How to remove a stripped Allen screw


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Having trouble removing a stripped Allen screw? Stripped Allen screws are inconvenient to deal with, but they don’t have to stay stuck indefinitely. Keep going through and you will know how to cope with stripped screws in no time.

What is an Allen screw, exactly?

An Allen screw is a screw with a hexagonal cross-section in the head that is rotated using an Allen Key or L Key wrench.

Why did it have to be stripped?

Screws are required to be dealt with so frequently that you could not overlook proper techniques when removing or inserting them carefully. The screw may be stripped as a result of this negligence. Rushing is also a significant issue. When you are putting screws in place too quickly, your accuracy will decrease. As a result of your haste, the screw head will most certainly be damaged. It’s also possible that the issue is related to the tools you’re using. Stripped screws can be caused by using screwdrivers or drills that are incompatible with the fasteners you’ve chosen.

How to Remove Stripped Allen Screws

There are many different ways to remove stripped hex head screws from any type of surface.

|Method 1| Turn to the Trusted Forceps

If the head of the hex screw you want to remove is fully exposed, it will be relatively easy to remove. All you need is a plier. Grab the head of the hex screw firmly with your pliers. Make sure the jaws are firmly clamped around the screw head. If the pliers’ grip is tight, the head will be squeezed slightly. Start twisting the screw out now that the pliers’ jaws have grabbed the screw head. To avoid the screw head from breaking off, use caution when applying force.

To keep the screw from breaking, you can pull out the remaining portion by hand. If you run into trouble, go back to the same procedure with pliers and extract the screw even more.

|Method 2| Remove the Stripped Allen Screw with the Help of Another Material.

Screws that aren’t too badly damaged can still be removed using a screwdriver. All you’ll need is a little extra help from something else, like a rubber band. Place a rubber band, a thin piece of cloth, or a piece of cardboard on top of the screw head. Take your time aligning it with the stripped screw. Pick up your screwdriver next. Make sure it’s the proper size for the stripped screw you’re trying to get rid of. Begin twisting the screwdriver, allowing the material covering to assist with screw engagement. Continue to twist the stripped screw until it is entirely gone.

|Method 3| Use a Special Substance to Make the Stripped Allen Screw Easier to Remove

If the stripped screw is not distorted, another approach is to employ a specific material. Screw Grab, for example, is designed to increase friction between your tool and the stripped screw. Proceed to extraction after applying a tiny amount of the substance to the screw head. The presence of the material will make it easier to hold the screw, allowing you to effectively remove it.

|Method 4| Make a Flat Head Allen Screw from a Stripped Allen Screw

Extraction of stripped screws might be aided by having certain power equipment at home. If you have a rotary tool, for example, you can use it to make a groove in the screw’s head. A saw can also be used if it can make such a little cut. Using the groove as a guide, put a flat head screwdriver into the opening. Continue rotating until the screw is completely removed from the hole.

|Method 5| Modify the Stripped Allen Screw’s Indentation

The next step entails re-sanding the stripped Allen screw head’s surface. This time, however, you’re not going to transform it into a flat head. Get your screwdriver and make sure it’s bigger than the one you’ll be using to remove the stripped screw. Strike the fastener with a hammer after placing the screwdriver over the head. Don’t yank too hard on the screwdriver. Simply strike it hard enough to leave an indentation in the screw head. You can now better engage the stripped screw with that new indentation. Also, whack the screwdriver with the hammer again to reinforce its grip on the stripped screw.

|Method 6| Get a Screw Extractor Kit to Assist You

Finally, a screw extractor kit can be used to remove the stripped Allen screw. Many screw extractor kits on the market are designed to be used with drills. The manufacturer will normally include instructions on how to use the extractor. Using one end of the provided drill bit, most of the time, you’ll have to make an indentation first. The Allen screw can then be extracted by flipping the bit over and using the other end.


Being too careful is more important when dealing with screws. You are less likely to harm the screw heads if you’re more aware of what you’re doing and can concentrate better. It’s not that hard to remove stripped screws. All you have to pick a method perfect for you.


A few pointers on how to avoid stripping a screw head:

1.Make sure you’re using the right driver.

2.Before driving the screw, fully seat the driver.

3.Use the appropriate amount of force.

4.Don’t try to give it excessive force than required.


Q: How can Allen screws become stripped?

A: Because of our carelessness, Allen screws become stripped.

Q: Can I use something else instead of an Allen key?

A: You can sometimes use little flat-headed screwdrivers as Allen Wrenches.

Q: What should I do if I don’t have an Allen wrench?

A: You could probably use a pair of flat-tripped tweezers for smaller Allen wrench nuts.