How to Put Air in Bicycle Tires


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A bicycle is a daily used vehicle for college students or office workers who own it. Using it almost every possible day, the tires lose the air inside and need to be refilled with air. So, how to put air in bicycle tires?

The bike tire pressure should be on point so that you can have a comfortable ride with constant speed. If the pressure doesn’t remain in a constant rate, then you will face various problems. There are different ways to put air in bicycle tires, and you should know about them.

In this content, you will know about the necessity of constant bike tire pressure, the necessity of putting air regularly, and the ways of putting air in bicycle tires. Again, you will find some additional tips and FAQs to help you understand the topic. So, let’s start.

Why Do You Need to Put Air in Bicycle Tire?

Look, we all know that the bicycle requires no fuel to run, and the tires of the bicycle need to be filled with air. This is very important for the tires as the cycle needs to balance on the road. If the tires have not enough air pressure, then the cycle balance will be destroyed, and in the mean time you can’t ride it comfortably.

In maximum cases, the process of refilling the air in bike tires is very easy to do. But, sometimes on some sports bike, it is very tough to do so by yourself. But, if you don’t put air on the tires then it will be a big mess-up for your bike tire’s health.

Again, full of air tires is very important to have the joyful journey. On the other hand, you will get maximum speed on a perfectly filled bike tire.

Necessity to Have Perfect Air Pressure

As you know that, the air is measured by PSI, which says the required pressure for a specific thing. There are different types of bike tires, and the required psi for them are also different.

All the bike tire is made of rubber tube which can increase its volume when it is necessary. So, according to the psi, you can refill the air, and you should not be worried about the tube’s elongation.

You will get the tire PSI on the manual, and you can also automatically measure the PSI by yourself. The high pressure and the low pressure of the tire are simultaneously bad for the tire. You need to keep the air pressure just perfect and average so that you can get a comfortable ride. The tires also show great impact while they are in perfect air. So, maintaining the air pressure is also necessary for you to put air in a bicycle tire.

Different Types of Valves in Bike Tire

There are different types of valves in bike tires, and you should know about them for putting air on them. The types of valves indicate the air nozzle type and make you aware of the air putting method. So, the types are-

  • Presta
  • Schrader
  • Tubeless
  • Wood

These are the types of bike tire valves, and according to the types of valve, you need to select the pump also. The unscrewing method of the different valves is also different. You should make sure that you know the types of valves and have a close overview of them.

Method: How to Put Air in Bicycle Tires

There are some easy steps to follow to put air in bicycle tire by yourself. If you have the pump in hand, then you can do this by yourself by following the steps. So, let’s do this-

Step 1: Take the Bike Pump

What type of pump do you have at your home? Well, take your pump at hand and you are ready to go on the next step. We see two types of pump regularly at home, and they are hand pump and feed pump. The hand pump is small in size and can be controlled by hand only. The feet pump, on the other hand, should require your feet to hold it perfectly. However, once you have got your pump ready and working, then you should go for the next step.

Step 2: Know the Tire Pressure

In this step, you should know the exact tire pressure required according to your tire specification as you know that different tires have different pressure level. So, you should know the pressure level first.

Step 3: Cap Unscrew

After knowing the pressure required, you are ready to unscrew the valve cap. Here, you should keep in mind that different tire types come with different valve cap to unscrew. So, you should know the procedure to unscrew the valve cap.

Step 4: Put the Pump on Valve

Now, it is time to place the pump on the open valve, and you are ready to deliver air to the tire. You may want to know that how to put air in bike tires without a pump? The answer is disappointing and says that you can’t do that without a pump. However, the pump nozzle should be selected according to the valve of the tire.

Step 5: Put Air as Pressure and Inflating

For a hand pump, you should transfer air from the pump to the tire tube. Again, for the feet pumping machine, you will hold one part of the machine with your leg and press the handle with your hand, and it will flow air from the pump to the tire.

Step 6: Close the Tire Valve

Last, of all, you should turn off the tire valve as soon as possible until the pumping finishes. Here, the wastage of time will insist the tire lose the air inside it. So, you are done with the tire filling with air in just six steps.


1. How to put air in bike tires at gas station?

For a gas station, you will find automatic compressed air, which is very powerful, and professionals can control it only. So, in a gas station for filling the air on the bike, you should take a professional’s help.

2. How to pump a bike tire with a needle?

First of all, you should unscrew the valve cap and place the needle into it so that air can pass away. Now, put air pressure at a decent rate so that the tires get filled by air.

3. Can you inflate a bike tire with your mouth?

No, you can’t inflate a bike tire with your mouth, and you should not try this at any condition also.

Additional Tips

  • After filling the air, you may feel the necessity to adjust the air, and if this happens to you, then You should loosen the valve cap and adjust the air.
  • You shouldn’t overfill the tire tube; otherwise, it may cause an accident.

Final Note

Hopefully, you have understood that how to put air in bicycle tires. The process is very easy to follow, and you need to be careful while doing it by yourself. Again, if you want to use the compressed air, then you should take the help of a professional.