Best bike seat for hemorrhoids


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Hemorrhoid is an unpleasant disease also known as piles. Bike riding can cause threatened hemorrhoids patients. 

Long-term sitting on the available bike seat may constrict the blood flow from the affected areas. But there are some best bike seats for hemorrhoid patient’s maximum comfort.

This specialized bike seat is effective for patients who need to have regular bike rides and pregnant women or those who have back pain. 

Today we are introducing you to the six comfortable bike seats for hemorrhoids. Let’s look at the best bike seat to offer?

Is it bad to ride a bike with hemorrhoids?

It is unknown at this time that hemorrhoids can cause cycling. However, hemorrhoid patients may experience irritation, pain, or swelling in the affected area due to cycling. This is why a hemorrhoid patient should take proper steps for cycling or can avoid riding for a few days. 

Our top pick list for your time saving

Best for superior support-Comfortable Exercise Bike Seat Best for superior support-Comfortable Exercise Bike Seat

Thicker foam, durable leather surface, excellent shock absorption, oversized seat.

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Best for indoor exercise-Giddy Up Bike Seat Best for indoor exercise-Giddy Up Bike Seat

A complete package, extra comfortable seat, reflective band, comes with a mounting wrench. 

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Best for upgrade features-GREAN Comfortable Bike Seat Best for upgrade features-GREAN Comfortable Bike Seat

High-density leather cover, soft gel foam, ergonomic design and best shock absorbing 

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Best for hemorrhoids-Sunlite Backrest Saddle Best for hemorrhoids-Sunlite Backrest Saddle

Cushioned backrest, easier to install, lightweight, synthetic material

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Best for budget-Planet A.R.SA.R.S. Standard Bike seat for Hemorrhoids Best for budget-Planet A.R.SA.R.S. Standard Bike seat for Hemorrhoids

Abrasion-resistant and waterproof material, affordable, ideal for both and women, supportive

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Best for durability-Selle Royal Lookin RoyalGel Bike Seat Best for durability-Selle Royal Lookin RoyalGel Bike Seat

Great breathability and elasticity, excellent weight distribution, more than 40% pressure reducer

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Top six best bike seats for hemorrhoids

Nowadays, a large number of American people of 45 to 65 age are suffering from hemorrhoids. They have even continued their cycling. To alleviate the suffering of all these victims, we have chosen the bike seat of the market.

Comfortable Exercise Bike Seat

Comfortable Exercise Bike Seat

It is the best mountain bike seat for hemorrhoids because of having incredibly convenient features. The oversized shape, cushioned saddle and soft foam padding all are excellent for hemorrhoid support. At the same, this exercise bike seat comes with good enough shock absorption power. 

The dimension of this wider bike seat is 10.24 x 10.63 x 5.31 inches, and the weight is 2.69 Pounds. And it is designed for unisex use. So, men or women can pick it up for their highest comfort at hemorrhoids. 

Key Features:

  • Extremely thicker foam provides support to your hip, prostate and tailbone
  • The durable leather surface is long-lasting and water-resistant 
  • Dual spring suspension makes it convenient for a cruiser, outdoor and exercise
  • Excellent shock-absorbing features help to save the hemorrhoid patient from road vibration. 

What customers are saying:

The current customer prefers the easy installation process. Besides, they have said about the easy manual guide and installation tools with this bike seat.

Some customers say the mounting screws are not strong enough, and they have faced problems mounting with those screws. 

Giddy Up Bike Seat

Giddy Up Bike Seat

Are you looking for a wider bike seat for indoor exercise? A giddy-up bike seat is an amazing choice for indoor training, especially for hemorrhoids. It will provide you maximum comfort with cushioned foam of artificial leather cover. Also, know that giddy-up is performed best for outdoor trips. 

This seat is designed with a different wider shape that can give added comfort to hemorrhoid patients. One of the great features of this model is that it comes with dual spring shock absorption. Due to this result, you can enjoy a smoother ride. 

Moreover, a giddy up bike seat has a reputation for a perfect fit with the user. Especially, who have back pain are especially praised for this unit.  

Key Features:

  • A premium bike seat for hemorrhoids with all needed accessories
  • There have dual spring shock absorption features that provide a smooth ride
  • Extra comfortable foam seat is convenient for hemorrhoid

What customers are saying:

The current purchaser is pleased because of this complete package of seat protection cover, reflective band and mounting wrench. The people have also appreciated its versatile use

Some customers are unhappy because there is no manual guide, and some have said that the side-to-side seat construction is not so stable. 

GREEN Comfortable Bike Seat Cushion

GREEN Comfortable Bike Seat Cushion

Green comfort is one of the latest popular bike seats. It is tested for hemorrhoids and the patient of back pain. Hence the manufacturing brand green produced this for multipurpose use like stationary, exercise, indoor and outdoor trips. Its excellent waterproof design, soft gel foam cushioned, and artificial leather cover makes it popular with all. 

The dimension of this green comfortable is 9.7 x 8 x 3.7 inches, and the weight is 1.79 Pounds. It is compatible item for both men and women because we have chosen this as a unisex bike seat. 

Key Features:

  • It is durable because of its high-density leather cover and comfortable for the soft gel foam.
  • The ergonomic design is a great support to make your riding more comfortable.
  • It is shock-absorbing and pain releasing from your tailbone and hip.  

What customers are saying:

  • This product has come with a money-back guarantee. So, the user expresses their pleasure about the 90 days money back policy. 
  • There have been no negative reviews or complaints from the customers about this product so far. 

Sunlite Backrest Saddle

Sunlite Backrest Saddle

With a fully formed and cushioned backrest, this Sunlite Backrest Saddle will be the rich choice for people suffering hemorrhoids. Moreover, it comes in such a way that it will fit ideally on most standard seat posts and is easier to install using a bike tool kit.

Most importantly, its cushioned backrest is ergonomic and lightweight that provides greater support to the lower back and ensures a comfortable journey. This bike seat is nicely constructed with accompanying foam, covered by a synthetic material with a leather finish to ensure durability and premium comfort.

The error side of the bike seat is it won’t be fit for everybody. The dimension of this bike seat is 17 x 11 x 10.5 inches with 3.6 Pounds weight.

Key Features:

  • Made of synthetic material with a leather finish to ensure longevity and a trendy look
  • This bike seat can be raised to three inches for maximum comfort
  • Greatly offer added support to the lower part

What are customers saying:

Most users find this bike seat well made, easier to install, great for the lower back, and extra supportive at a reasonable price.

However, some customers experience that this seat isn’t fitted for them and a bit smaller.

Planet A.R.SA.R.S. Standard Bike seat for Hemorrhoids

Planet A.R.SA.R.S. Standard Bike seat for Hemorrhoids

This Planet A.R.SA.R.S. Standard Bike seat gel pads and foam padding that help reduce the pressure from soft tissues. Besides the bike, the seat includes a complete center recess with a shape.

So, combine these features, the user will have a painless backrest with improved comfort making it ideal for hemorrhoids. Moreover, the bike seat is made of abrasion-resistant and waterproof material that promises longer services.

It’s a budget-friendly bike rest comparing the previous one with strong rails and stays stable while offering greater back support. The downside is that the seat isn’t narrow enough towards the front and may feel pain in the thigh while padding. Besides some feels, it’s not ideal for riding in the city.

The measurement of the planet bike seat is 11 x 7 x 3.25 inches, and the weight is 15.17 ounces.

Key Features:

  • Design with Flexible base and padded with foam to superior support and comfort
  • Its V’ shape cover makes the seat ideal for both man and woman
  • Construct with abrasion-resistant and waterproof material to boost the durability

What are customers saying:

At an affordable price, most users find it impressive, durable, comfortable, supportive, and ideal for a range of the bike.

Conversely, some people experience thigh pain while padding since the seat isn’t narrow enough.

Selle Royal Lookin RoyalGel Bike Seat

Selle Royal Lookin RoyalGel Bike Seat

Next on the list is the Selle Royal Lookin RoyalGel bike seat. This best motorcycle seat for hemorrhoids comes with a water-resistant saddle that can reduce added temperature from the surface more convincingly than a regular black saddle.  

Thus, the rider will have a calm feeling back that won’t let her suffer even if she has a hemorrhoids problem. Moreover, there is a foam matrix structure in this model that can increase breathability and elasticity.

It has come with a connected clip system, this bike seat is extremely easy to attach with the bike to enjoy comfortable riding. The error side of this bike seat is it’s a bit larger for a standard motorcycle; however, it will be perfect for Graziella or folding bikes. 

Key Features:

  • This bike seat is designed with scuff guards at the nose and sides to increase longevity.
  • Construct with athletic shape in mind. Thus, the heart offers excellent weight distribution to the rider
  • It is better to pressure reducing 40% more than a normal bike seat

What are customers saying:

This bike seat is available at a reasonable price while offering waterproof and cool surfaces to improve comfort. Besides, it’s an elastic and breathable bike seat that is easy to install.

Some users find it a bit larger for their back, while some experience it loses over time.

The considering factors before buying the best bike seat for hemorrhoids

Here we would talk about some must-have features of an ideal bike seat that is helpful for hemorrhoids. 


If you suffer from Hemorrhoids, then you must choose oversized & wider seats. Do note that the wider seat will support your hips on both sides and relax in the hemorrhoid area. Besides, a large heart is good for disabled people and those who have tailbone pain. 

Foam quality:

The softer the inner foam, the more comfortable it will be to the rider. In this case, you need to check if the soft gel is used inside the foam. Most importantly, this Soft cushioned foam will reduce the friction from the hemorrhoid area. 

Surface cover:

Best bike seat cover for hemorrhoids is usually leather or artificial leather. It is good to choose a surface cover that is waterproof, non-slippery and comfortable. 

Shock absorption:

One of the good qualities of a bike seat depends on the shock absorption power. The more shock absorption your bike seat has, the more comfortable you will get. There is no alternative to shock absorption if you want to get a smoother ride. 

Central hollow design:

Center cutout design mainly works to run the air circulation and reduces the heat and pressure from the private parts. It will also protect you from excessive sweating. So, you must make sure about the central hollow design before buying a bike seat for hemorrhoids.


Very heavy bike seats or very lightweight seats are not recommended for Hemorrhoids. That’s why you should always choose a seat of medium weight. The weight would be 1 pound to 3 pounds. 


1)   Does riding a bike aggravate hemorrhoids?

Biking can cause a lot of problems for those who have hemorrhoids. So, spending a lot of time in a spin class and bike riding can increase your hemorrhoid. For this, you can use an oversized wider bike seat that comes with soft gel foam and a water-resistant leather cover.

2)   How do you ride a bike with hemorrhoids?

You can ride the best bike shorts for hemorrhoids after taking proper caution. First of you must need an oversized cushioned bike seat that would be comfortable and supportive for the hip and back. After that, you can avoid long-distance cycling when you have hemorrhoids.

3)   What is the relationship between cycling and hemorrhoids?

There is not any direct relationship between cycling and hemorrhoids. But your long period of cycling can be because of the threat of hemorrhoids. So, it is good to avoid cycling or take the highest security for hemorrhoids when cycling.

Final Words:

We hope you will benefit from the summary of this Best bike seat for hemorrhoids reviews. Although, specialized bike seats are not the ultimate solution for hemorrhoid patients.

At the same time, the best bike seat can give maximum comfort for serious hemorrhoids. So, you can pick up a bike seat from the above list as per your preference.

We have mentioned all top-notch models, but there is the lucky one. You can mostly rely on a Comfortable Exercise Bike Seat for hemorrhoids because it is tested from our personal experience. If you feel good, then share this guide on your social media so that the community of hemorrhoids patients can get these resources.

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