How to Make Bike Seats More Comfortable – Simpler Guide


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Ever faced butt pain after riding? Wonder why it hurts? May be your bike seat becomes uncomfortable.

Wonder how can you make your bike seat more comfortable? I am here to help. Just keep going through the article. By following some simple steps your bike’s seat will become much more comfortable than you can expect

But first thing first

Why your butt hurt while riding the bicycle?

There can be many reasons behind but it mostly occurs due to one reason and it is due to the bike seat. After riding for some time if your butt or crotch hurt then it is because of these reasons

  • Improper sitting position on the saddle
  • Bad quality saddle
  • Worn or torn out saddle
  • Misaligned seat post and saddle
  • Handlebar positioned improperly

In a word, it mainly occurred if your seat post becomes uncomfortable.

How bike seats become uncomfortable?

There are many and various quality seats available for bikes. Not all are good in quality and made of hard materials which can be the reason for uncomforting while riding. A long-used torn or worn off saddle also could be the reason for that. A misaligned seat post or improperly positioned seat post will always a subject to uncomfortable to the riders.

Getting the Right Saddle

There are different kinds of saddles for different kinds of riding styles. Having an unsuitable saddle for a different ride might result in a very uncomfortable riding experience. Thus knowing the saddle type is essential.

  1. Comfort Saddles
  2. Cruiser Saddle
  3. Racing Saddle
  4. Advanced inflatable or sheepskin saddle

Even saddle varies by gender.

Gender-Specific Saddle

As all people posterior varies by gender, it a very typical practice among some riders to select gender-specific saddles. The men’s version of saddles is thin and extended in long where the women’s version is wider. It’s due to provide more additional support. But some think it could cause chaffing and soreness while pedaling.

Though gender-specific saddle doesn’t change much riding experience, some women find the female version of the wide saddle more comfortable. Men choose this male version due to inserting in a racing bicycle.

So choosing a saddle especially a specific type is very important. Thus it is advised to trial as many saddles as possible before buying one. You won’t know which will be agreeable to your Physique unless you try out.

How to make a bike seat more comfortable?

Adjusting Seat Height

Some people ride with wrong adjusted seat height which usually resulting in imbalance and uncomforting while riding. Thus Adjusting the seat height is a very essential part of riding a bicycle comfortably.

If the height is too low, you might be able to reach the ground easily but it could result in imbalance while taking sharp turns. On the other hand, if the height of the seat post is too high then it could cause butt and crouch pain.

So it is highly recommended to adjust seat height properly. You could measure the distance of buttocks from the ground and adjust your seat post to as same height as the bottom bracket.

Suitable Seat Horizontal Positioning

Most of the cyclist don’t care about the horizontal position of the seat. Sometimes the seat remains very far or very close. It is not an idle position for riding. In long ride, it could cause numbness and an uncomfortable situation.

So it is suggested to adjust your seat post horizontal position before adjusting other things.

Handlebar Height Matching

Some may think that handlebar height doesn’t affect comfort in riding. But they are very wrong. A mispositioned handlebar could make your ride tiresome and result in back pain including butt pain. Thus adjusting the height of the handlebar according to your seat post might make sitting on your bike very comfortable.

The handlebar should be aligned the same as the handlebar or a bit higher.

Saddle Tilt Adjustment

The saddle should be a little bit tilted according to your comfort level. A bit downward tilt or level saddle is usually best for riders to sit on. Sores and Groin numbness can be caused due to the upward tilting saddle. On the other hand, numbness can be caused due to the downward tilt which might slide you forward and put more pressure on your hand.

Shifting Weight

Shifting weight is very important and should be taken care of properly if you are going for a long ride. Taking a cross-body bag to carry items such as clothing, electronics and other essential item is not a good idea. It could place an irregular strain on the shoulders. In long run, these might cause some severe health issues.

Heavy loads should be carried in pannier bags which can be set at back or front of the bicycle.

Getting a Seat Cover

Getting a good seat cover is also important if you prefer comfort from your seat. It sometimes becomes a part of annoying for most people. Thus they prefer changing it after a short while.

Seat covers aren’t expensive that much and you can use them by washing them again and again until it tore or worn off.

Applying Chamois Creams

Using Chamois or Vaseline on the seat cover can reduce friction and movement on the two sides repeatedly. Friction could cause numbness and strains. Thus applying these creams before a long ride is a very good idea too.

Final Words

I hope you now know how you can make the seat of your bike more comfortable. Try these methods and enjoy your ride more comfortably and safely.