BMX Bike vs Road Bike vs Hybrid Bike – Which Bike to Get?


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You are probably wondering about buying a Bicycle but various types are confusing you. Right?

There are so many different types of bikes that you feel confusing which one you should buy? Which could be more suitable? Which could meet your needs? You have so many questions popping in your head. No worries, this blog is just for you. Keep going and your confusion will fade away.

Right into the genre

BMX Bike

A BMX bike is a smaller size bike that almost looks like a kid bike with smaller wheels but these are not just for kids but for the people who do stunts. They are main to ride on dirt tracks.

Road Bike

Road Bikes are thin-shaped lightweight bikes with bigger wheels size that mainly focuses on the long rides on the paved roads. Keep in mind they are not for riding on off roads or country cross.

Hybrid Bike

Hybrid bikes are the combination of Road Bikes and Mountain bikes that mainly focuses on the riders who love combine experiences on both Country cross and paved road tracks.

These Bikes are most moderns and don’t look like any kind of similar bikes such as BMX, Road or Mountain bike.

Let’s get into direct discussion

Why a BMX Bike?

From the above discussion, you already have the idea of why BMX cycles are brought and rode for. Yes, you are right they are for Stunts. So as a beginner, you could think of buying A BMX bike for your daily communication. But it will be a bad idea.


BMX is not for traveling. So, if you just want to do stunts, then BMX is an option for you. But if you want a bike to use in your daily communication then BMX is not an option. I am repeating again, BMX is a stunt bicycle used to ride only in dirt tracts. So, you like starting to do stunts then go get a BMX.

Why a Road Bike?

You probably have seen a lot of videos of cycle races in TVs. Yes, the cycle they used there are manly road bikes as road bike racing is very popular all over the world. Besides that, Cyclist riding in a group in a large national park also uses Road Bikes.

Why? It because the lightweight of a road bike provides comforts and speed in a long time traveling that no other kind of bicycle provides.

But tiding a Road Bike on off-road or country cross mud road is not suitable. It’s disturbing and hurtful and moreover it is not good for your health.

So you just live in cities and there is no rural road around you and you don’t have plans to ride in the country cross then Road Bike is perfect for you.

Why a Hybrid Bike?

Getting a hybrid bike is the most idea if you love traveling and willing to bring your bike every places. A Hybrid bike will provide you the comfort of traveling in all kinds od road except for Rocky dirt roads. It’s not that you can’t ride it on rocky roads. It just will not as comfortable to ride a mountain bike on that road.

But Hybrid cycles are getting popular nowadays. As most people finds a single solution to ride on both paved and country cross roads by riding a hybrid. Though a Hybrid bicycle might cost you more but you never have to worry about the roads wherever you travel.

The Comparison of these three

BMX BikeRoad BikeHybrid Bike
Used for
Doing stunts.Time consuming long paved road rides.Both for riding in the country cross and main roads.
Roads capability 
Mainly to ride on dirt tracks. Can be ridden on paved or cross-country roads but difficult and time consuming.Mainly to ride on any paved roads. Not capable to ride on off roads tracks.Targeted for both paved roads and cross country. But not for heavy dirt tracks
Frame size and Shape
BMX has a diamond shape frame and the size is similar to a kids’ bikes.Its frame shape is almost similar to old fashioned bicycles and the size is bigger than any other kinds. Its frame shape is very peculiar as you can imagine the combination of a road and mountain bike.
Wheel Size
The Standard size of BMX wheels are 20 inches but it started from 12 inches. Some trail BMX has 22-24 inches wheels.The standard racing road bike wheel size is 700C. Keep in mind it only supports thin and sleek type tire.Hybrid bikes wheels sizes are same as mountain bikes, 16 inches, 27.5 inches and 29 inches but supports sleek and thin tires.
BMX bikes are very cheap. Starting at less than 200.Road bikes price vary. For an aluminum road bike, it starts from 200 dollars for a carbon road bike it could cost 1500 dollars.Hybrid bikes don’t come cheap usually. The lowest hybrid bike price could be around 500 dollars. 


Can’t I travel by a BMX bike?

Yes, you can. Just imagine riding a kid’s bike for traveling. For example, going office from your home by riding a kid’s bike. It won’t just be awkward looking but also tiresome. So, it’s not an option to go for a BMX unless you do Stunts.

Can I do stunts with a Road Bike?

Basic stunts such as Stope or Wheely can be done buy a Road Bike. In YouTube videos you will see professional are doing some extreme, unique and dangerous stunts with road bikes. But it’s not recommended unless you become pro.

Can I do stunts with a Hybrid Bike?

Yes but same as above not recommended.