Roka Sunglasses Review – Roka SR-1X Apex Sunglass Review


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Yes, this review is on such a trendy tool that nowadays most cyclists are looking for. And that is on Roka SR-1X Apex which is an amazing and sober feature that the Roka Brand has ever launched in their market!

Why You Buy Roka SR-1X Apex Sunglass?

If you are a pro cyclist, you will understand the necessity of sunglasses during cycling. To avoid dirt, projectiles and UV rays are the main reasons to put on glasses. Besides, the special featured sunglass in cycling also protects you from excessive wind and sunlight. Facts behind buying Roka SR-1X Apex Sunglasses:

  • To get Nylon lens with UV protection
  • High contrast lens for cloudy or sunny conditions
  • For elastomer retention system on nose and ears and custom fit
  • Avoids the risk of having cataracts and keratitis or accidents

However, this product is designed for athletes interested in cycling.

At a Glance on Roka SR-1X Apex Sunglass:

  • Brand: Roka
  • Frame Materials: Titanium
  • Lens: Nylon
  • Lens Width: 140 millimeter
  • Special Feature: Customizable
  • Weight: 24.00 Grams
  • Gender of User: Unisex
  • Color: Cyan Frame & Dark Arctic Mirror (Lens)
  • Price: $165.00
  • Country of Origin: USA

Know More:

Ins & Outs of Body: These sunglasses are made of a titanium frame, and they have a high strength to weight ratio. The sunglasses are also about 50% lighter than normal alloys without sacrificing any of the flexibility.

Also, they are highly resistant to environmental stress and corrosion. The core is made of titanium wires, which provide stability while being extremely light weighted. The temple pieces are even adjustable to custom fit each wearer.

Lens Analysis: It has premium C3 lenses, which are made of nylon. The width is about 140 millimeters. Along with this, the lenses are non-polarized, with no polarized options available. They are interchangeable and have anti-scratch, anti-fog, and anti-reflective coatings.

But that’s not all, they even have super-hydrophobic and oleophobic coaching for anti-spotting, fingerprint resistance and to ensure easy cleaning.

The Distinct Feature: It contains the patented Gecko pads feature an elastomer (elastic polymer) for the nose and temple pads. The elastomer makes sure the sunglasses will stay on the wearer despite sweating and bad weather because of its hydrophilic and chemical resistant properties. As a result, this keeps the sunglasses on through rough courses by handling multi-directional traction, while not snagging hair.

Plus vs. Minus:

Let’s find out the pros and cons of this sunglass:

The product’s benefits are mainly threefold:


  • Premium lenses that offer UV protection.
  • Super light, reliable titanium frame that is adjustable.
  • Gecko pads that ensure the sunglasses will not fall off in any condition.


  • Only one lens is given.
  • One size nose pad.

A common habit of most of the sportsmen is to ensure the optimum protection, appearance as well as performance. For a cyclist, apart from the bicycle, he looks for hand gloves, helmet, mirror, shoes, sporting attire, water pot, blue-tooth, and many more which tends to be easily portable and has less weight. Have you ever thought that glasses can be a partial tool for cycling?


Among the Roka’s Apex Category, the SR-1X is one of the members of a total of five similar glass shades. Though all of them have comparable pricing ranges and differed with the premium polarized lens with a handful of color options. When I see the SR-1X, especially, the color contrast, the view through its glasses in a different climax, I become a fan of it.

The Roka SR-1X Apex Sunglass Review offers you the necessary information about the sunglass both shortly (at glance portion) and descriptively (know more portion). The price is not cheap but not too much either comparing with the quality and facility it gives so that you can easily afford it.

FAQs to Check:

1. What kind of protection do the manufacturers offer? 

The manufacturer offers sunglasses with 100% protection from UVA, UVB, and UVC rays.

2. Do the sunglasses fog up?

No, the sunglasses are impressively fog-resistant.

3. How heavy the sunglasses are?

The sunglasses are very light, they weigh 24 grams.

4. Is the guarantee given or not?

No, there is no specific guarantee is given. But it is examined that there is no damage found after dropping it couple times!

5. Is the price worthy enough for this glass?

Though this glass is not cheap you find it cheaper in the market compared with other high priced glasses at a similar category.

Care for Your Sunglass:

‘Money matters’ you believe it, right? So, you pay pretty much a good amount for the glass so why not go for little more care for this? Such as:

  • Use cover when you don’t use it
  • Clean with softener regularly
  • Keep a soft handkerchief to clean the glass
  • Avoid unnecessary bending
  • Don’t use harsh material or put it on a harsh surface to avoid scratches


All in all, if you are looking to protect your eyes during cycling then look no further. The ROKA SL-1x APEX Advanced Sports Performance sunglasses will protect from the elements while also keeping your look sleek and stylish. It gives the wearer stability without sacrificing its tensile strength.

Its titanium frame is half as light as other sunglasses and it is so light that users forget they are wearing them. It is even adjustable so it can fit everyone perfectly. If you are looking for sunglasses that will stick with you through all kinds of terrain, weather, and movement, these are the perfect fit for you.