Best Bike Chain – Pick Up the Right Chain 2023


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Do you know why the bike chain needs to replace? Because the bike is the chain is the most integral part of a bicycle. If you feel any pressure on the chain or the chain rust and too much debris, you should probably change the chain. Otherwise, you won’t get the sufficient performance form the bike. That’s why I am here to give you tips on the best bike chain and its functionality.

Here I’ll let you know about the strongest bike chains and their advantages on your bike. I believe, as a cyclist, you should know about the best thing to replace any parts of your bike. First, you have to know the task of a bike chain. The power you generate with your pedals, it turns into wheel movement with the help of a chain. Also, if you want the best mountain bike chains, you must have to look for the different speeds of the chain, from 6 to 11.

Here I’ll let you know about the best chain and their benefits and limitations. Even you’ll find suggestions like what you should look before buying your bike chain. Before leaving, I’ll answer the common questions about a bike chain. So stay tuned with me.

Top 5 Best Bike Chain

Now, I’ve kept together with a comprehensive guide on the bike chain and the best available bike chain on the market. You should know every detail of these bike chains and their differences in quality and price. 

Schwinn Bicycle Chain

Are you look forward to replacing your old and rusty chain? You should select the Schwinn bicycle chain as the chain is steel made and fits on 1/2” x 1/8” chain bicycle. The chain has a measurement of 1/2 X 3/32 inches, which allows it to works on 6,7 and 8-speed bicycles. Moreover, the chain is about 56 inches in length, which means you can take off the extra links to fit with the bike speed. Besides, you should know that the chain hasn’t come with the master link. For replacing, you’ll need a chain breaker.

The nickel-plated anti-drop feature makes the Schwinn chain strong and durable. Yes, if you are an amateur on replacing the bike’s chain, you should see the installation procedure from youtube as the proper installation instruction is missing in the package. I think in your price range it should be a choice for your bike.


  • The chain is made of high-quality steel.
  • It fits on mountain bikes, 6-7 speed cruiser bikes, hybrid bikes, and comfort bikes.
  • Anti-drop design makes it drapability low.
  • Though the chain has lightweight, it won’t break easily.


  • It hasn’t come with a master link.

KMC X8.93 8-Speed Bike Chain

If you are in searching of the best possible kmc bike chain, you should select the KMC X8.93. This chain offers black and brown colors for you. The KMC X8.93 has a double X bridge shape, which allows it to do the quick and smooth shifting. The chain is made of steel, and it has mushroomed rivets for strength, stretch proof operation for longevity. Moreover, the outer plates are chamfering for curtail incidents of cassette interference. This allows you to ride a minimum of 1000 miles without getting tension of replacement of the chain.

Furthermore, the KMC X8.93 has half nickel-plated coating to prevent corrosion and add extra durability. The dimension of the chain is 3.5 x 3.5 x 0.8 inches and has a weight of 9.4 ounces. It has 116 links and 7.1mm width. For reducing your bike’s weight, this chain does an excellent job. The model of this chain comes with the quick link that offers you to replace the chain with ease.


  • This chain is completely rustproof, and stretch proof treatment makes it less droppable.
  • It has a master link.
  • The mushroomed rivets add bonus strength.
  • Noise-free operation.


  • It doesn’t work on a single-speed bike.

SRAM PC 1130 11-Speed Solid Pin Bicycle Chain with PowerLock Chain Connector

The SRAM PC 1130 offers strong, accurate, and lightweight 114 links of the chain, which are made with chrome hardened pin treatment and solid pin. This chain permits dependable performance for every 11-speed groupsets. For running a Red 22, Force 22, and Rival 22 cassette, you have to use an 11-speed chain which comes with SRAM PC 1130. Besides, the chain offers a powerLock system that means an excellent chain connector that allows a tool-free, sure, and constant way to connect chains. Moreover, this chain uses the best bike chain lube, powerLube. The chain is coated with this lube inner side and outer side to provide the longest-lasting of the chain.

The SRAM PC 1130 has a dimension of 6 x 5 x 1 inch. The link size is 1/2″ x 1/8″ with a snap lock and 2-piece connector link. The total weight of the 114 links is 332g. This chain has got a chrome-hardened finish process along with cut-out plates as well as a flush rivet. For providing smooth and quiet operation, the chain uses a hollow pin.


  • It doesn’t need regular maintenance. But allows for easy and quick maintenance.
  • It requires no tools for installing.
  • The specially formulated lube prevents friction and allows the longevity of the chain.


  • The chain doesn’t shift well and lasts less.

Zonkie 6/7/8 Speed Bike Chain 1/2 x 3/32 Inch 116 Links

Are you looking for the cheapest bike chains? Then you should look at the Zonkie bike chain. We all know Zonkie as an experienced bicycle equipment manufacturer. Their first target to provide a reliable, durable, and high-quality product to the customers. The chain is made of special forging steel. Besides, it seems strict control of the materials to provide expected strength. Furthermore, as the surface is polished, they offer better corrosion shield, and the lubrication of the chain links offers better sliding with lower friction resistance individual metal links.

The most important thing to notice of the Zonkie bike chain is you can disassemble, clean, and again assemble them quickly. By multiple forging and hardening in the oil bath and successive treatment in a salt bath, the Zonkie bike chain accomplishes a tensile load of 950 kg with the significant steel. You should love Zonkie bike chain as it has versatility as well as inexpensive.

The chain has 116 links and 12 ounces weight. The length, pith, and width are ideal for 6/7/8 speed bike, and each link size is 1/2 X 3/32 inches.


  • Completely rust and corrosion-free.
  • The steel of the chain has more strength and durability than others.
  • Suitable for multiple speed cassettes.


  • This chain won’t support you on a rough road and bad weather.

KMC Z410 Bicycle Chain (1-Speed, 1/2 x 1/8-Inch, 112L

KMC Z410 is considered the best alternate for a single speed bike chain. If you are fond of colors, you will glad to know that the Z410 is offering brown, silver, blue, white, and yellow. From the customer review and my experience, I’ve learned that this KMC model works perfectly with ease. The chain got lubricated by the manufacturer, so don’t need to apply any lube on the chain before installation. The chain is made of durable and robust steel, which ensures easy and smooth riding.

The dimension of the chain is 3.3 x 0.8 x 3.5 inches and has a weight of 10.4 ounces. It has 112 chain links with a width of 1/2 X 1/8 inches that is the perfect selection for a single-speed bike. The BMX, track bikes, cruisers are the ideal choice of bike for this chain.  


  • The chain offers multiple colors. You can buy according to your preference.
  • The KMC Z410 is quite affordable as a single speed bike chain.
  • The chain comes with a master link, as you can install it with ease.


  • Though the chain is perfect for single speed bikes, it is not appropriate for multiple speed bikes.

Pick Up the Right Chain for your bike

You can fix your old bike chain, but you won’t get a good service from it after passing years. That’s why you have to buy a new chain. Buying a bike’s chain also depends on several factors. You can buy a good chain by maintaining those factors. Otherwise, a brand chain won’t give the appropriate performance. That’s why it is essential to know the elements and purpose.

Types of Chain:

Do you know what the kinds of bike chains are? If you don’t, then you can think that all the bikes have the same chain. There are different types of bike chain-based on bike types and speed. Bike’s speed means the number of gears your bike has. If you have a single-speed bike, you cannot be able to use the multiple speed bike chain. The single-speed bike offers no gear or speed system. That means the bike can perform only one speed. The single-speed chain has the widest width of 7.9mm.

Now come to the multiple speed bike. There are six types of multiple speed bikes from 6-speed to 11-speed. If your bike is 9-speed, you won’t be able to replace its chain with an 8-speed chain or 10- speed chain. You have to ensure the 9-speed chain for your bike because every chain has a different width according to your bike’s cassette.

Here I’ll let you know about the different bike’s chain

Road Bike Chain:

If you have a road bike, then you should manage a chain as lightweight as possible. For a road bike, the chain’s weight matters. Most of the time, road bike riders want to ride a light bike. Which may spoil a heavy chain.

MTB chain:

For MTB bike, you have to look for the comparatively less heavy chain and strong chain than the road bike. Because for hill tracking with a bike, you should ride on a bike as light as possible. That’s why MTB and road bike’s chain are quite similar.

BMX Chain:

In BMX bike, you have to use different chains other than a road bike and MTB bike. Also, BMX chains are narrower than MTB and road bike. Also, you have to ensure that you are going to buy a single-speed chain because BMX bikes are single speed.


It is essential to know about the material by which the chain is made. Material confirms the more durable chain. Most of the chain are from nickel-plated and alloy steel.


Generally, nickel-plated chains are expensive ones. Most of the time, nickel-plated chains are used for aesthetics purposes. If you are willing to increase your bike’s performance as well as aesthetic appeal, you can use this chain. Also, nickel-plated chains are completely rust free.

Alloy steel:

If you want to buy an affordable chain as well as a strong chain, you can select an alloy steel made chain. They are durable but not wholly rust free.

Effortless Installation:

It is essential to know about the installation process of the chains. Chain replacement is not an easy task. You can waste your chain links during installation. That’s why before buying a chain, you have to know whether the chain has a master link or not.


1. How many distances should a bike chain last?– For replacing a bike’s chain, you have to ride at least 2000 to 3000 miles. It also depends on your riding style and maintenance quality. If you do maintenance regularly, then your chain should last up to 3000 miles.

2. How often I need to apply lube on the bike chain?- If you want to know the time, then you should apply lube at least every month. In case you should apply lubricant after riding every 240-320 km. Sometimes it takes to travel this distance for less than a month.

Final Note!

You can not increase your bike’s performance by replacing the chain regularly. It’s essential to know the signs when replacing the chain. If your bike’s chain begins to wear out, stretches a lot, or skips teeth of the drivetrain occasionally, then you should replace the chain. Besides, do not forget to clean the chain once in every 15 days and apply lubricant in every month.