How to Shift Gears on a Hybrid Bike


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Not all bikes have gears. In fact, some don’t have gears, some have different types or numbers of gears. For example, a commuter bicycle may only have brakes, but mountain bikes include gears. You can expect hybrid bikes to feature gears because they are used for a variety of terrain.

You might be wondering why you need to learn how to shift gears on a hybrid bike before you start. A bike with gears provides a better cycling experience. It can control your bike’s speed as well as provide comfort and support when cycling on various terrains. You must shift your gears just like other vehicles, such as a car, to enable you to drive up and down different roads and surfaces at a safe speed.

Before You Get Started

Learning how to shift gears on a hybrid bike may appear tough at first. It will surely necessitate a significant amount of practice, and you will undoubtedly desire first-hand experience. You are the rider, and you have complete control over your level of comfort. Before you start shifting gears, it’s best to understand the components of bike gear.

Parts for Gears

The gear of your bicycle is made up of various parts. The following are the most significant pieces to understand and their functions:


On a hybrid bike, these are the parts that allow you to swap gears. The shifters are located on either side of the handlebars on newer models. However, on certain earlier bike types, the shifters are located on the frame or body of the bike, notably the down tube, and resemble little handles.


The chainrings are located near the pedals of the bike. It connects the pedal’s chains to the cassettes. Depending on your gear needs, a hybrid bike usually features 1 to 3 chainrings. A bicycle with more chainrings will go faster. You can pedal more quickly with a smaller chainring.


The sprockets or cogs are placed at the axle of the back wheel. Cassettes feature a variety of gear sizes that are organized from largest to smallest, with the largest cog in the inner section and the smallest in the outside half.


The derailleurs, which are small components positioned at the front and back of the bicycle, literally “derails” the chains on your bike. The derailleurs will move the chain from one sprocket on your cassette to the next when you click your shifter.

Shifting Gears On a Hybrid Bike

The best hybrid bikes under 500 dollars should include shift gears that you can utilize for city cycling and even tough highways. This is how you can change gears:

1. You may change your rear gears by clicking on your right shifter once you’re on your bike. Using the big lever causes the chain to move up to the big ring, making cycling easier. This is ideal for routes that are smooth and level.

2. Your bike chain will go to the small ring if you click the small lever on the right shifter. Pedaling will become more difficult as a result, making it excellent for uphill rides.

3. The left lever controls your front gears, while the main lever sends your chain to the big ring. This will make pedaling more difficult.

4. Your chain will go onto the little ring on the front wheel of your bike using the small lever on the left. As a result, pedaling will be more difficult.


1. Shift as soon as you can. Before you go up that steep hill, make sure you transfer gears quickly. Don’t stop in the middle.

2. Don’t use both shifters at the same time. If you have to change both gears at once, start with the rear or front first, but never both. Use the front shifter if you need to make a large change throughout your journey. Use the rear shifter if you only need to fine-tune your riding.

3. Under load, try not to shift. Yes, there are situations when this is unavoidable. Never shift under load, though, if you want your bike chains and other gear parts to live longer.


On a level road, what gear should I use?

Middle gear is ideal for everyday use on level routes. You can move your gear to the middle level when you need some strength but not too much to ride on uneven terrain. To ride easily on flat roads, you’ll need to combine a middle chainring with triple rear cogs.

Do hybrids have the ability to change gears?

In theory, a hybrid vehicle has two power sources: an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. If you own a hybrid vehicle, you’ve probably observed that the car doesn’t shift gears when you increase or decrease speed since there aren’t any.

On a hybrid bike, what is a good speed?

The average speed of a hybrid bike is found to be 11 to 18 mph or 18 to 29 km/h. Similarly, if you walk 8 miles each way every day, the maximum amount of time you spend will be between 25 and 45 minutes.

Is it possible to ride a hybrid bike on gravel?

You can ride a hybrid bike on gravel without a problem. In fact, most hybrid bikes have wider tires than a regular road cycle.


It’s time to take a test ride now that you know how to swap gears on a hybrid bike. You can’t possibly do something on theory alone, just like learning to ride a bike. You may have read about the parts and how they work, but riding a bike and being on the road is a very other experience.

On lower hills or less steep roads, start shifting gears on your hybrid bike. You’ll be able to get a sense of what gears you’ll need when cycling in this manner. Feel free to climb higher mountains and travel at quicker speeds once you’ve gotten used to it.