How to Use Bungee Cord on Bike Rack


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A bungee cord, often referred to as a rope, works like a rope but has more elasticity and strength. The cord has two basic parts, the core, and the outer shell. The core is made of elasticized rubber, and the outer shell is braided. The core of this cord is made up of multiple strands of natural and synthetic rubber that are surrounded by a braided sheath, making it strong and long-lasting.

How to use a bungee cord on bike rack is the latest question that bikers who travel or use their bikes for different reasons want to know. Sometimes bikers need to carry extra baggage and stuff it on the rear rack.

So here you will learn how to attach a bag to a bike rack and what sorts of bungee cords will be suitable for you. Also, we’ll discuss the bungee cord attaching process here. So let’s get started.

Properties of Bungee Cords

We are suggesting using bungee cord on bike racks because it is stretchable and doesn’t wear out. Also, elasticity is a crucial part of the bungee cord. So let’s see the properties you must ensure for the bungee cord you need for your bike.


All the best bungee cords for bike racks use multiple strands of natural and synthetic rubber. As a result, the cords are very stretchable and return to their original shape. So doesn’t lose its shape.

UV and water resistance

The outer sheath of the bungee cord is very waterproof, so water can’t enter the core. Thus, the longevity of bungee cords is sufficient. Also, if you use them in extreme heat, they won’t lose their shape and tightness. That’s why bungee cords are good enough to use on the back of a bike rack.


Bungee cords have at least 100% elongation ability. It means you will be able to stretch a 10-meter-long bungee cord up to at least 20 meters a 10-meter-long bungee cord up to at least 20 meters. We normally use 2-3-meter-long bungee cords for bikes; those cover up to 6-7 meters, which is more than enough for securing the things on the bike rack.

Selecting the Right Bungee Cord:

There are lots of different bungee cords available in markets and bike stores. But the most suitable one is the shock cord, fibertex, or elastic cord. For bike racks, you must need the ones that have hooks on the two ends, so they can be hooked into rack grills.

Step 1: Preparing the Rack

Preparing the rack includes having a rear mount cargo rack and having it installed on the bike over the rear wheel. In this case, we prefer to use a rear mount rack with various sections that attach to the bike to secure the rack.

Step 2: Attaching the cord

Get some bungee cords with hooks and attach one end to the rack’s one-sided grill. Then place the bag on the rack and pull the bungee cord on the other side of the rear wheel over the bag and hook it just like the other end you hooked before.

Step 3: Securing Bikes

For extra security, you can add other bungee cords. But for a bag pack, two bungee cords are enough. Keep in mind that, for securing the bag pack, don’t attach the bungee cords in unwanted places. Just simply attach the cords with the rear rack. That’s enough.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

After securing the tying process, make sure the backpack is tight enough to not move an inch. Otherwise, while riding on rough terrain, you may lose your balance. So adjust or push the bag pack in the middle of the rack, or ensure the proper balance on both sides of the wheel. This is how to bungee a bike on a bike rack.

Tips & Tricks

You can use other nets and straps for securing the things on the rear rack, like Velcro straps, cargo nets, voile straps, etc. Yeah, adjusting them is tougher than bungee cords. However, they are more effective than ordinary nylon ropes.


How do you use bungee cords?

If you don’t have any hooks on the two ends of bungee cords, it’s difficult to find a suitable location to secure items on rear racks. Because it’s not easy to tie knots on bungee cords and maintain the same force. That is why you should use hook bungee cords in the manner described here.

How do you attach something to a bike rack?

There are various types of bike racks available on the market. But not all of them are suitable for attaching to every bike. If you want to carry things on the rear rack, then get a rack suitable for carrying bag packs and other things and enough places to hook the bungee cords.

How do you tie a bike on a bike rack?

First, remove the rack and any attached clams. Place the bike on the clams and seal the clams. For extra security, you can tie the bike with bungee cords.


So we guess you already have the idea of how to attach a bag to a bike rack after going through our suggestions here. Other than bungee cords, you can use compression straps, cargo nets, and bungee nets. They are all strong enough to hold any shape object on the rear rack.