Why does my butt hurt when I ride a bike


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Hurting the butt is the most painful and irritating to the bike rider. Are you wondering about butt pain and ask that why does my butt hurt when I ride a bike? It is a common incident during bike riding.

Butt soreness is a common problem for beginners that resolves within 3-5 days. If the butt pain is prolonged, a wrong handlebar and saddle may be involved. Using saddle padding, padded shorts, and panniers can help you resolve the hurting.

This guide will discuss the reasons for butt sores during bike riding. Simultaneously, we discuss effective ways to prevent butt hurting. So, let’s get started.

The potential reasons for butt hurting when bike riding

Are you experiencing butt soreness while riding a bike for the first time? Then there is nothing to worry about it. A bit of boot soreness is normal in the initial stages, but your pain will subside within a few days. If you are a professional biker and experience butt sores often, check out the factors below.

Saddle Width

Every person has seat bones that help a person to sit anywhere properly. You can feel these seat bones under your rump. You will be comfortable sitting when your seat bone is properly positioned on the bike saddle. Otherwise, the saddle won’t bear your weight, which can occur butt soreness.

You need to know the width of your seat belt and adjust it with the perfect saddle. Note that some people have narrower seat bones, and others have wider seat bones. If your seat bone is away from the saddle, it will impact your sensitive area. As a result, you might face your butt hurting.

Saddle Softness

Saddle hardness and softness are related to your butt hurting. Super hard and super soft are not comfortable for your butts. Excess soft saddle creates pressure between your butts. So, it would help to choose a saddle that is soft enough to carry your load but not too soft to create excess pressure. The excess soft saddle can cause taint huntress. Besides, the too-hard saddle also gets your butt. Many bike owners often ask why my taint hurts after riding a bike.

Saddle Shape

The saddle shape is also responsible for your butt pain. There are two types of the saddle. One type of the saddle is thinner and longer. On the contrary, some saddles are shorter and fatter. You have to choose a saddle according to the width of your seat bone. If the width of the seat bone is more, take a wider saddle. If the width of the seat bone is less, take a narrower saddle.

Saddle Position

Your butts also can get hurt if the saddle position is not perfect. Especially if it is positioned too far forward or in the rear, your butt will hurt. It would help if you remembered to sit perfectly on the saddle with a firm connection. Ensure the saddle positioning before traveling a long distance with your bike.

Effective ways to prevent butt hurting

Bike riding is an amazing experience for the bike lover. But someone can get hurt in their butt in long-distance bike riding. You can feel pain or discomfort in your shoulders, neck, back, muscles, legs, and buttocks. So, preparing your bike before starting a long-distance journey is best.

Basic Preparation

Cool down for a few minutes on your bike saddle before starting a bike ride. You can do some simple stretching to adjust your body with the bike riding. Besides, you can sometimes ride around your yard or nearby road to understand the adjusting level of your butts and saddle.

Saddle Padding:

Uses of saddle padding might be a good solution for beginner cyclists. So, you can purchase a padded cushion or gel cushion for the saddle. Also, remember to choose a leather or cotton-covered saddle that is breathable and comfortable for the butt.

Padded Shorts:

Padded shorts work great as an alternative to saddle covers. Padded shorts are super comfortable in winter. But in summer, you use padded shorts for evening or weekly bike riding. Remember that using padded shorts is not the ultimate solution, but it must work to prevent pain in your butt.

Purchase A Pannier

Do note that padded shorts are not suitable for casual use. In this case, a pannier around the saddle might be easier. A pannier is a pair of boxes you can attach to the rear wheel of your bike. Pannier helps to carry an extra load that you are carrying at your back. It will reduce the extra pressure on the saddle and make it a perfect fit for your butt. When you carry something heavier, your saddle will hurt you.

Adjust Your Position

Sit on your bike saddle and take a few minutes to understand the pressure. Remember that one-quarter of your weight should be positioned on the saddle. And another weight you should distribute on feet, paddles, and handlebars with feet and arms.

Saddle And Handlebar Adjustments

Does bike seat pain go away? It is normal when you will feel stretched in every paddle stroke. In those cases, your butt pain may have come due to the overexerted glute muscles. A little change and adjustment in the saddle and handlebar can ensure your comfort when bike riding. A user can adjust the handlebar and change the saddle position according to the bike’s posture.

Chamois Cream

Chamois cream helps to prevent and reduce the chaffing from butt pain. Besides, Chamois cream is good for riding a bike in sweaty or rainy conditions.


1)  Will my bum get used to cycling?

Yes, your bum will get used to cycling. But you have to adapt to different adverse conditions gradually when bike riding. Good to know that your undercarriage must adapt to the saddle. Remember not to rush because it naturally takes time.

2)  How do you not get a sore bum when riding a bike?

How to stop my bum from hurting when cycling? You must ensure some factors that can eliminate your sore bum when riding a bike. Let’s know those factors.

  • Perfect fitted bike saddle
  • Using soft padded shorts
  • Emollient or Chamois Cream
  • Slow build-up and stand up
  • Keep clean
  • Maintain rules for men and women

Final words

We have already mentioned some reasons for the question why does my butt hurt when I ride a bike? Wrong saddle width, excess saddle softness or hardness, and wrong saddle shape and position are primarily responsible for hurting during riding.

However, you can solve these problems by adjusting the handlebar, saddle, softness, and width and using padded shorts and cream. We hope you already got our mentioned factors. If you have any more queries about this topic, let us know.