What type of bike is best for a college student


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You are a College Student and you don’t have a bike. You regularly saw people riding a bike on your beautiful large campus. It is always making you jealous. Now you want a bike. Right?

Or Probably you saw people riding a bike with their friends to campuses such as OTIS from Sex Education or Movies such as The Kid with a Bike, The Kings of Summer or Rocket Science where cycling seems fun on the campus with friends. This could be the reason.

 Or don’t you ever wanted to have a bike and ride on it regularly on your campus? Deep down we all wanted.

Almost all prestigious colleges or universities have a beautiful and large campus. Some Campus is ever further big that it could make you feel tired to go to a building from another building. Thus, hobby or need whatever it is to you, you need to have a bike to enjoy your campus life at its best.

Why a college student needs a bike?

A bike is one of the essential things a college student must-have. It’s not just out of hobby but also out of necessity. It helps a student to have a fare-free traveling and time saving instead of time-consuming. Imagine you are a college student and have a bike. How great it is to have one. Just imagine how it is helping you out in your daily life in traveling, how it is helping you to save time in various places. Moreover, you will have friends with whom you can ride regularly.

Basic Bike Knowledge for A College Student

BMX bike

It’s a bike with a small frame that is popular amongst the people who do stunts. College students don’t get this bike for daily commuting. Though some college students who have some friends who do stunts and willing to do stunts can get a BMX. But getting a BMX for daily commuting is a bad idea.

Commuter Bike

These bikes are popular among college students. Because of its cheap price and carrying capacity.

Though Commuter bikes are old fashioned, it is still popular among college students. Even only college students seem to ride on these types of bikes.

So, if your budget is very tight and needing a bike just for your daily communication then a commuter bike is just for you. A used commuter bike price is very cheap. You can easily get on from used bike shops or online.

Road Bike

Road Bikes are a type of commuter bike but they are a bit expensive and comes in many price ranges. Road bikes are known for speeds. Riders who love to ride at speed prefer road bikes. They are very lightweight. Thus the carrying capacity of these bikes is very low. In fact you can’t attach a carrier to a modern road bike.

But these bikes are popular among students due to its lightweight, portability and movability quickly.

Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes are pretty popular to ride in off-road or country crossroads. In the past mountain bikes were expensive. But nowadays alloy mountain bikes are pretty affordable for students. For this reason, students often seem to ride on mountain bikes.

It is also a great tour bike and can carry heavy loads. Thus cheap mountain bikes are also a good choice for college students who often ride to the countryside.

Hybrid Bike

Hybrid bikes are the most modern bike which is a combination of both a road bike and mountain bike. The price of hybrid bikes is a bit high. But this type of bike provides very comfort ness while riding.

College students whose budget is a bit high prefer comfort while riding can choose a hybrid bike. If you could increase your budget then a hybrid bike is also a good option for you.

Foldable Bike

Foldable bikes are also pretty popular among college students due to its folding capacity and space it takes in any room. Most students choose folding bikes for its smaller size and folding capacity.

But keep in mind, this type of bikes are extremely heavy and hard to lift. It’s because it is made of iron or steel for its durability.

Electrical Bike

Electrical bike or in short E-bike is a new invention. Not that new though. In the past, people modified their bikes with electrical motors and a battery to run the motor. But nowadays various companies have various Electrical Bike. These bikes usually come with a warranty and hassle-free as modifying bikes. On the other hand, modified bikes required a lot of maintenance. It is not that market available E-bikes don’t require maintenance but less in number.

These bikes are heavy but can provide much more speed, comfort with a huge carrying capacity. Also, these bikes are a bit expensive.

What are the things a college student should look into before buying a bike?

  • Budget

Almost all kinds of bikes are suitable for a college student. But they can’t afford any kind of bike. The budget is a major issue for college students. As most of the college students try to bear their own expenses, they have to work hard all day and night. So buying an expensive bike is not an option for a college student.

As a college student, you should fix your budget first before buying a bike. There would be many available bikes in the budget you fixed. So don’t worry. Just think about how much you can and willing to spend on your bike.

  • Usefulness

Whatever bike you should get, it must come useful to you. If you brought a kid bike or a downhill bike, it won’t be much useful in your college life. So first think about the bike that you need. You might need a commuter bike or a road bike that could fill all your needs. So first think about the type of bike that will be much help in your college life.

Some students don’t give it a much though then get a bike according to their high budget. Later they have to hang up the bike most of the time.

Thus, think about the usefulness of the bike you are willing to get. Will any particular type of bikes be able to fulfill all your daily college life needs?

  • Portability and moveability

A bicycle is a portable vehicle itself. But all bikes are not similarly portable. For example, fat bikes less portable and you will face difficulties on a fat bike.

Usually, a college student has to move a lot. Therefore, getting a less weight bike will help them to move faster from a place to another.

Commuter bike, road bike and hybrid bike are the options for a college as these bikes have less weight and will help you with the portability. Wherever you go you can take your bike with you.

Some college students prefer smaller folding bikes for the portability it provides.

  • Parking Space

Most of the college students face the parking problem with their bikes. Lacking parking space Students lock up their bike here and there and later lost bikes to the thief.

Almost all college campus has specific parking places for the students’ bike and thief ting incident hardly occurs in campuses. But some students prefer buying a foldable bike to keep it always with themselves.

As some students live in dorms where they have to share rooms, spaces are also hard to get by. Thus a foldable small bike is a good choice to keep.

Now choosing a bike

Everything is described above. Now it’s your turn to choose a bike. Ask yourself as a college student why do you need a bike, what will you do with your bike, how much you can afford. Just give some thought to these three questions. You will have your answer.

A commuter, road bike, MTB, hybrid or E-Bike you know what is perfectly suitable for you.

Final Tips

For a final tip, it is always a suggestion to increase your budget and get a good bike to enjoy your college life at it’s best. But you know better what are your needs.

Just go to the shops, check out bikes, give trials riding on new bikes. Some E-Bike shops will provide you the opportunity of trialing.

Choose a bike which will best for you and enjoy riding.