Does Cycle Gear Mount Tires


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Mounting tires and balancing is a regular requirement of bikers of every age. While searching through the Internet about tire mounting services, you might have come across the name “Cycle Gear.” After being acquainted with their store service, it’s pretty natural to wonder, “Does Cycle Gear Mount Tires?”

Cycle Gear is a renowned store in the USA with various helmets, tires, safety jackets, shoes, and accessories. Other than providing protective gears, they are also efficient in mounting tires as per customer’s requirements.

In this article, we have briefly discussed the mounting service of Cycle Gear along with a detailed procedure to mount and balance motorcycle tires. So, bikers, be ready and take the bike for an excellent mounting service right away!

Cycle Gear: 

The renowned company Cycle Gear started its journey in 1974 in northern California. Their theory of prioritizing customer satisfaction is the root cause of their massive success. Suppose a biker wishes to purchase motorcycle gear, apparel, or accessories. In that case, Cycle Gear is the first name that will pop up in his mind.

The authority of Cycle Gear chooses the top products to sell on their website or in their stores. In order to provide the best experience while biking, Cycle Gear performed broad research to discover the best stuff for motorbikes. The brand is enhancing its business by increasing its stores nationwide. 

Cycle Gear has deep connections with the best clothing and accessory manufacturers of the world due to its vast buying power. Thus, the company can bring a new style, products, protections & functionality for the customers within an affordable range. 

Does Cycle Gear Mount Tires? 

“Does Cycle Gear install tires?”

“Does Cycle Gear balance tires?”

“Does Cycle Gear mount tires?”

“Are they responsible for altering tires?” 

These are the regular queries after coming across Cycle Gear for the very first time. 

Besides shopping from the Cycle Gear store, a biker can get his motorcycle tire mounted there. They provide their best service while customers wait or go through their shop & accessories. If he is in a hurry, he can contact the store authority before dropping by. Check the “tire installation service” from the service list if you plan to visit the local store of Cycle Gear. 

Tire Install Service: 

  • Cycle gear’s tire install service includes street tire mounting & balancing.
  • They efficiently alter the tubes of tube-type tires.
  • The company is renowned for its lifetime balancing service.

In order to enjoy a lifetime computerized balance, a customer needs to provide proof of purchase. 


A customer can purchase street tires from Cycle Gear by paying $25 only where the usual cost is $50. Off-road tire service from cycle gear will cost only $20. On the contrary, other vendors will charge at least $30 for the same service. 

                         Price Overview (Per Tire)
Tire TypePrice
Street Tire$25
Off-road tire$20

So, why won’t you go for the premium services of Cycle Gear?

8 Easy Steps To Mount And Balance Bike Tires!

Though tire shops provide mounting services, many bikers prefer to mount and balance tires in their own home or workshop. How to mount & Balance motorcycle tires? Check out nine steps to Mount the tire without any hassle!

  1. First, you need to warm up the tire under the sunlight or room temperature for manipulation. After removing the wheel, use a bead breaker for the entire bead separation.
  2. Utilizing soapy water for rim lubrication is a great idea—thrust two tire irons under the bead. 
  3. After lubricating, the bead’s inside flip over the wheel.
  4. Now go for a detailed inspection on wheels and tire stem if there is any damage or cracks. After inspection, clean the rim beads with a wire brush. Remember to lock the nut inside by double nutting or thread lock.
  5. Check the directional arrow, balance marks, manufacturer’s direction for tire pressure before mounting the tire.
  6. After lubrication, place the tire on the wheel for proper installation. After holding the tire at the East and west point of the compass, spin the wheel around 180° while pressing the tire at the rim’s edge. Now, put a tire iron on the counterpart at the beading point, three to four inches ahead.
  7. Apply soap solution on the bead area and inflate the tire until you get two snap sounds to confirm beads slipping in their places. Reinflating right after deflating stretches the wheel evenly. It’s advised to remove stickers for better balancing.
  8. Now It’s time to test the work on an even floor. By running the axle through the wheel, we deduce the wheel’s momentum, which ultimately leads to the decision of whether to reduce the weight or not.

We can finally decide if the wheel is perfectly balanced. If it’s not doing pendulum movement and the bike is ready to be used after a double-check.

What Is The Cost to Install Motorcycle tires?

In order to change tires, a biker needs to pay around $20 to $125 per tire. Tire carrying service will cost $25 to $50, where bike ride-in cost is about $45 to $80. Thus, the average cost of installing a tire is $50. 


Are RevZilla and Cycle Gear the same company? 

Neither RevZilla & Cycle Gear are the same, nor they intend to form a unified company. Both brands will function separately under their management & leaders. 

Can any tire shop change a motorcycle tire? 

Almost every tire store out there provides mounting services. They have broad experience and proficiency in installing motorcycle tires accurately. So, bikers can rely on them without worries. 

How to Contact Cycle Gear Customer Support?

A customer can get Cycle Gear’s phone number and email on their official Web page. Their customer support is open every day but follows a specific schedule.

Schedule Of Customer Service: 

DayTime ( Eastern Time)
Monday To Friday 10 am to 8 pm.
Saturday 10 am to 7 pm.
Sunday11 am to 8 pm.

Final Words: 

As you have gone through this article till now, I bet you came across Cycle Gear and wondered, “Does Cycle Gear Mount Tires?” In this article, we broadly discussed the tire installation service of Cycle Gear along with their charge and facilities. Are you prepared to take the bike for some premium servicing from this renowned store?

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