Water Bottle Vs Bladder


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Remaining hydrated is essential when you are outdoor, especially hunting, hiking, camping, or climbing. But what gear will you take, water bottle vs bladder? Both of these gears are great options for carrying water. But thereare some advantages and disadvantages according to what kind of trip you are making. So, check out this review and pick the best one for you. 

Water Bottle

It is a piece of popular equipment for carrying water and available everywhere. And also easy to use. So, check out the advantages of a water bottle. 


  • The water bottle is lightweight and durable. Here, durability is an essential factor because you can’t take or replace your water carrier in the middle of your trip.
  • There is a mere chance of leaking in a water bottle.
  • You can quickly fill up your water bottle.
  • You can see the water level. It helps you manage your water, especially when you are on a long trip and water source is hardly available.
  • You can share water with your mate, and when you are going to make a cup of tea or use water for other purposes, you can quickly pour water into another container.
  • Easy to clean.
  • If you use an insulated water bottle, it will keep your water temperature better. And your water remains fresh and cool.
  • You can use a Nalgene water bottle for long term use.

Like many other products, it has some disadvantages too. But these disadvantages do not apply to all. Moreover, on some trips, you will find a water bottle inconvenient, and in some others, a water bottle will be the best choice.


  • You can’t take much amount of water. So, for a long trip where the surroundings are dry, you should consider this point.
  • If your bag doesn’t have any side pocket, you have to stop whenever you need to drink. This will slow down your pace.
  • If you do not use an insulated water bottle, you will find your water warm in the early season, and in winter, the water may freeze.
  • Sometimes it may slip out from your bag while climbing in hill or mountain if your bag’s side pocket hasn’t enough grip.

Water Bladder

This gear is also used widely by who likes to travel and adventure. Water bladder, also known as a hydration bladder, is fantastic in some points and has some cons. So, check the advantages and disadvantages below.


  • Easily accessible. When you need to drink water, you need to grab the water tube and start drinking.
  • You can take a considerable amount of water, for example, 3 to 5 liter.
  • You can drink without stopping.
  • Comfortable to carry.
  • Most of the modern bag packs have a water bladder pocket. 

Water bladder also has some disadvantages, like a water bottle. So, let’s talk about it.


  • It is hard to clean, and that’s why some people use a bladder for one year.
  • Water bladder has a chance of punctures, explosions, and leaking. And if it leaks, then everything in your bag will get wet.
  • In Hot season the water tube along water becomes hot, and in winter, water freezes.
  • If you take any energy drink or juice, you can hardly remove the taste from the bladder.


1. How to Clean Water Bottles?

you can clean the water bottle with dish soap or bleach and baking soda. Make a mixture of them and rub the inside of the water bottle.

2. Hiking with a water bottle?

Hiking with a water bottle is a great choice because of its easiness. 

3. How to Carry: Bottle vs Bladder?

Ans: You can carry a water bottle in the side pocket and bladder in a bladder sleeve. And the modern bag pack has both of these.


That’s all about water bottle vs bladder. Both of them have pros and cons. And the cons may differ according to your type of use. So, take the suitable one for you and take the road for the next trip.