain and drive train. The total package dimension is 11.42 x 10.24 x 1.97 inches, and the weight is 1.9 Pounds. Besides, you can choose from two lovely colors, red and black.

Verdict: So, overall, we love this crankset for mountain and BMX bike riding.

Top Features

  • Aluminum alloy crank material can prevent corrosion.
  • Highly durable and powerful to hold the drive train
  • The 68-73 bottom brackets are convenient to adjust several bikes.


  • Including all necessary components
  • Lightweight but powerful


  • It is best suitable for Shimano brakes.

BOX COMPONENTS Vector BMX Bicycle Crankset

If you are looking for a black crankset with high strength, then we recommend considering the BOX component crankset. Among all components, you will also find a few important parts. Having a 35 mm praxis bottom bracket is the first incident in the crankset world. So, it is quite good to choose for BMX bike.

Due to the large size of the aluminum spindle, this crankshaft pair will give you so much stiffness that you can go anywhere at any time. Besides, it can boost the bearing power for a long last. Hence, each of the cranks is made of hollow-forged aluminum, notably stiffer and lighter than the traditional solid cranks.

Moreover, there have a precision sealed fitting with the bottom brackets, which provides the best smoother paddling. Its dimension is 7.5 x 11 x 4 inches and weighs 4.8 Ounces. Moreover, you can select two different axel sizes because it comes with a 35mm x 177.5 mm axle and a 35x 180 mm axel.

Verdict: We recommend this powerful and stiffer box crankset for the best BMX racing cranks for superior performance.

Top Features

  • The oversized precision sealed fitting bottom bracket.
  • Hollow forged, lightweight, and stiffer crankset handle
  • Larger size aluminum spindle increases the stiffness for racing.


  • It can face any challenging ride.
  • Very lightweight and stiff


  • The price is a little bit more than the normal crankset.

Cervus BMX Three-Piece Cr-Mo Tubular Crank

Are you looking for three pieces crankset? Then nothing would be good than the Cervus BMX Mo tubular crankset. It is uniquely designed with a square shape. And there has one pinch bolt included with this crankset.

The arm length is 31.8 mm, where the spindle interface is 8T-19mm. Likewise, 150 axel length will perform best as per your BMX bike speed. Hence, the highly durable aluminum alloy material is great for longevity. Among the included components, you will get two sealed bearings, an alloy cup, and washers. Do note the alloy cup should be suitable for the American BB type shell.

Cervus is suitable for a 9/16″ size paddle. It is of 9.49 x 3.46 x 1.97 inches sizes and 1.59 Pounds of weight. Also, the standard size is available. The only available color is only black.

Verdict: We suggest this crankset for those who are looking for only three pieces cranks.

Top Features

  • Highly durable square shape crank arms can perform best.
  • Oversized Spindle Interface is efficient to reduce the paddling hassle.
  • Flush machined system chain wheel is perfectly suited with this crankset.


  • It is affordable
  • Longer in size
  • Stiff and durable


  • You don’t get bike paddle with this crank
  • The bottom bracket is not included

Redline Flight Crank Set

Another great crankset of redline is the Flight crankarm set. No worries about your quality as it is completely made in the USA. Also, this is a reliable crank due to its original Chromoly construction.

Redline Flight is welded and wrapped at the paddle bosses with 100 heat-treated tubular dual pinch bots. In the included components, there have 19mm x 6-tooth spindle bolts. Also, it comes with a sprocket bolt. The spindle bolts are made from heat-treated Chromoly material. Its total dimension is 9 x 5 x 1 inches with 2.6 Pounds weight. Do note the 9/16 inches paddle size is suitable for this crankset.

However, you don’t get any paddle with this crankset. But the manufacturing brand is selling the paddle separately.

Verdict: It is a good overall crankset with a choromoly build and heat-treated system.

Top Features

  • Best performances in BMX bike with its original Chromoly construction
  • Included two types of bolts make the installation easier
  • A powerful heat-treated dual pinch ensures good performance.


  • Chromoly construction
  • Heat-treated dual pinch bolts.
  • Looks great


Dock Moor Mountain Bike Crankset

It is a specialized crankset design for a mountain bike. You will find all the crankset component with this package. Similarly, the design is aesthetic and colorful. There have three colors of golden, black, and multi-color combination set. So, let’s entered into its uniqueness.

This aluminum alloy made crankset length is 170 mm with BCD 104 mm. The two-crank arm’s distance is 74 mm. Most importantly, it comes as the most compatible crankset. So, it can correctly suit the single, double, and triple chainring.

Besides, this lovely crankset comes with a nice larger bottom diameter of 23.79 mm, which can suit BSA 68–73mm. And the combined weight of the right and left crank is 650 g with an additional BB 750 g. You are getting a whole crankset with right and left side. Also, it has come with a nice compatible bottom bracket and chainring bolts. Besides, there have included crankset screw, bolts, and Allen wrench.

Verdict: It is a complete crankset package for a mountain bike. If you need a full package with good quality parts, then go with this package.

Top Features

  • A complete crankset package for a mountain bike with a colorful design
  • High strength axel power provides perfect compatibility.
  • Great weight-reducing power, and it can keep the bike cooler.
  • Right size cranks arm length can increase paddling comfort.


  • Lightweight and colorful
  • Good strength and compatibility
  • Included all necessary components


  • It has no fixed cons yet from the customer.

Cycle Group PX-CK13HF180-BK Promax HF-2 BMX Crank

The last attraction of our list is the cycle group crankset. It is a ProMax line cranks set for a bicycle. Both crank arms are made from hollow forged aluminum 6061-T6. So, this crankset is extremely stiff and lightweight.

Good to know that, cycle group crankset is permanently fitted on a 24 mm spindle. Then Promax HF-2 BMX Crank length is available in 160-, 165- and 170-millimeter as well as, there have 104 BCD and four bolts spider.

Its spindle is designed with nice graphics of anodized red and blue. Also, gold and black with laser-etched are increased its beauty. Mostly graphical design is found in the odyssey thunderbolt cranks. Unfortunately, you won’t get the bottom bracket. But you can buy it separately. Promax HF-2 is following the ENBMX standards rules. Then the averages dimension is 11.5 x 5.75 x 4 inches and weighs 793g. And only shiny black color cranks are available in this model.

Verdict: We recommend this amazing crankset for a bicycle rider because this crankset is highly durable to meet several road challenges.

Top Features

  • A cycling bike crankset with hollow forged aluminum arms
  • A nice graphical design through the middle pipe makes it beautiful.
  • Perfect to suit different sizes of paddle and chainring


  • Available in different length
  • Very stiff but lightweight


  • No paddle included
  • No color varieties

Buying consideration for BMX crank

As the crank is related to other important parts of your bike, so you need to choose the right crank. Otherwise, the adjustability between the cranks and other parts will not adjust correctly. So, here are some crucial factors you should check before buying a crankset.

Several types of cranks:

It is key to remember that there have four main types of crankset from several brands. These are known as 3-pieces, 2-pieces, 1-pieces, and race cranks. In most cases, 2-piece and 3-piece cranks are similar if the spindle size is compatible with the crank’s size. Also, these cranks are made of Chromoly.

On the other hand, the racing bike cranks are made from aluminum alloy. And there have lower bottom brackets with the racing cranks.

3-piece: It is the most popular BMX bike. It is designed with a freestyle of two separate arms and one spindle. There also have 8, 16, and 48 spinal types.

2-pieces: It is an updated version of 3-piece cranks. It has more developed features than a 3-piece crank.

1-piece: 1-piece crankset comes with two crank arms and spindle together. Remember, that one-piece crankset is good for the kid’s bike and beginner bikers.

Racer cranks: These cranks are used for MTB bikes. Because MTB needs different cranks style with enough burden saving power. These cranks are made from aluminum material. And you will get these two pieces and a three-piece design.

Crank size: Crank size is depending on two main factors, one is the crank length, and another is the bottom bracket size. Here the bottom bracket refers to the distance from the center to the spindle center. Although there has crank size available from 140 to 190 mm, most of the BMX bike comes with 170 to 175 mm cranks. So, we recommend using a crank within this range. And consider 19 and 22 mm for the spindle radii.

Materials: The freestyle BMX cranks are made from Chromoly and steel. So, it can provide high strength from combined material. And, the racer cranks are mainly made from aluminum. However, you will get some carbon fiber racer crank.

Heat treatment: It is a function of crankset which comes from the manufacturing brand. Heat treatment refers to the power to stand against the height speed and forces.

Price: You have to pay 10$ for the basic 1-piece crankset. And the 3-piece crankset price starts from 35 $ to 400$. Don’t worry about the 3-pieces price range. There has some best 3-piece crankset for BMX bike of 35 $ to 100 $.

Warranty: BMX bike riding has great pressure on the crankset. Lately, some manufacturing brand is giving a lifetime warranty for BMX crank. Besides, some manufacturing companies are giving limited warranty and guaranty.


3-piece and 1-piece crank, which is best for me?

3-piece cranks are better than 1-piece crankset because a 3-piece is made from high-quality material to be long last. As well as, it is more efficient and stronger than one piece. Moreover, the spindle of a 3-piece crank is much stable.

What is the best crank spindle size?

The spindle is working to connect two crank arms and go through into the bottom brackets and bearings. The ideal cranks spindle size is 38 mm with 28 mm step-down parts. The step-down parts are to connect with the bearings. However, there has a road version crank spindle of 68 to 86.5 mm.

What Size BMX Cranks Do I Need?

Generally, the BMX crank comes with 140 to 190 mm length. But most of the popular crank’s length is 170 to 175 mm. So, it would better to pick up a crankset within 170 to 175 mm length.

Does spindle diameter matter?

Yes, spindle diameter is a great factor. The riding performance and comfort are depending on the spindle diameter. The spindle diameter is 19 to 24 mm. Keep in mind that a larger diameter spindle is stronger than a smaller one.

Will BMX cranks fit MTB?

Yes, BMX cranks can be fitted with the MTB bikes. There have three spindle sizes in the BMX crankset. Among the three sizes, the 20 mm crank is mostly used. So, you can easily use a BMX crankset for your MTB bike too.

Final words:

It is the ultimate guide with top-notches cranks od 2021. We are sure now you can choose the right crankset as per your requirements.

We have discussed the crankset types in the buying section. So, know the more specific details from our buying guide. It helps find out the best BMX Crank.

Lastly, we recommend checking out our top picks if you have not a lot of time to research each product.