How to Pop a Wheelie on a Mountain Bike


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Wheelie popping is an excellent procedure among the all-bike riding performance, even it would not be wrong if we say it is a skill. It is an incredible hack to improve someone’s riding expertness.

It is not easy for all bike riders, however, when they first start their biking. And also, this trick will vary depending on several roads and race bikes. Many are worried to practice wheelie pop with their mountain bike because they don’t know how to pop a wheelie on a mountain bike.

Today I am beside you to say the very easy process of popping a wheelie on a bike. So, why later? Let’s discover the easiest and more secure wheelie methods.

Step by step method for popping a wheelie on a mountain bike

There have two types of wheelie, pedal wheelie, and manual wheelie. I am sharing the pedal wheelie process first.

Pedal wheelie process

Wear a helmet:

It is important to wear a helmet for normal bike riding where the wheelie is a slightly risky process, so it is mandatory to wear a helmet. Keep in mind that there is a possibility of leaning in front and falling in the ground, resulting in several accidents. Moreover, you could be a respectable and careful rider among the all-other mountain riders.

Choose the best terrain:

How to do a wheelie for beginners? There are many types of riding terraces, but you need to find the best suitable terrain. The terrain must have to be appropriate for wheelie practice. It is recommended to check about the field quality before starting this wheelie. However, a leveled grasses terrain would be the best choice for a beginner, and a slightly rocky road is fairly good for intermediate level riders.

Seat adjusts:

First of all, adjust the seat with a lower height because lower height can provide the best gravity force to do the wheelie pop. Try to sit on it in such a way that you do not slip backward. Lift your front wheel upwards and check the back of and check if it is possible to bend.

Select a medium gear:

A wheelie pop is always needing medium gear in the bike. So, it would better to choose the medium bike gear when wheelie. If you want to start with high-level gear, you can’t lift-up the front wheel for wheelie pop. But when you adjust with the wheelie pop, then you can increase the gear.

Set cranks:

Setting up a crankset will allow a rider to start the easy pedaling.

Since the crankset is attached to the chairing and footrest, it will directly affect your oily pop.

Weight shifting:

Now bend your two arms, move the upper part of the body forward, and do it with a crouch position. It will allow you to load the spring easily. Now you put pressure on the back, and the front wheel tries to lift it.

Lean back:

A high force is essential to lean back for right movement. Likewise, it would help if you did a strong paddle stroke. After then let both up arms stay straight without making the handlebar backward. Keep in mind holding the finger on the rear brake; ensures you safe if you lose balance or slipping back.

Control balance:

You need to maintain both side and vertical balance equally, which ensures safety from danger. Then straighten the front wheel after lowering the front wheel. Be careful to stay safe from the over shake.

Manual wheelie methods

Wearing a helmet:

Do you know how to manual MTB wheelie? Due to manual wheelie faster speed, you have to keep in mind about the danger factors. Good to know if the speed is more, a rider could fall at risk more. Even if you slip and fall, your head will be safe.

Start on a slight downhill:

You keep your bike at medium speed and slope the bike into the downhill position. If you can hold the balance once, then your wheelie will be easier. Moreover, the downhill slope can keep your bike motion steady.

Set your legs:

Set your feet in the right position, and set the crankset in the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock position. Now stand on the paddle with both knees slightly bent. The rider’s weight should be in the center of the back.


In this step, you need to lean towards the handlebars and lean back very quickly. You should upwards the bike front wheel as per the weight balance maintain.

Safety Tips

  • Put the fingers on the rear brake to keep the proper balance
  • Try to use a flat paddle to make easier the wheelie pop
  • Always wear a helmet to ensure the safety
  • Limit speed, never increase it


Can you do a wheelie pop practice on a mountain bike?

It may seem a bit daunting to wheelie at Mountain bike, but it will be fun for you to practice for a while. Wheelie can be applied with any bike. A rider has to keep the balance. The Diamondback Bicycles is the best mountain bike to lean to wheelie. 

Is it contraband to do a wheelie on a bicycle?

Yes, it is illegal to do a wheelie on the public road. Because there have many risk factors involved with wheelie pop, you are more likely to have a fatal accident, especially when you are on the highway.

How do you do a wheelie easily?

If you want to make your wheelie easy, you need to keep the bike gear medium to lower. It also crouches the upper body parts to balance the weight and keep the crank 11 position. Lastly, lean back your body backward.

Final Thought:

That’s the ultimate guide on how to pop a wheelie on a mountain bike. Hopefully, you can already understand the wheelie pop methods. If I have skipped any crucial information about mountain wheelie pop, then you can inform me. I will update this content soon.