Goodr Sunglasses Review – Protect your Eyes


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It was a shame for us at the time there were no good looking and anti-slip sunglasses for runners. But all of a sudden, scientist of goodr has come with goodr OG sunglasses and where they solved the problems that the runners usually face.

 Back in 2015, Goodr wanted everyone to look fashionable and look good at the same during running. From then they are producing some great running swag ever. Their primary driving force is the wayfarer sunglasses, which have two styles OG and BFG. Here in Goodr sunglasses review, you’ll get a whole idea of goodr OG sunglasses.

Here we’ll see the features of this active sunglass and get ideas about its advantages and limitations. So, without wasting time, let’s get started.

Goodr OG Sunglass

The OG looks beautiful and straightforward, and the classic wayfarer shape suits the lenses perfectly in daily pair of sunglasses. It has polarized lenses that give standard UV400 protection. Now let’s talk about its shape and fitness, doesn’t snug too much or not too slack. You’ll find this OG goodr sunglasses specialized for running because it has exterior coating matte style material, which offers just enough snug to keep things in place. Now its time to look at what else goodr glasses offering.

  • Not all the glasses, but some selected colorways provide polarized lenses. Also, they reduce the glare and block all most 100% detrimental UVA and UVB rays.
  • Most of the cases show that most of the running glasses have slippage problems due to perspiration. To eliminate the slippage, they provide special grip coating on extended silicone inserts.
  • Lightweight but stable frame and comfy fit prevent bouncing during running.
  • Lens width is adequate to shield the eye from staying out until 4 a.m.
  • The good OG is offering a reasonable price, which won’t make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Reduces the chances of a wild animal attack like Leopards. A leopard has ever attacked no one wearing this glass.

Advantages of goodr OG sunglass

You have already known the first and foremost advantages of the goodr OG sunglasses. Yes, it is specially made of runners. Also, from features, you got the shadow idea of its benefits. Lets, discuss some particular conveniences of this glass.

Cheap in price

All of the colorways have an exact amount of price, and that is $25. Some of us can think its abilities are just like its low price. Just buy a sunglass around $25 and compare it with goodr OG sunglass. From buildup material to glass, grip, size, everything has tremendous quality in good OG.

Various sizes

It may seem odd, but the goodr is unique. Another proof is they are providing a couple of different fit options. If you follow the goodr bfg sunglasses review, you probably know that includes design for them who need a wider/larger fit.

Unique Design

we have already discussed its sleek and dashing design. Most of the sunglasses you see in the marker are sports types or controlled by the cycling market. The goodr has come out of that design and providing new and fashionable ones.


More durable than any other glasses and can handle rough tackle. Most of us use sunglasses in any manner. We throw the sunglass in the bag. The goodr OG can handle some roughness and has a sturdy shape.

Limitations of goodr OG Sunglass

Besides some advantages, you’ll see some bad sides of these sunglasses. From other customer’s goodr sunglasses review, we see that this limitation is not that eye-catching. Let’s talk about them.

Non-interchangeable lenses

This can seem pretty odd to you if you are used to wearing expensive sunglasses. But you cannot tell significant limitations of the goodr OG because interchangeable sunglasses are costly, but with that money, you can but almost 10 pieces of goodr OG.


The UV protected lenses have no photochromatic options. However, you cannot expect it from these cheap sunglasses.


1. Which one is better, Ray Ban or Oakley?

 Oakley glasses can eliminate distortion on a curved lens on the borderline vision. In contrast, Ray Ban is fashionable too but targets the decent sunglasses lover. It has a classic shape. So, it entirely depends on you on how to see the curved lens and non-curved lens. 

2. What is UV protected sunglasses? 

Sunglasses are to protect your eyes from the bright light of the sun. But the sun also scatters some polarized rays like UVA, UVB, and UVC. The sunglasses which protect these rays are called UV protected sunglasses. On the other hand, polarized glasses can not protect UV rays but offer a better image. 

3. Does big frame sunglasses go with this modern age? 

Styles and presences are entirely up to you. But the truth is big frame sunglasses are not that trendy in recent years. People prefer more sporty look sunglasses and sunglasses like goodr OG.

Final Note!

From a goodr running sunglasses review, it appears that this sunglass is pretty stylish, useful, comfortable, and above all, a champion at this price range. Check out all the colors it got and choose the perfect one for you and rock on!