Cycling in the Morning vs. Evening Differences


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Cycling is a widely accepted exercise everywhere because of its multiple benefits. People practices cycling for various purposes such as for recreation, sporting, exercise or going office. It not only helps to be fit physically but also be fit mentally.

People who are thinking to ride regularly but getting confused about when would be the perfect timing between morning and evening; I believe; they can find their right choice after reading this.

Morning Time Cycling

If you are an early riser and enjoy the sunrise and whisper of the birds, you may choose this time to ride your cycle. American doctors have mentioned that the glucose level tends to 15% to 20% lower after waking up in the morning which will help you to reduce the weight.

Besides, you will get pure sunshine therapy and fresh air which are beneficial to your health. You will also face no traffic in the morning which eventually saves your time.

Evening Time Cycling

Not everyone might get time to cycle in the morning as they have an office, school or other work to do at that time. For them, the evening would be the best choice and also a part of the entertainment as well as relaxation. According to the UK health specialists, they refer evening time cycling more effective than morning time cycling because not everyone’s health would be in the same condition to handle such shock as the glucose level is already at a low rate.

Morning vs. Evening Cycling

Here, I will show you some comparisons of them so that you can measure and select your preferred cycling time!

Morning Cycling

Evening Cycling

  • Make you early riser
  • No contribution on early rising
  • Burn your fat quickly
  • Experience sunshine, fresh air, and traffic-free ride
  • Experience cool temperature, sunset, and group entertainment
  • Time is limited because of having the next scheduled task
  • No task at all as you have already done your day time work
  • Breakfast might not be enough to back up the calories sometimes as this exercise burn huge stamina
  • Dinner would give you proper back up of calories
  • You can’t escape from your work if you are tired of cycling in the morning
  • You can have a quick nap because of cycling in the evening
  • You might not have company during morning like you child or friends (exceptional)
  • You will always have company while cycling in the evening


1. Should I consider my age to select the timing of cycling?

Yes, of course. You should consider the age not only for you but also for any of your family members, cycling time should be considered according to their health capacity.

2. How I can differ the benefit of cycling in the morning and evening?

You can differ them based on calories burning, or the measurement of relaxation of cycling that you get from different timing ride.

3.Which timing would be more entertaining?

The evening! Because you will get more time, no after schedules, more company, nighttime entertainment, time with family and friends will be much more entertaining than morning.

Both of the timings have their facts that might attract a person based on his mode of choice. A physical therapist from NHS has said that people who work from home or work for long hours by sitting should take morning time cycling whereas people who work hard physically should take evening time cycling.

Charming Facts of cycling in the Evening

  • You can go for nighttime exploration on the hill side area or into the forest, this would be an adventure for those who love to experience the excitement.
  • Make your own family or friends game via evening time cycling
  • You can go for a ride to near the shop with your dear ones by cycling in the evening or have a sip of coffee in the near coffee shop. This can be called coffee with cycling!
  • Your fashion sense will boost up because you are going to meet so many people in the evening time!
  • You can back home with a refreshed mind and this will help you to spend quality time with your family.


The time of cycling may vary from person to person based on their job, age and capacity. I prefer evening time cycling because it will give you both pleasure and physical fitness all along. Morning time cycling is also good but in today’s busy life it is harder to start a day with a hard work out if you are not working from home or are going to sit in front of your desktop for the whole day!

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