Best Gravel Bikes Under $1500 – Top Picks in Your Budget


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Are you looking for the best gravel bikes under 1500? A gravel bike is now the best demand of the era for cycling lovers. Many people do not dare to buy Gravel bike thinking about the price. But the good news is there having some best gravel bike with your Budget, which can give you the most comfortable adventure trip experience.

Gravel bikes combine the qualities of Road bike and Racing bike. That’s why it is great for riding all day on muddy or gravel paths. It is also known for its efficiency in passing. Forest Road, Dirt Road and Tarmac. Because of the broader wheelbases, this bike is best to stable on the road.

Find out the best gravel bike is a tricky task. Because most of the gravel bike designed especially which claim a lot of dollars. So, we have created this list of best gravel bike under 1500. In this guide, you will get six best gravel bikes.

Top Notches Six Gravel Bike Under $1500 Reviews

We have learned from the extensive research that not all products of all companies are best. We have mentioned here the overall best gravel bike under 1500$. In this guide you will also get some best gravel bikes under 1000. These are ready to take any challenging adventure. As well as ensure a safe riding than many other road bikes.

Let’s take a closer look at the below list.

Giordano Trieste Gravel Bike

We are going to tell you about the most remarkable gravel bike ever. It is a well-furnished bike designed with high-quality construction material. Those who have to ride mile after mile on the gravel can rely on it with their eyes closed. Besides, it offers an attractive price tag which is very convenient for most of the consumer.

 It provides such a smoother ride than you will wonder when riding. First of all, the 700-clincher tire diameter ensures a stable ride on muddy, gravel or dirt. The gravel bike frameand fork have made from the chromo steel material, which is exceptionally lightweight. At the same time, you are getting a Shimano Claris drive train with 16 speed, which can provide enough power to move bike wheels. Good to know the handlebar type is drop bar.

 Moreover, a useful STI shifter is quite good enough for your bike. Because you are getting a powerful braking system and you can stop the bike in any situation. It is available in three sizes, but the color is only one grey. Do note the dimension is 60 x 25 x 40 inches with 37.5 pounds weight. Finally, it’s a great addition to Gravel Bike’s world. The reputation of this bike is growing to the user. We strongly recommend this model.

The main features:

  • Premium quality & materials
  • Absorber bike seat
  • Universal fit & Versatile
  • Customized design for men


  • Double-wall rim
  • Wider tire basement
  • Available three size
  • Incredibly low price


  • Few customer grievances that the handlebar tape

Raleigh Bikes All Road Bike

If you are highly interested in getting the best gravel bike under 1500 for multipurpose use, then it would be the right choice. Because it allows a rider to go through for the racing game as well as regular travelling. It is a fantastic bike with smart, designed and efficient features. We are grateful to Raleigh for giving an excellent product like it. Raleigh is worthy of a reputation for this model of durable, stable and bearable cost.

Luckily, the user of this bike will get an extreme bump-absorbing frame. It is made of Reynolds 631 for highly accurate absorbing. Hence the steering carbon fork. Because it will give you the lightest feeling during steering, then, this bike has front and rear axle thru in the front and rear wheel. For this reason, riders will remain safe from danger.

Now come to the speed, it offers 105 2×11-speed. The rate is tested for tackle hills and gravels. Besides, it comes with a mechanical TRP spyre brake system, which provides excellent stopping power. The overall dimension of this gravel bike is 51 x 28 x 8 inches. As well as the weight is 24.3 pounds—one of the unique benefits that are available within up to six sizes. But the color is only one.

Overall, we found it as an all-road bike. It means you can use this for the multipurpose sector. So, if you don’t want to get a bike for racing and regular riding, then no other best choice than it.

The Main Features:

  • A multipurpose gravel bike best for commuting, racing and travelling
  • It comes with different size and suitable with varying ages of rider
  • Having an excellent bump-absorbing power
  • Offering an efficient axle thru to ensure a safe journey


  • Available several sizes
  • Robust axle thru and disc brake
  • Super-efficient for bump-absorbing


  • The bike chain is not so stable for rust prevention

Raleigh Bikes RXW Women’s Cyclocross Bike

Another great innovation of Raleigh is Women’s cyclocross bike. It specially designed for racing lover women. But the men or teenager’s child also can use it with pleasure. As well as, although we know that RXW is only for racing. But the reality is different. Because you can use it for another purpose. Indeed, we figure out this gravel bike with a lot of consideration. However, you would analysis a bit on it to realize the features and quality.

If you look at the frame construction first, it will impress you. The Butted 6061 Alloy used for making the frame. Which is, respectively ultralight and durable? Then we would like to say about its drivetrain. Drivetrain refers to the power providing for wheels. The SRAM Rival 1X11 drive train is simply good enough. Besides, the disc brake is proven for efficient stopping.

Moreover, it is praiseworthy for efficient wheels and tires. Also, this is a super lightweight of 27 pounds. In the case of size, it comes with up to six sizes as like Raleigh all road bike. We are confident; you will enjoy each of your dollars after buying this faveolus racing bike.

The main features:

  • A tested best bike for racing, commuting and city riding
  • It offers 50, 52,54 cm size for all ages and height rider
  • Arrives with DSc disc brake and active axle thru
  • Having an SRAM Rival 1×11 shifter
  • 700×33 tires size with double wall rim


  • Durable butted 6061 alloy
  • Useable for both racing and commuting
  • Affordable in price


  • No, any color choosing option

Royce Union Men’s’ Gravel Bike

We have not ever seen the smart look like Royce Union Men’s gravel bike. Is that only? No. As it has looked, it has the quality of unique than another gravel bike. First of all, we must have to introduce you to the Royce union. It is a reputed bicycle producing company that started their journey in 1904. And the matter of fact that, Men’s Gravel bike is a best- selling bike.

Bike frame made from super lightweight and robust aluminum rigid hard trail. So, you can use it for over after years without any maintenance hassle as well as due to lightweight; you will enjoy a new riding experience, which you have not ever get before. Besides, the full black color design with a small marking sign of red hue make it catchier to the user.

Hence, come to know the drivetrain benefits. You will get uniquely two single speed with this gravel bike. One is Shimano sora nine-speed with 2×9 shifter. The shifter provides 18 rates for a better experience. At the same time, there has an 11×34 cassette for a bike chain.

Good to know there have included 3-piece crank alloy. Also, the manufacturer added a pair of alloy rims for your convenient. And the rim size is as like traditional bike that means 700 clinchers. It has a dual brake. We want to let you know the overall, measurement is 53.2 x 9.1 x 30.3 inches. And the nit bike weight is 36.9 pounds. We have a high recommendation for this gravel bike for Men’s. Considering all of the advantages as per the price tag, we find it as a mind-blowing efficient bike.

The main features:

  • A best comfortable men’s gravel bike with a lot of great benefits
  • It offers Shimano sora nine-speed with 2×9 shifter
  • Aluminum frame and comfortable gripped handlebar
  • Comes with dual disc brakes and lightweight features
  • Having suitable tires, saddle and brakes.


  • It is a well-balanced bike
  • Dual brakes and ideal 700 c tires
  • Comfortable handlebar


  • The fewer customer has faced the problem with tires

Raleigh Bikes Women’s Adventure Road Bike

Do you have a plan to make adventure trip often on the gravel road? And looking for the best gravel bike specially designed for Women’s. Also, if you are expecting these features within affordable price, then we are here to suggest you the only choice of Amalia 1 gravel bike. This bike also comes from the best famous brand Raleigh. Don’t be hesitate to see the Raleigh product again and again. Because this brand is stand out for the quality and minimum price tag.

Primarily, of has designed depend on the Women’s geometry. For example, the handlebars are coming comparatively narrower than the men’s bike. At the same time, the stems are shorter, and the bike frames are smaller. The manufacturer made it for only women. Most importantly, women can use it for commuting or racing.

Luckily, it can take to go through such a place where most of the general bike can’t go. Amelia provides the alloy gravel frame and fork. Besides, it has a mechanical disc brake. Generally, the mechanical disc is of highly stopping powerful in any adverse situation. In the meantime, you will get eight-speed from this bike which will allow you to choose from the 16 gears. Anyway, its weight is 37.4 pounds. The frame and fork are made from aluminum—the tires size 700x35c.

In a word, the first choice for women who love to ride on the gravel road or racing game. We suggest you think about this fascinating bike.

The Main Features:

  • A specialized gravel bike comes with the features of best suitable for women.
  • It allows a woman to ride on the gravel road, the racing game even in the rainy weather
  • The mechanical disc brake ensures the stopping power in the wrong condition


  • 95% pre-assembled bike
  • The complete assemble is 30 minutes
  • Designed based on the Women geometry


  • It is only for the women rider
  • No more color available

Schwinn Vantage Mens/Womens Hybrid bike

The last great attraction of our favorite list is Schwinn Vantage gravel bike. We figure out this product as the best bike for all. It designed such a way so that men’s and women both feel comfortable. It arrives with a smart contemporary look. And we are grateful to the producing brand for unique benefits and limited price.

This bike is designed for the beginner to the expert levels’ rider. The approved rider height is 5′ 3″ – 5′ 7″. But there have a few other sizes in this model. You may have found different size for each specific bikes. The unique feature it has an elastomer soft tail suspension. As a result, you will get comfort wherever you will go.

Moreover, it provides Shimano sora 18-speed, which will give enough gear ranges. And also, it has the responsive shifting features depend on the terrain type. Although the tire size is 35 c, it has excellent benefits of continental sports. The most important matter that it has DP21 alloy rims. It will take you in any terrain.

It is such a bike that you can fulfil your multipurpose needs with one bike. You can pick it up. We are sure it will win your heart.


  • The best-combined gravel bike comes for the men’s and women’s
  • It offers several color and size and allows particular rider height
  • Highly developed construction material used to make it
  • It arrives with an aluminum fork and frame
  • Having a soft gripped endurance handlebar
  • Overall, a great one for the best performance on the gravel road


  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Affordable price and easy assemble
  • Available multiple color and size


  • This product has no severe issues

The buying Guide

A proper buying guide always assists you to pick up the best bike. We believe you have already understood the condition of the best gravel bike under 1500 from the above discussion. Yet we would love to share our particular recommendation. So, this task will be easier for you. Here we will enlist some main notable things. You will wonder how these rules will work for you. So, let’s check out the gravel bikes for sale.

Tires Width:

An ideal gravel bike should have a pair of wider tires. We know, a rider would like to travel a hundred miles on the unpaved road, or gravel road. In this case, a wider tire can support you first. Mostly, the bike tire can overcome the extreme rough or muddy roads within. Although the suggested tire width 30 mm to 40 mm. But the 700 clinchers are always good enough for tire size. Keep in mind; you will often see 650 b tire with several high-quality bikes.

Besides, a gravel bike is responsible for crossing traverse miles on the rugged road, so it needs to stable in the broader tire. With the maximum gravel bike tires has a rolling center tread connected with the side knobs. That the rider can enjoy the maximum cornering benefits on any mixed surface, so, keep remembering to pick a wider bike tire for gravel road riding.


Gear is another crucial factor in the case of a gravel bike. It refers to the wheel teeth. Good to know that gear is also known as a cog. And generally, you will need two cogs together to fit the wheel teeth each other. Many Gravel bikes come with small, compact or wide-range gears. Remember the typical crankset size is 50/34 and 48/32 t. But there have some gravel bike comes with 1x gear and larger cassette. Our recommendation to choose less equipment as much as possible.


The suspension is one of the essential parts of your riding. You will find two types of suspension most of the gravel bike. One is the active suspension, and another is the passive suspension. A right suspension plays a similar role as the right geometry gear and tires size. The suspension is such a system which works for suspending the bike when the rider will face any rough terrain. So, check out the suspension before buying. Because, as better the suspension, as you will remain safe while riding mountain or gravel path.


The gravel bike wheelbase is longer than another general bike. That means the distance between the front and rear wheel is much more than a traditional bike. At the same time, its chain stays will be longer, and the headtube will be perfect as per the wheelbase because the bikes with more extended headtube ensure a more relaxing ride. Keep in mind perfect geometry can increase your confidence, and it is inspirational. Moreover, some bike comes as a trek gravel bikefor more fun and enjoyment.

Types of gear shifter in the gravel bike

The gear shifter has a significant role in the drivetrain of a best gravel bike. Because the gear shifter allows a rider to change the gear based on the terrain type. Gravel riders might need to ride on a different kind of surface. Most importantly, all of the covers are not fitted with similar gear. That’s why changing the equipment you need gear shifters. Generally, there have four types of gear shifters for changing the speed. Road shifters

  1. Index shifters
  2. MTB shifters
  3. Friction shifters

Good to know that gear shifter designed based on the drivetrain type. But sometimes, the manufacturer has its strategy to set the gear shifter with a gravel bike. The Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM brand are some reputed brand for producing gear shifters. The drivetrain is working for forcing the rider to push on the bike to ride. It would be better for you to know the drivetrain component. The derailleur, chain, chainring, crank’s cog and paddle are included with the drivetrain.


  • Are gravel bikes worth it?

Simply said, a gravel bike is a worthy choice for riding smoothly on any surface as well as the gravel. As it allows a rider to enjoy all kinds of road paved or unpaved or rugged, so it is a great assistant for the passengers. No more boring ride on a similar road. Because gravel bikes will take you out from the traditional older way. And it will introduce you with the newest path and terrain.

  • Are gravel bikes faster than mountain bikes?

It depends on the riding surface type. On the gravel surface, unpaved surface or smoother road, a gravel bike can perform with super speed than a mountain bike. Besides, it is efficient too. Because a gravel bike has an aerodynamic profile and narrower tires, both of these are good for rolling resistance. That’s why gravel bikes are comparatively speedy than a mountain bike.

Final Word:

We sincerely believe that you can match the best gravel bike under 1500 from the above list. We’ve tried our best to introduce you to Gravel bikes. A little observation of the light on each model will help you understand why we consider them.

However, our particular advice is to follow the buying guide. Then you can understand that on which factor you need to give attention when buying. We have examined the above top notches gravel bike. And found each is best-selling and beloved to the customer. We recommend these for you to get the best gravel bike experience. Do you want to know more? Or have any addition for this content? Let us know.