5 Reasons to Ride A Bicycle to Campus


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Who doesn’t love to ride a bicycle? From kids of the kinder garden to the job holder, even officials do. We all wanted a cycle of our own when we were a kid. Almost all of us used to have one. We all have some good memories of it. But when we get into high school or college, we become lazy and become used to travel by car instead of riding a bicycle. There is plenty of reasons why I, you, and we should ride a bicycle to high school, college or university campus.

If you are a cyclist, used to ride one or have one, you don’t need any reasons to ride a bicycle to your campus. You already know why you should. But if you insist and being lazy, there are plenty of reasons you can think of and those are given below.

And if you are not a cyclist. Used to saw people ride bicycles to campus and thinking about buying one, you shouldn’t wait further. Why? Because there are many reasons to ride a bicycle to campus.

1. Health & Fitness:

Cycling is thought to be a healthy exercise with the lowest impact which is easy for all kinds of people of all ages. Riding to your destination by cycling is a way to combine exercise in your daily routine. Cycling could improve your health if you ride it regularly. The health benefits of cycling are

  • It has a low impact
  • A good workout
  • Strength and Stamina building
  • Fun to get fit
  • Very easy to ride for hours
  • Doctors recommend cycling as an exercise for these reasons:
  • Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Muscle Strength and flexibility
  • Joint mobility improvement
  • Stress lever reduction
  • Posture and coordination improvement
  • Decreased fats
  • Strengthen bones
  • Anxiety and depression reduction

Thus buying a cycle to ride to campus is a great start in your health exercise.

2. Saving Money

For a College student, every penny counts. If you are self-dependent than every cent counts. It is important for college students to save money in every way possible. The fees of a good college or university are usually high. Some students have to work part-time to earn that. So they used to work in various places like hotels and malls. For this reason, they also need to travel a lot. Imagine having a bicycle. It will not just help you to travel faster but also to save money.

If you are a student and have a bicycle you can save much just by riding your bicycle to comminute. It’s a huge amount because you are saving the daily bus and taxi fares.

Of course, riding a bicycle to your campus will help you out to save a lot of money.

3. Time-Saving

Time is the most important thing for a student. Some student doesn’t have enough time to things that they regularly needed. It happens as a student has to do a lot of work. Some have to earn their Tuition fees by working in various places.

Having a bicycle at this time saves a lot of time. A bicycle can help you travel faster and saves time for you. It can even help you to move in jam-packed roads faster and reach your classes on time.

So a bicycle is a must to have rather than a car for a student to time-saving traveling.

4. Eco-Friendly 

The bicycle is thought to be the most eco-friendly. It doesn’t need oil or gas as cars needs. It also doesn’t produce harmful gases and particulate matters as motor vehicles. So why not move to bicycles to save your environment.

Nowadays all kinds of people ride a bicycle to protects the environment on daily basis. Some to reach their offices, some just to travel and mostly student to protect their environment and their campus from the noise and air pollution that occur from cars.

In some universities mostly in Japan banned cars driving inside of the campus. But it is also to encourage students to ride your bicycle and enjoy the beauty of the campus.

5. Socializing

Owning a bicycle could help you in many ways as we discussed but mostly in socializing. If you have a bicycle, you will always include in a group who do cycling. Cycling together even with a friend is fun. It could help you to be included in a community in a college or university. With them, you can travel to a lot of places for fun. As you build a relationship with them they will also help you out in your other needs.

So cycling will help you to socialize and it is very important in student life to enjoy student life at its full extend.

Final Suggestion

There are many more reasons than these to own a bike while you’re are a student. Owning a bicycle you help you out in many places than you will expect. So it is good to have one. But it’s always up to you to choose the way you go to campus. It’s up to your comfort. But cycling could help you to lead a fit and happy campus life which you mustn’t miss. So grab one as fast as you can.