Magna Bikes Review – Worthy for your child


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Cycling is an alternative form of playing. It requires no electricity, no batteries; rather can be enjoyed in nature by riding it outside. Out of modern indoor gaming tools, you want to give your child a fresh introduction with nature, then gift him a cycle. Here, I am going to review some facts on Dynacraft Magna Dirt Bike as I found it one of the top dirt bikes of this year!

For instance, this epic feature is safe and comfortable enough that entertains your child and handle your child from falling. Besides, this 16” Magna bike is specially designed for boys and its color combination doesn’t miss anyone’s attention while riding it on the street.

Why Dynacraft Magna Bike?

Dynacraft Magna Bike has backside support by adjustable small wheels (removable) on both sides that enable a safer ride. Your child can easily rely on it rather than freaking out on his first trial riding on only two wheels with the uncertainty of balance!

Along with it, it also provides a padded seat, coaster brakes, pedals, and matching grips. The yellow and black color combination can catch anyone’s eyes instantly. It can carry 80 pounds (maximum).

What’s in it?

  • Brand: Magna
  • Bike Type: BMX
  • Body Materials: Stainless Steel
  • Special Feature: Training Wheels (Adjustable)
  • Dimension: (H) 7 inches, (W) 17 inches, (L) 36.6 inches
  • Weight: 24.03 Pounds
  • Gender of User: Male
  • Recommended Age: 4 to 8 years
  • Maximum Carrying Capacity: 80 pounds
  • Color: Yellow and Black
  • Warranty: Lifetime (in case of frame and fork)
  • Other Items: Coaster Brakes, Padded Seat
  • Country of Origin: USA

Features Analysis

Body Material & Color: This sturdy stainless steel frame is specially designed for 4 to 8 years old boys. Its adorable look and color contrast attracts anyone. Besides, it also focuses on the seating comfort of your child such as it provides a padded seat. And also has coaster brakes.
Special Features: Dynacraft Magna Dirt bikes offer adjustable training wheels that wipe out your child’s fear on the first ride. These training wheels are two small-sized black wheels adjusted with the back wheel for stability as well as extra balance. This can be removable too!
Wheels, Pedals & Brakes: Wheel material is steel and the fork is guaranteed. The tire size is 16” x 1.75” and its pedal material is made of resin. Here, the handlebar pad is used for more comfort. But the tire quality is pretty low which should have been improved. Also, the crankshaft requires extra focus.

However, you won’t find such a feature in this rate with a fine-tuning, sturdy look, safe ride, and training wheels. It also obtained 3.8 stars in the BoolPool rating.


  • Smooth ride
  • Trouble-free assemble  facility
  • Adjustable seat & training wheels
  • Affordable Price rate
  • Admirable striking color


  • Low-quality tire
  • Pedals and crankshaft can be further improved!


The Dynacraft Magna Yellow BMX Bike has become quite popular among the customers. Though Dynacraft is selling other luxurious features, this one is admirable and sturdy for its fine finishing. When I saw it, I got encouraged to write a few words for this one.

This Dynacraft Magna Yellow Bike Review highlights the structure, material, color, and pricing. You will get a sturdy bike at a fair price with a lifetime guarantee on frame & fork which has handlebar pad, coaster brake, and both removable and adjustable trainee wheels at once.


  • Can I get another color of the same feature?

No, this feature comes with one color only and that is yellow!

  • Do I have to assemble it or it is already assembled?

First thing, you have to assemble it. It can be easily assembled and takes approximately 20 minutes. You can find a video of a trial online or you can request a manual while ordering it.

  • What is the maximum height of a passenger for being perfectly suitable?

There is no such instruction on height but it has age (4 to 8 years) and weight (up to 80 pounds) restrictions. But as far as it is assumed that it would be perfect for up to 50 inches. Because it has an adjustable seat

  • Can I ride it on grass or asphalt?

Yes, it will firmly work on grass, asphalt, or even in the dirt.

  • Does it have front brakes?

No, you will just get the paddle brake.


Along with teaching how to cycle, you can also teach your son how to take care of it daily.

For example:

  • Check the wheel (tires also) before and after the ride.
  • Clean it immediately after getting dirty or a regular basis.
  • Check the bearings, pedals, brakes before riding it.
  • Use lubricant at least once a week.
  • Dry it via a napkin after every wash.
  • Use cover when you store it in the garage.

Happy Ride!

Through a good cycle, your child will be encouraged to ride outside, get fresh air, proper exercise, body strength, and brain stimulation. Start your child cycling life with a good and reliable one. By this review, you can see that it meets all the criteria that you look for. So, don’t delay and order Dynacraft Magna Yellow BMX Bike from your most convenient dealer!