Bell Super 3R Review – Editor Recommended 2023


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An appropriate bell super 3r helmet can support you to be safe from the death risk at any dangerous accident. So, a bell super 3r review is an excellent solution to know in details about this magical helmet.

The bell super 3r comes with the mixed technology of float fit retention and MIPS slip-plane. We love its most impressive features are removable chain bar, twenty-three helmet vents, and six chin bar vents. These can keep you at the highest safety.

I am here to share with you a complete overview of bell super 3r bike helmet. You will get a transparent idea from this review.

Bell Super 3R MIPS MTB Bike Helmet REVIEW

Bell Super 3R MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet - Oak Matte Black/Greens (2019), Medium (55-59 cm)

Bell Super 3R is a unique helmet to adapt to almost all types of trails. It can significantly support you at the steep climbs, mountain riding, and long riding. This great helmet has three different sizes and five different colors. And most new matter that you will get this super supporter within the minimal price. It is likely to get two helmets within one price.

Hence, it arrives with up to 23 helmet vents. And bell super 3r chin bar vents number is four. Besides, Super 3R has four brow ports which had not into the old bell super 2r helmet. These features will allow you to ride the highest climbs and aggressive uphill riding.

Then, the removable chin bar provides an excellent opportunity for multipurpose use. It will save you from overheating when climbing to the maximum height. At the same time, you will stay secure when descents from the monster level of elevation. Good to know that the bell super 3r UK is famous for its fantastic features.

Moreover, bell super 3r visor is super comprehensive to watch the front view. Luckily, you can lash the chin bar with your hiking backpack during not use. Remember that it needs a safe place to hide during high climbing.

We love much the integration of MIPS technology. Primarily, it ensures maximum life-saving security. If you compare within bell super 3r vs DH, then you will like to go with signal super three helmets because bell super dh is so much expensive than bell super 3r sale price.

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  • Material: Mold-polycarbonate
  • Dimension: 14 x 10 x 11 inches
  • Weight: 2.8 pounds
  • Helmet Vents: 23
  • Chin Bar Vents: 6
  • Brow Ports: 4
  • Available Color: 5
  • Certification: CPSC
  • Size: Small (52-56 cm)
  • Medium (55-59 cm)
  • Large: (58-62 cm)

Most Highlighted features

  • It is a modern technological helmet with a float fit mechanism.
  • Comes with the feature of storing the sunglass and googles
  • Best works for saving the camera from the damaging or injury
  • The MIPS integration is good enough for protecting you from rotating risk.
  • It has proper ventilation ways to get out the heat during rides.


  • Enough space for proper ventilation
  • Lightweight than the bell super 2r helmet
  • A most comfortable chinbar removable system
  • Adjustable to most of the adult riders
  • Suitable to look forward and reduce the fog from the goggles
  • Integrated a backward Chinbar with MIPS mechanism
  • Available verities of color


  • It needs a mandatory place to store the chinbar when won’t use
  • In the rare case, it can create a problem at your sunglass frame.
  • It has no certification for downhill riding.

For whom the bell super 3r bike helmet?

We have reviewed this specific model, which perfect for the adult riders. But the good news that bell super provides this model for the kids. However, you will get two sizes for the adult. The medium and larger sizes are available there.

This model is suitable for challenging riders. Mainly, who love to rides on the rough trails and monster high. For safe ascents and descents from the uphill, downhill, and mountain, you can use this surely.

Why you should choose bell super 3r

You need to know the logic behind choosing the bell super 3r. From the comparison bell super 2r vs 3r, you can see that 3r is a more advanced version of bell super 2r helmet. Let’s know the specific improved features of this helmet.


It arrives with a unique lightweight feature. You will get the open face 3r helmet at 433 gm weight. On the other hand, this weight will 783 gm when it comes with the chin bar. It has a lighter edge as like the convertible helmet.


It comes with great two types of air flowing process. For proper ventilation process, it is a great helmet. It provides you with 23 helmet vents. The airflow can quickly go through the mask. Moreover, it has four brow ports to reduce the fog from the googles and glass.

Chin bar:

The specialty of 3r that it can overcome the Giro Switchblade and super dh helmet benefits. The 3r helmet latches are more durable than super dh.

Safety Technology:

You will get the highest safety from the ideal MIPS and the polycarbonate shell. These technologies will prevent all of the dangerous rotational impacts. But if you think bell super 3r vs dh which is better? We would say, super 3r is a little bit lighter and inexpensive than super dh.

Affordable Price:

Interestingly, this fantastic bike helmet you will get at an incredibly affordable price. You may have spent double money for the similar features of another brand so if you should go with it for a limited amount and the quality characteristics.

Safety tips

  • Bell super 3r helmet comes up some extra safety measures. This helmet is equipped with MIPS (a safety system for providing brain protection from multi directional impact). Obviously, this will give you extra relief during riding in off-road trail. 
  • This helmet has inner liner on the inside of the helmet that moves independently of the helmet. This inner liner slides around during any impact or collision disperse the energy for preventing head injury, concussion.
  • Bell super helmet also has nice padding which help to prevent chin injury.
  • Moreover, this helmet’s shell is made of polycarbonate which gives it extra strength.


1. Is the Bell Super 3r downhill certified?

Although this 3r bell super has not come with ASTM certification for the highest safety, it has CPSC certification. It ensures maximum security for dangerous riding.

2. Should I buy a full-face MTB helmet? 

It depends on what kind of riding you want to make. If you love to ride in challenging and difficult hill trails, then I recommend you have a full-face helmet.

3. Are full-face helmets safer MTB?

An open face half shell helmet is comfortable than a full-face MTB helmet. But there has a risk for challenging ride. On the other hand, a full-face helmet offers much security than an open face. But it doesn’t refer to the highest safety.

Final Words:

In this bell super 3r review, we explained the best helmet for adults. And we have shared all about this product. You can learn from begging to end about 3r super. In our opinion, it is an overall best helmet for all trails. If you have to add more information about this product, then let us know to improve this article.