New vs. Old Bike – Let’s know The Pros & Cons


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Are you planning to get a bike? Or you are tired of your old one, need a new ride experience? Many of us fall in confusion while buying a bike thinking that should we buy a new bike or go for an old one!

It depends on some facts like budget, availability, fascination, and purpose even. The fascinating fact is you have to buy a new bike almost at the same rate wherever you buy it, but in the case of the old bike, price varies according to the condition of the cycle.

To avoid confusion we state some facts that you will get hints which one to buy!


New Bike

Old Bike


  • Tends to be high
  • The hidden cost might be low because it’s brand new
  • Depends on the condition
  • Sometimes you need to pay more for the second-hand latest model
  • The hidden cost is mandatory


  • A new feature with high quality
  • Buying new bikes means getting fresh slates
  • Smooth & sophisticated surface of parts
  • Old feature with degraded quality
  • Buying old bikes mean you have to compromise
  • Less sophisticated in design

Your capacity

  • If you are a beginner then it would be a better choice
  • Sometimes, you have to take the disadvantage also for not knowing the fixing facts
  • If you are familiar with fixing a bike, you may choose the old one
  • It seems hassle and time consuming if you intend to fix by own-self


  • New bikes are meant to be safer than old bikes
  • They are tested for company’s sake of reputation before hand over
  • It might not be safe all the time
  • You have to test it while buying it
  • If you buy from online, you may not get a chance to test or return it (most cases)


  • You will get a guarantee card for a minimum of 6 months
  • Free workshop service will also be provided for a particular time
  • There is no guarantee card not even any free workshop service facility for a particular time


  • Wider choice
  • Different color & size
  • Limited choice
  • Limited color & size

New Bikes over Old Bikes or Old Bikes over New Bikes?

As you see the facts you will meet while buying a new or old one, you might need some clear consideration right now.

  • If you care for pricing of a cycle, you may go for an old bike for their reasonable prices
  • If you care for a model, then you have to compromise your budget

The better and safe option is to go for new bikes because you will get so many benefits from buying a new one.

But people with vintage, they love to stick between old facts and products, for the old products are still precious. They may not care about upgrade rather they enjoy the old version.

Some Common Facts while Buying Bikes

  • Search Properly: Before buying any bike, you should select the category such as commuter, or mountain bike depending on your demand. You may visit your nearer shops, or Bicycle Blue Book, Pro Tested Gear or Pro’s Closet. Narrow your size to state a perfect decision.
  • Check Frame: The owner of Pro’s Closet has suggested checking the underneath and around the joints of the frame to avoid rust, cracks, etc.
  • Tires Checking: You should check the tire by kicking or taking any of your friends with high IQ on bike condition, said Changing Gears’ Director.
  • Review & Feedback: Before buying from any online sites, check their return policy as well as rating or reviews that should be 90% positive. Such as some provide negative reviews on the buying cycle from Craigslist because they don’t have any seller feedback.
  • Final Inspection: When you have decided to buy a particular on whereas new or old; you may buy extra tires, grips, tapes, etc. to give your modification or give a new look to the old one! Another important fact is to test your bike in the shop before paying.


1. Which one would be the best choice between the old and new bike?

Of course, the new one. It will provide you latest model, guarantee card, service facility, and a better experience. Along with, you get preference on color, model, quality rather than old model!

2. Where would I get Old Bike?

You can easily find an old bike from the nearest shops in the time of sale, friends or relatives, or from online. Here are some of the best places to buy used bikes online: Craigslist, eBay, eBid, etc. on what you can rely on.

3. Which one is more pricey?

In general, the new one would be! But comparing with second-hand the latest version might be pricey sometimes. But don’t forget to check and recheck the old one if you go for it!

4. Is it wise to buy a second hand latest expensive model?

How long the bike has been used and what is the present status of the latest can define the answer. It seems not everyone affords the latest versions so they look for second hand, for them, it would wise to check the following facts while buying.

Final Touch:

Still, confused between old and new? Don’t worry. When you search more and more and write down each of your favorite ones’ pros and cons, you might fairly get the answer. Most people prefer to buy a new one though they are a little bit pricey, you get service benefits and an upgraded version.

Buying a second-hand bicycle is quite hassle because you need to check price, condition, modify (if required), no service facility for free, insufficiency on getting particular parts and so on. It would be wise to care little about money rather than get a new bike with a wide range of facilities!

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