Raleigh Mountain Bike Review


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A mountain bike comes with various additional features that make your route more comfortable. So, what more are you looking at Raleigh mountain bike review? Well, this bike is occupied with lots of super features that I’ll talk about today.

This particular mountain bike TALUS is my personal favourite for its build quality and the features it offers to me. You are also want to have a look at the elements, and that’s why you are here in my review on Raleigh mountain bike.

In this content, you are going to know about the features with some pros and cons. You will also get remarks on this bike and some maintenance tips. So, where are you doing lately? Let’s begin with the bike itself.

The Bike Itself

With different colour options, this bike is one of the best mountain bikes among the MTB community. Now, you will find Raleigh bikes for sale on amazon. With a custom tubes feature, this bike has the perfect height for the rider. You can also adjust the seat for seating comfortable according to your height.

The shifters are from well-known brand Shimano, and they work just perfectly. The V-brakes performance is also satisfying to me. Overall, you will get a got riding compatibility with this mountain bike. This mountain bike is blessed with good quality suspension.

Again you will get different gear changing options in this bike which will help you to ride over any road. There are various sizes available for this mountain bike. It’s time to know about the feature in detail. Let’s go.


Height: 27.5 inches.

Color: Black, Blue, Gray, Red

Gear Type: Multi-gear

Fork Size: 75mm

Chain: Nickel 1/8’’

Build Material: Frame is built with Tensile Steel

Brakes Type: V brake

Kickstand: No

Handlebar Mirror: No

Feature Details

Frame: The frame body of the bike is of tensile steel which is durable and lust for a long time. The frame design is also gorgeous enough to amuse anyone. No polycarbonate material is used in the frame body.

Gear: There are 21 gearing options in this mountain bike, and the well-occupied shifters are also available. You can shift between the gears to bring the speed variation in different road conditions.

Handlebars: The handlebars are flat, and the design is straightforward. You won’t face any difficulties while riding over this bike. There are shifters under the brakes, and you can quickly get to them while gripping the handlebars.

Wheels and Suspension: The rims of the wheels are absolute and durable and can take the more significant load. The rubber made tires will give you comfortable riding. The forks are 75 mm.

The suspension of this bike is very smooth, and quality is above the average. The suspension will ensure you not feel any shake while riding.

Chain: You will not face any chain drop in this mountain bike from Raleigh. The chain is 1/8 inches and in black colour. This Nickel made chain can show excellent performance even in the time of changing speed.

Other Parts: This is a light-weighted bike as the parts are made of tensile steel. You will also feel the premium quality in the grip on its handlebar. The grip will help you to hold the gear in the correct position. There is no Raleigh bike kickstand in TALUS.

Though the paddles are of cheap quality, they show excellent performance. Again you will get the brake working correctly through the brake wire management is not so good. The assembling of the bike parts is also accurate and offers a great outlook.


  • This mountain bike is light-weighted.
  • Suspension quality will blow your mind.
  • The frame is durable enough.
  • You can remove the front wheel and back wheel.


  • Brake wire management is weak.
  • Crank quality is not so good.

Remarks: On Raleigh Mountain Bike Review

The Raleigh also manufactures bikes for women. In their list, there are Raleigh womens bikes, Raleigh hybrid bike, Raleigh commuter bike, Raleigh Shimano mountain bike, and many more. Among these bikes, I have reviewed the Raleigh mountain bike TALUS because of its features and price.

This bike is worth the money you are going to spend. So, you can take this bike as your regular mountain bike without any hesitation. You can ride over this bike on any kind of road comfortably.

It’s not a matter of how tall or short you are the TALUS bike will be suitable for you for any height. The bike is manufactured in this way that any height can be adjustable by adjusting the seat or choosing a different bike size before buying.


1. Are Raleigh mountain bikes good?

Yes, the Raleigh mountain bikes are suitable for their advanced features. The no chain drop feature is refreshing to have, and you will be blessed with the bike speed and gear verities.

2. Where are Raleigh bikes made now?

This is a British company. They have been manufacturing bikes for a long time. Now, the bikes of Raleigh are made of in Nottingham, England.

Maintenance Tips

You may follow some maintenance tips to maintain your favourite mountain bike. It’s essential to follow these tips. So, go ahead.

It would help if you cleaned the tires after every ride you would have because the tire can be damaged or leaked.

The bike should be hung on the wall of the garage so that you can make more space in your garage. Again, you can skip any physical damage by putting the bike at the wall.

Oil your bike’s part two times in a week which will help your bike to perform very well.

Last Words

I hope that you have got to know about the Talus Bike from this Raleigh mountain bike review. It would be best if you always went for the best value for the money product and this is one of them. The features are so useful that anyone will smoothly go for this bike. So, why not you?

Always try to stay safe while driving and wear helmet and gloves to remain more safe.

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