How much do bike mechanics make?


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Ever wonder how much bike mechanics earn? Do they earn more compare to my salary scale? Can I leave my current job and start as a bike mechanic?

Well, we all think about it while we used to repair our own bikes. After a successful repair attempt on our own bike, didn’t we think of ourselves as bike mechanics? Some might even think of taking a bike mechanic job at that time. But it requires a bit of labor and needs to be tricky and we eventually got depend on our own faithful lovely mechanics whom we usually visit if anything happens to our bike. Though the Bike Mechanics job is pretty tough and requires psychical strength, they don’t earn less than us, sometimes even much more.

What are the things required to be a Bike Mechanic?

In general, bike mechanics must have previous experience in the reconstruction of bikes, and they should be capable of repairing a large variety of bike brands. No certifications are required, although a high school diploma or an equivalent is required or preferred by many employers. Since it is often a job to work directly with customers, previous customer service is often highly preferred. Bicycle mechanics work with light and heavy bicycles on a normal day, and stand, squat, and move for most of the day to repair bikes. Furthermore, bicycle mechanics are expected to work with large and small tools and bike parts expertly.

Furthermore, he needs to respond carefully and friendly to all customer questions. Light paperwork is also part of the job, so the candidates need to pay close attention to detailed communication and written skills.

  • Mechanical Bicycle Tasks
  • Check, assemble, remove and repair bicycle components, and replace them.
  • Assemble bikes and rent them and maintain them.
  • Update the inventory, service orders, bicycle status logs and part orders.
  • Conduct bike maintenance and explain bike care with customers.
  • Fix and test bikes to ensure security.

Here, we will give a thorough look at a bike mechanic’s salary. If you would like to enter that field yourself, we’ll discuss what it takes to get a job fixing bikes. Let’s start.

How much does a bike mechanic make?

  • The Bicycle Mechanic is expected to receive a total average of over $11.36 based on nine salaries, including tips, bonus and overtime. Bicycle Mechanic’s early career has 1-4 years’ experience with $12.70 based on 106 salaries on average. A 5–9-year experience mid-career Bicycle Mechanic receives an average overall $14.26 in compensation based on 62 salaries. Employees earn an average total compensation of $16 in their late career (20 years or higher).
  • A bike mechanic earns on average $29,282 per year based on PayScale data. It’s around 12.82 dollars every hour. Depending on the level of experience, training, and certifications of a bike mechanic, pay is increased. Increasing income can be earned by fees, bonuses and overtime pay.
  • PayScale tells about 10 percent of cyclists using their website that they report an hourly income. A good chunk, 50%, said it made 12.92 dollars an hour. Expert bike technicians especially could earn 17.42 dollars an hour.
  • If they work overtime, the income of a bike mechanic might rise. You can make $13.59 an hour to $25.14 but for additional hours.
  • Sometimes motorcyclists get a commission, if they fix X amounts of motorcycles in a week or month. PayScale data say it could add $2,000 in the salary to this commission.
  • If you get a bonus, it may range from $50.17 up to $2.073 depending on where and level of skills of the mechanic.

Which are the top 10 paying cycling cities?

  • There are 10 cities in which the typical wages of a bike mechanical work are higher than the national average. Close behind, second and third positions are San Mateo, CA, with Boston, MA, and Santa Monica. The national average is $5,396 (16.4%) for Santa Monica, CA, and the trend for San Mateo, CA, is an additional $6,526 (19.8%) over the average $32,942.
  • Importantly, in San Mateo, CA, there is only a few companies that currently hire a moderated Bike Mechanic employment market for this kind of role.
  • Since these 10 cities have average wages above the national average, the chances for economic progress through changing locations as a bike mechanic seem to be highly successful.
  • Finally, another factor to consider is that, between San Mateo, CA, and Springfield, M.A. the average wage for these top 10 cities varies very little at 7%, strengthening the limited wage advancement potential. When considering location and pay for the role of a bike mechanical, a lower living charge can be the best factor to use.
NumberCity  Annual SalaryHourly Wage
1San Mateo, CA$39,469$18.98
2Boston, MA$38,844$18.68
3Santa Monica, CA$38,339$18.43
4Renton, WA$38,214$18.37
5Berkeley, CA$38,049$18.29
6Daly City, CA$37,943$18.24
7Lowell, MA$37,608$18.08
8Richmond, CA$37,118$17.85
9Newark, NJ$37,021$17.80
10Springfield, MA$36,772$17.68

Top 5 Machinery Jobs for Biking in the US

We found at least five jobs in the category of Bike Mechanics that pay more than a typical salary per year. The following are top examples:

  • the bike engineer,
  • the cyclist,
  •  the Home Public Works Mechanic Work.

Much more than the Bike Mechanic average of $32,942, these jobs will all be paid between $21,217 (64.4%) and $34,484 (104.7%). If you are qualified, hiring a bike mechanic for one of these related jobs can help you make more money than the bike mechanic’s average job.

Job TitleAnnual SalaryHourly Wage
Bike Engineer$67,426$32.42
Bicycle Engineer$65,532$31.51
Work From Home Public Works Mechanic$60,287$28.98
Work From Home Bike Mechanic$54,228$26.07


How much does the owner of a bike shop do?

Bike shop owners could earn an annual salary of $49,877, as per a 2014 article on the Bicycle Retailer. Naturally, the number varies dramatically. The same article says that the majority of cyclists have a store at least 50 square meters wider.

They usually employ less than nine, including motorcycle mechanics. In one year, a shop of this kind could generate gross sales of $891,084. The average is that.

What’s the job of a bike mechanic?

As a bicycle mechanic, the motorcycles that come in for fixing must be repaired, maintained, and maintained. You must also deal with customers, sometimes on the phone, others via email, and in person. Good social skills are helpful, and at least some experience with customer service. You are not a seller, so no new or used bikes are being sold. You’ll only look after the customers of the motorcycles and get them back to work. Furthermore, you usually have a dedicated workspace for this purpose. Likewise, you can be the one or more bicycle mechanics at the motorcycle shop in which you work.

How do you begin to become a bike mechanic?

You can always enroll in a bike mechanics training course if you don’t necessarily have a lot of experience. Bike shop owners or others who use bike mechanics prefer their employees’ following skills:

  • The view is obvious.
  • Dexterity of handwork
  • Expertise in bike tool repair including painting equipment
  • Sweater’s experience
  • Bike repair capability
  • Good, effective listening skills
  •  General problem-solving skills
  • Critical thinking

You should continue studying cycle mechanics if you have a high school diploma. Here you learn about all kinds of bicycle repair problems. From the basic repairs to more complex ones, you will leave the trail. Some courses cover pneumatic replacement, brake shifts, control adjustment, and seat position.

What are the available Bike Mechanical Training Courses?

You may want to consider enrolling in a bike mechanics class if you have a passion and interest but do not have the ability to repair your bike. The following skills and capabilities are learned at the Barnett Bicycle Institute:

  • Basics of the e-bike
  • Tuning and service suspension
  • Revision and repair of bicycles
  • Lacing of the spoke wheel
  • Maintenance of bikes
  • Mounting of the bike.


A bicycle engineer repairs and keeps bikes in a store. They earn around $29,282 a year on average. Although many agree that motorcycle technicians are badly underpaid, their salary may vary depending on the location and experience. You don’t need a high school diploma to become a bike technician. Certifications help, but the skills and experiences are better. You can choose to become a bike mechanic now that you know as much as you do about this field.

 Good luck!