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People who don’t desire to break the bank at the same time want the best kid bike may read this royal baby bike reviews. Parents will find the design fascinating, and for kids, the bike is offering some great eye-catching color.

Let’s focus on brand RoyalBaby. From the name of this company, anybody can understand that the significant and foremost duty is to make some stupendous and colorful bikes for the children. Futhermore, it is not possible to think that the royal baby doesn’t look at the safety of kids. Parents believe it is reliable as a safer ride is always the motto of its manufacturer.

Furthermore, they design the structure so that the bike seems more comfortable for both boys and girls. They are the most popular and best-selling children bikes in china. Let’s see how it is diverting our choice from other bikes.

Features of Royal Baby Bike

As an expert for kids riding, you can expect something out of the ordinary on it. To keep your children healthier and cheerful, there is no other way to select a bike that seems comfortable and easy to control. There is no point in exaggerating, and let’s see its royal features.

Varieties of Sizes

First of all, the most important thing it is offering is 5 different sizes of wheels. As a parent, you should notice the size of your children’s bike. The bike may be smooth, seats are comfortable, but a happy riding can turn into onerous riding without a perfect size. The royal baby bikeis offering 12, 14, 16, 18- and 20-inches bike. By following easy to follow chart, you will get the idea your child needs.

95% Assembled

Don’t have to take assemble lots of think after buying. They will give you 95% assembled. Rest 5% is nothing but to assemble the seat. Often assembling wheel and brake turns into a disaster for parents. It just needs four steps assembling before ready for riding. Moreover, assembling tools and assembling guides are included.

Protected Riding

Already told, they focus on safer riding. To protect children from potential accidents, they provide a comfortable and secure grip, excellent double brake- front caliper brake and rear coaster brake which makes the bike double safer. Wide pneumatic tire and anti-paddle are also ingredients to provide a more reliable ride.

Design and Color

Nothing is more critical than first of look at the bike. RoyalBaby offers a sturdy and robust frame and stiff crank. Besides, a wide range of color choosing options will relieve you from getting a boring color bike for your children. Moreover, Children will enjoy the bell ring as it looks stylish and smooth in operation. The soft seat and dye decal add extra enthusiasm for the rider.

Additional Things

The ergonomic seat has a saddle bar and a quick-release option. Children can adjust their comfortable sitting position easily. Furthermore, it offers a water bottle with holder. Also, sealed bearing makes the well completely maintenance-free and higher drive efficiency. Different sizes of RoyalBaby are offering various sizes of training. But they provide kickstand with 16, 18- and 20-inches wheel.


  • Suitable For – 3 to 9 years
  • Available sizes –12,14,16,18 and 20 inches.
  • Frame –Steel
  • Tire Size –2.4 Inches
  • Brake –Front and Rear brake.
  • Kickstand – Available for 16,18 and 20 Inches.
  • Training wheel –Included
  • Weight –19 lbs
  • Number of speeds –1


  • Easy to assemble
  • The entire chain guard protects the chain from soiling.
  • Anti-slip resin paddle.
  • Electroplating paint makes the color lively.
  • Stem height and angle are adjustable.
  • Never bent training wheel leg makes the riding safe.


  • The sitting/ pedaling position is not that suitable.
  • The handle locking system makes it challenging to learn cycling on two wheels.
  • The bike is on heavier side.


1. Does the training wheel really work?

Training wheels are epitome for younger kids. Children feel like they are waking. They learn how to move the bike side to side and control the balance comfortably. Besides, the Training wheel gives them courage riding on the bike as they wish. To learn balance before paddling is more important. On that, training wheels do a great job.

2. Which is suitable for a 6-month-old infant, baby bike seat, or croozer?

Croozer baby seat is specialized for 1-10 months old infant. It priories safety. On the other hand, baby bike seat is comfortable for babies, but they have safety issues. That’s why crooner seems both appropriate and safe for toddlers.

3. Balance bike or training wheel, which is better?

In training wheel bikes, the child has to make paddle motion where balance is somewhat implicit. In contrast, balance bikes are allowing an exquisite seamless transition to a paddle bike, which has a lack of training wheel bikes.

Final Note!

The kind of preparations to make the product suitable for children are nearly perfect.  Everything on the bike is comfortable and safe. The training wheels are durable and give children the confidence to move around. One thing you should carefully notice is your child’s weight. The bike is on the heavier side. For an underweight child, it won’t be a perfect choice. But overall, the RoyalBaby give a royal service.