When you Should buy a Bike – Best Time to Buy a Bike-2023


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Every product has its season of priority. You would be charmed when you will hear that people search for the best timing of buying a bike on the internet nowadays! Because there is a myth that buying a bike based on the season will fulfill your purposes more successfully.

Most of the people prefer winter as the best time for buying a bike, because people tend to ride less and the company offers a discount on price to sell out the existing stock for restocking. This is applicable when you are more conscious about pricing. There are multiple considerations (in general) before buying a bike, they can be-

  • Climate: The place where you live, its weather may influence using the bike. Like, you live in the countryside, and using cars or tractors might not be possible or convenient all the time. That time you only can rely on the bike!
  • Occasion: There are many communities around the world especially Europe, North America, and South America, love to hold bike races every year, to build a strong relationship among the communities. The tendency of buying becomes high in this situation.
  • Holiday: Like summer or winter vacation, people get bored staying at home for long; for them, bike riding can be worthy enough to spend quality time.
  • Discount season: A widely known trend that bike shops used to follow is that they tend to put discount for old stock to restock. Around September- November, or sometimes from July even, this trend starts.

According to LBS, the best time for buying a bike is in the fall. At that time, companies set their profit margin of 30% to 45% by arranging discounts on the bike; moreover, people less care about the upgrade version rather focus on a new pricing deal.

Some Personal Facts:

You should ask yourself some facts before buying a bike so that you don’t have to suffer or regret it later.

Place: You may ride your bike for the daily commute, or passing leisure. Knowing about the area will help you to choose the right bike based on the surface you are going to use.

Size: Based on height and weight, you have to choose the suitable one. As bikes are manufactured based on these criteria, they also include color and other modifications.

Material: You might want a long-lasting and high performance based bike to enjoy the riding fully, for that you must ensure about the framing material of the bike before buying one. The materials can range as steel, aluminum, carbon, or high-quality plastic.

Budget: Usually, most of the people look for bike between 300 to 400 dollars based on the Amazon Online State. But buying a low priced bike might not give you a satisfying result rather you may face high maintenance costs.

Shops: Considering the shop’s rating is necessary, as there are numerous shops for the bike in the market. you may search on the internet, or collect information on word of mouth or roam around multiple stores to compare the bike standards.

Facts of Different Times for Buying a Bike

Period/ Time


Any Time
  • People with bike fever can buy at any time
  • Consideration on pricing, sales or other packages seem less focused
Early Spring
  • Many newcomers debut new edition for the upcoming year in California, this time is considered as the early spring.
  • A popular trend in Europe to buy a cycle in early spring
Early Fall
  • Low price
  • Get time trial
  • Join best sales session
Federal Holidays
  • Offerings to buy a new bike on some federal holidays like memorial day, labor day, black Friday, etc.
Middle of Summer
  • To incorporate in the biggest race which has massive coverage in medias such as Tour de France
  • Buying tendency becomes intense on this period
Year-End Holidays
  • People start up new days with new products for this they sell out the bikes on black Friday or cyber Monday.


1. When would be the perfect time to buy a bike?

Of course, Fall. Because the manufacturers come up with new models, for this they need to clear the old stock. And they put discount their old stock which would be a great opportunity for the buyers.

2. Should I go for a Demo bike?

Demo bike is a rent opportunity for some prospective buyers from the respective shops. By using a demo bike, you can measure the experience and performance of a new bike with a low test ride fee. The fee tends to refundable if you buy the same bike.

3. Can I bargain the price? 

Yes, but before doing that you must check the pricing of the same product in multiple stores. But bike shops prefer to state at a discounted price. Rather they might accept the negotiation on related accessories like helmet, lock, pedals, gear, bell, etc.

4. Name some best places to buy a cycle.

Your nearer local bike shops and online portal would be the two best places where you can check the bikes and find one!

Additional Facts after Buying a Bike

There are some facts that you have to purchase or keep during the post-purchase of a bike. they are as follows-

  • Helmet to protect your head from any accident while riding outdoor. It is assumed as lifesaver material.
  • Keep or buy a repair kit to fix regular issues instantly.
  • Keeping a water bottle is mandatory while you are planning for long-distance riding.
  • Follow the safety rules of the road while riding strictly

End Notes

Biking is an evergreen hobby that not only refreshes mind but also fulfills daily purposes. Some use bikes for entertainment, some for health benefits and others for their work purpose. So, the time of buying a bike is considered an important fact to most of the people.

Besides, age and gender basis consideration also influence over time. Like the young people love to spend their evening by riding whatever the season it is, even they tend to go school by cycling, for them the demand for buying or repairing bike seems average throughout the year.

Most people shop when the stores come up with various discounts on a particular period of the year. At that time, they can have other bike accessories at cheaper rates also. Apart from this, there are few days that people involve in high number to buy a cycle.

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