How to Raise The Handlebars on a Child’s Bike


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You are probably here because your kid’s bike handlebar is too low. Need to raise the handlebar? Wondering how to raise the handlebar of a kid’s bike?

No worries, we are here to help you with the easiest and quickest way.

Steps to Raise the Handlebar of a Kid’s Bike

Step – 1 || Getting the Tools ||

The first thing you need to do is to find the right tools which are needed. Those are

  1. Allen Key
  2. Allen Wrench that supports in a Sunken Hexagonal socket
  3. Adjustable Rent for a protruding nut

Step – 2 || Losing the Stem Bolt ||

Now you need to loosen the stem bolt using the right size Allen Key. Try not to remove it completely from the stem. If you do so, it might be tricky and hard to mantle it again.

Step – 3 || Pulling the Handlebar ||

Now all you need to do is pull the handlebar upwards steadily to the desired height where your kid feels comfortable. You can straddle the wheels at the front by using your legs to press it to lift the handlebar.

Step – 4 || Rotating the handlebar ||

It is necessary to rotate the handlebar to have the desired orientation. It will help to prevent the handlebar from pulled out.

Step – 5 || Aligning the Handlebar with saddle ||

Aligning the handlebar with the saddle makes it suitable. The position of the Handlebar may be above or at par or below the saddle. All these needs for your comfort zone

Step – 6 || Tighten the Handlebars ||

Now the final step is to tight the joints. It is necessary to secure the handlebar firmly and prevent fidgeting. While doing it check if the kid can freely embark and disembark the bike.

Other Ways to Raise the Handlebar of a Kid’s Bike

You can also change the stem to an adjustable or stem riser. It is the easiest but a bit costly way to raise the handlebar.


Why do you need to raise the handlebar of a kid’s bike?

It is because of the comfort while your kid rides the bike. It is not that the kid won’t be able to ride it if the handlebar is too high or too low. But it won’t be comfortable as it should be in right high.

What is the position of the handlebar perfect for kids?

It depends on your kid’s height and bike’s frame size. Unusually the handlebar should be aligned to the saddle. But keeping it a bit high from the saddle might provide a bit more comfort while riding.

Are stem risers safe and more comfortable?

It is fully safe to use a stem riser on a kid’s bike. But inserting it on a mountain bike is not a good idea. It might provide more comfort and relief from back pain, it is not for all kinds of bikes. Also, keep in mind it increases the force on the headset and sometimes breaks it.

How long does it take to put a kid’s bike together?

Most Bike shop’s mechanics can put together a kid’s bike in 15-20 mins. However, it varies by the skill of the mechanics.


Now you know the A to Z of how to raise a handlebar of a kid’s bike. Try it if you need to raise the handlebar of any kid’s bike. It is the quickest and easiest way to do so.