Sole Bicycles Review


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Are you thinking of a bicycle that will give you all the cyclist features with excellent build quality? Well, we have found out the best one for you and about which you will learn from the Sole Bicycles review.

A cycle is the medium of transportation without any fuel. Again it will offer you the physical exercise opportunity which will keep you fit.

However, in this particular review of Avalon, you will get the full specification with the detailed feature update. So, why are you getting late to know? Let’s start.

The Cycle Itself:

One of the most excellent beach cruisers, the Dutchie, is the classic one inspired by Eastern Seaboard. The Avalon bicycle is made of quality materials, gives a smooth and leisurely ride as well as light-weighted. The cycle offers excellent ride experience in the sandy area.

It comes up with the Sole Signature grips known as Grip-master. The tires are perfect enough to avoid bumping as well as the chain is flexible enough for a particular stop or start! It is compatible sufficient in any weather for a safe ride.


  • Model: The Avalon Bicycle (Dutch Step: Through)
  • Frame & Fork: Hi-Tensile Steel
  • Hub: Single Speed Coaster Brake
  • Chain: Stainless steel
  • Size: 44 cm fits Riders  5’4+ (One Size)
  • Weight: 12.7 kg (28 lbs)
  • Color: Cream

Feature Details:

  • One Size: The Avalon is designed for any height: From 5’2 to 5’4+, anyone can ride this. It comes up with an adorable color, ‘Cream,’ and the size is 54 cm. This model is designed mainly focusing the female cruisers. The speed level is satisfying and safe to avoid any collision. It takes mostly one hour to put the parts in the right way.

  • Hi-Tensile Frame/ Fork: The frame is tig-welded, long-lasting, and lightweight, which offers effortless control, or one can carry it even. The condition of the fork is 1’ threaded and has considerable rotate capacity. Both of them are made of Hi-Tensile. There are no extra gears or wires, which makes this hassle-free.

  • Tig Welded: Tig welded means tungsten inert gas welding, which is a very quality welding process. The TIG welding process fully fuses this bike. That’s mean you will find no marks of welding in the body or frame. The electrode which we use in TIG welding is non-consumable. That’s mean it is costly than the regular MIG welding.

  • Contact Points & Brakes: The cycle has the city cruiser saddle and handlebars, 20.4 mm 300 mmseat post as well as it has coaster brake. You can smoothly pedal backward to pause your ride. This bicycle is designed to create a divine level of experience through its pleasant ride. It carries a kickstand also. The kickstand helps to hold the bike in position when you are not riding over it. The brake system offers you safe riding also in urban places. So, the road condition isn’t a matter at all.

  • Other Parts: It consists of a single-speed hub, stainless chain (1/8 KMC), low looping top tube,and double-walled or machine rim. The Kenda 700 35 C tires and Schrader valves contribute little to the overall weight of the cycle. KMC is a well-known company that builds a quality chain for the cycle. This is a rolled chain that ensures excellent quality.


  • Smooth & Safe Control
  • Accessible in any weather condition
  • Swift brake and flexible start
  • Adorable look


  • One size might not apply to the heavy riders
  • Flimsy threading


The bicycle can meet the commuters’ expectations by referring smooth ride experience with excellent quality bike features. You can enjoy a perfect ride over it, which will help you to spend quality leisure. The grip system is unique and makes you feel alive and connected to bicycles.

This cycle is for everyone to ride and drive. It doesn’t require a skillful hand to operate, which means anyone can be comfortable with this bicycle. Also, the thread takes a long time to get damaged. You may adjust other editions buying from your nearbytrustworthy stores. Overall, you will enjoy its performance, and the outlook will give you an apparent good vibe.


1. Why does a cycle need to be light-weighted?

The bicycle weight determines its portability feature. After completing a ride, you may put that cycle in the garage wall, which is recommended. However, the weight should be light-weightedbecause to hang the bike or pull the bike in any situation.

2. Are the Assembly tools included?

The assembly tools mean to assemble various devices like the box, gear to the cycle. The manufacture of Avalon has kept no availability for such features of assembling tools.

Maintenance Tips

You need to know some maintenance tips which will help you to maintain your bicycle correctly. In maintenance tips, you will get the cleaning process which is highly required for a long life for your bike. So, let’s have a quick look.

  • To clean the frame, you need to pull out the wheels from the frame body and clean the frame with liquid soap or detergent. Do this once in a week to keep your cycle neat and clean.
  • The wheels of your cycle need to be cleaned after every ride you have done. To do so, you can use water with a high flow from a water pipe.
  • If you want to maintain the cycle parts working well and healthy, you need to oil them every other day. The parts are- chain, brakes, paddle, and wheel.
  • Sometimes, you may have noticed that the brakes of the cycle are not working well. It may occur for the damaging of the brakes due to using for a long time. In that case, you need to insert a new set of brakes to get the best performance.

Final Words

Hopefully, you have known about your next favorite bicycle from this Sole Bicycles review. Always try to ride by wearing safety equipment to avoid unnecessary accidents.

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